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Vizio LED Screen Repair T-Con or Bad Panel Tutorial & Help – E601I-A3 E601I-A3E E701I-A3 E701I-A3E

Vizio LED Screen Repair T-Con or Bad Panel Tutorial & Help – E601I-A3 E601I-A3E E701I-A3 E701I-A3E

Here is a list of TV model numbers that this
video relates to. If you have one of these TV model numbers,
and you are experiencing problems with your TV, watch this video to learn more about the
problems and solutions for repairing your TV.
The following pictures show symptoms that indicate a bad LCD and not a bad T-con board.
The first symptom, if one side of the picture is darker than the other.
The second symptom, the picture has horizontal lines.
The third symptom, if you have a dark cloudy spot and that spot spread all the way across
the picture on your screen. So, if the sport starts in one area and then eventually spreads
to other areas of the picture, that would be a bad panel and not a bad T-Con board.
For all of the symptoms that we just explained, in stalling a replacement T-con board will
not fix the problem. If you install a replacement T-Con board in your TV, the panel could actually
damage that replacement board. Here at ShopJimmy, we do not sell TV panels,
it may be more cost-effective to replace your TV if you do determine that you do have a
damaged panel. Thank you for watching one of our many tutorials
here at If you have any further questions regarding your repair, simply post
a question in the comment section below or call our award winning customer service team
at the number on your screen. We strive to learn and share new TV repair tips everyday,
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96 thoughts on “Vizio LED Screen Repair T-Con or Bad Panel Tutorial & Help – E601I-A3 E601I-A3E E701I-A3 E701I-A3E”

  1. NEED TV REPAIR HELP?! If you need help repairing your TV please comment below the ShopJimmy video or feel free to send us a YouTube message. Please include your TV model number and the symptoms or issues your TV is displaying. The more details you can include the faster and more accurate our response will be!

  2. hi I need help I have a emerson le 320em3 that has sound back light but no picture tried new power board still the same thank you

  3. TV  Toshiba dng seri32L3300VJ kena lemparan benda pecah di dalam nya gambar rusak dan ada bekas lemparan di ujung kanan ( kalau kita menghadap TV ) bisakah di perbaiki trima kasih

  4. Hello, i have a vizio e701i-a3 led tv. It has a green one pixel wide vertical line. It is always in the same spot, the left hand side of the screen and appears above any menus.  It does not move when i switch from wide screen etc. The tv has been disconnected from power and reconnected also i have reinstalled all the software updatesafter resetting to manufacturers settings. Tapping the bezel or spraying canned air does not affect it. All the ribbon cables are all set properly. Is the next best thing to replace the power or TCON board? Thanks in advance!

  5. Hi I have been told that this strip is faulty. I have a link which shows you the picture of the stripe. Please tell me if this can be ordered via you or anyone. You will find the picture here:

  6. i have samsung LED model 46D6000 and it has one dark horizontal line and a few other not very visible grey coloured lines in horizontal .  will it b ok if the timing control board is replaced ? plz give me approx estimate . thanks . 

  7. Hi I have a Vizio E601i-A3 and it recently went out. It started to get thin horizontal lines along the bottom of the screen. More popped up over time. They were colorful like it was pulling the colors  from the show that was on. Then one day it would power on, we could hear sound, but nothing would display, not even the menu or control buttons on the side to adjust volume and such. Is it the Tcon board or panel you think?

  8. I have a vizio m501d-a2r that's recently developed a very thin black horizontal line across the screen is this a symptom of a bad panel if it's jus 1 single barely visible line.

  9. I have a 32" Samsung LCD LA32D451G3. My stepdaughter sprayed water onto the screen and it stopped working. What could be the problem?
    The LCD backlight and sound comes but no picture. Able to change channels and volume.
    I gave to repair it and they told to change the board.
    Main board: BN41-01630C
    LCD PANEL: BN07- 00978A
    The t con board is a long one and not available online. I could only find ( 32AP11S4LVL1.1) on the board.
    Please help.
    I found the t con board on but it is not available in my country.

  10. Hej guys very instructional videos thanks a lot for that. I have :
    Brand: Philips 600 series smart LED tv 40 inch
    Model: 40pfl6606t/12
    serial: 3A1201 018099 

    Vertical white lines on the 1/3 right side of the screen.Is there anything i can do to fix this ? Greetings /anni

  11. I have a Vizio P series 60 inch. I have sent the first tv back due to vertical banding. I got the second one hooked up to fios hd box with monster hd high speed cable and ps3. Tv was great for about 1 week and now I have noticed a thin horizontal line across the tv 6 inch from top. It's not as bad as the vert banding but still not happy considering it's only 2 weeks old and $1,500.

  12. I took a Video of My Vizio because the symptoms seem a little different from your video. I'm hoping it will be easy for you to diagnose the problem.

    Your more then welcome to use this video for your own use if you like.


  13. We had two E701i-A3 TVs in operation with an HDMI splitter mirroring the image when the splitter malfunctioned and blew an SMT part off its PCB. This killed the splitter and made one HDMI port on both TVs non-operational. As a work around, we took the splitter out of the circuit and just operated the two TVs independently by avoiding connection on the bad HDMI inputs. This worked for about two weeks before one TV refused to power up: No picture/sound and the white power-on light in the lower left-hand corner of the TV frame does not light. We checked the easy causes, like power cord connection to the TV/cord integrity/cord connection to the power strip, but although we have 110V coming out of the plug to the TV there still isn’t a picture or sound.

    As a preliminary step, I carefully removed the back of the TV in question to look for any visibly-burned parts as described in the videos, but nothing seems to obviously charred or broken and the fuse is intact. My main focus is to restore power-on at this point, but eventually I would also be interested in fixing the blown HDMI ports, too.

    Please let me know if these symptoms sound like something your company can help me repair through discrete components, board replacement or sending an assembly in for repair. I feel comfortable replacing thru-hole parts if it comes to that, but SMT replacement would probably require my sending in a damaged board.

    Thank you for your time and I hope to hear back from you at your earliest convenience.

  14. Thank you for the reply regarding my Vizio E701i-A3 TV with no picture/no power on light issues. Browsing the link for replacement boards, I feel confident in the replacement for ordering the power supply board (09-70CAR000-00), but the part number for the main board differs between my assembly and your catalog (mine=IP-012BJ00-4011, yours = -4012). Please let me know if the -4011/-4012 isn't a compatibility issue.

  15. Ok, found the 904 on the main board paper label so I think we have a match. I plan to order replacement power supply and main boards w/2-yr total warranty, so is there a trade-in credit if I send in my suspect boards? I won't have use for them after yours arrive here, so I thought you might be able to repurpose my original boards. Thanks again for all the advice.

  16. Hello! I have  Vizio e701i-a3 that is turning on, i can see a solid dark blue screen, back lights are seen through the back panel , and can not hear any sound at all. Does it look like a main board issue?

  17. We have a Vizio E7301i-A3 television.  We have sound on the TV, but no picture.  The screen is completely dark.  I could not see any picture with a flashlight.   Vizio said the over the phone diagnostics indicated that it was an LCD panel.  A company that did field diagnostics today that may have been "inconclusive" that it was a main panel, but their pricing menu was too obscure for us to send the TV in with them.  Any suggestions?

  18. Hi I have a Vzio VX42L HDTV10A The standby screen istead of a flat blue is has red particles and it has soft red horizontal lines I have another tv same model and swap the main pc board but did not correct the problem. can you please advice, thanks

  19. Hi, i have a Vizio E601i-A3, the screen is broken, do you have the screen on stock? or any solution please?

    Thank You!!!

  20. I have E601-A3 70 inch led tv there is brown spot on right side can I repair it the serial num. IsLFTRNWAN4800055 thank you


  22. 42 inches vizio  E422VA screen goes green and it starts going away after a few minutes little at a time.

  23. Hello
    I have a vizio m501d-a2r that's about 2 years old. I had been having problems with the audio taking a while to kick on aprox 20 seconds and the inability to change inputs shortly after turning it on for about the same amount of time.

    Today we watched a movie from my computer on my tv. Everything was fine until i sat down at my computer for a while. I looked over at the tv (while still on the input from my pc) and noticed the picture was messed up. I switched inputs to the satellite and could hear sound just fine. The picture is  (hard to explain) almost black with black and gray vertical lines of varying thickness in the center of the screen taking up a quarter of the picture in either direction from center. Each time i switch inputs the screen gets a bit brighter for a second.

    Now switching inputs, i cant get sound at all nor a picture other than black and gray vertical lines in the center. There is even indications of horizontal lines (very faint).

    I took the tv apart and checked the cables and looked for blown caps. All looks fine. There is a little bit of discoloration on the back side of the Power supply but nothing serious. There is a faint clicking sound coming from the t-con from the middle of the board.

    any ideas? thanks

  24. I had colored vertical lines on my vizio E601i-A3E. I replaced my tcon board because everything I have seen suggested that was the issue. It didn't fix the colored lines. Is there another board I could replace or would I be better off getting another tv? thanks in advance for any help.

  25. I have a Vizio E601I-A3. Just replaced the T con board but im having the same issues of no picture. I have sound and the backlight, but nothing has changed. what could be the culprit?

  26. I have a 60 inch Samsung led model un60fh6200f. The screen suddenly went black while in use and remains to be black. I still have audio and when I hold up a flashlight to the screen, the picture is very faint but is there and only visible up close while holding the light to the screen. I ordered a new power supply board from shop jimmy but once replaced, it still does the same thing, black screen with audio..should I try a new T con board possibly?

  27. hello shopjimmy. i have a 55" samsung led. model number un55fh6030fxza. my tv started to have a dark spot right in the middle of the tv about a foot wide going from the top of the tv to the bottom. i have a few thin horizontal lines about 3 inches from the bottom of the tv. the dark spot stops there. below the lines and right side of dark spot look fine. left side of the dark spot has ghosting. the lines are colored and not black. sometimes look white but very thin. i took it apart with no luck i fear its a panel board and not the tcon. any ideas? thank you for your guys time you helped me repair a tv previously. the lines are really not too noticeable. the big problem is the dark spot. do you think it could be tcon and panel? or could the panel create a dark spot right in the center. i really want to get the dark spot fixed. hard to see tv shows and movies. the only thing that is watchable are cartoons because they are so bright. but the colors in the center where the dark spot is are off. yellow looks orange. everything is a shade darker. if i turn the brightness and all settings all the way up the dark spot almost shows true color as to the rest of the tv that looks good on normal settings look white and washed out. so i either get dark center or light outsides. also if i change the channel the tv screen is black like its suppose to be and the lines slowly fade and are gone. so makes think the pannel is fine.

  28. could tcon cause a dark spot? sometimes it's big sometimes it's small. never moves. Sometimes a spot previously dark is now 100% and dark is small in the center. if it were a damaged panel wouldn't the dark remain the same or worsen not get better at times. I thought if panel was damaged it could not look 100% in spots previously dark. shrinks and grows.

  29. I ordered and installed a new T-Con board from Shop Jimmy to fix a black screen on the 70" model. The TV came back to life for a few minutes then died again back to where it was with the black illuminated screen. The panel looks good when it's on and the new board fixed it for a few minutes. What else could be causing it to go back out?

  30. Hello, I have a Vizio XVT3D650SV with a problem in the picture. The problem is in the middle of the picture. The outer left and right sides appear fine; however, the middle appears darker and is hard to see. The picture is still there but difficult to see many details. At first, I was able to let the tv warm up and the picture self corrected, now it is permanent. Your help is greatly appreciated.

  31. hello . I had vizio E70i-3a , the picture loss , sound still working , the screen show blank light blue , which board do I need to replace need help please thank you

  32. I have a Vizio M701d-A3 with single line across the top half of my screen, it appears over top of the menu when displayed. The line is not black but changes color with the picture. What do you think could be the problem….HELP….please

  33. hey shopJimmy I have some working boards  and led back lite I have the video up are interested in them screen was broken

  34. Hi, I have a VIZIO 24 Inch LED Smart TV E24-C1 HDTV. My son bumped into the table and it fell to the floor. Now the tv has vertical lights up and down the screen through the picture. Is it worth getting this fixed or should I junk it. I contacted Vizio because it was still under warranty. But they stated they only replace or repair manufactures defects. Since we were responsible for the breakage. No help from them.

  35. hello I have a vizio 47" and I accidentally hit it with a baby bottle and it messed up the LCD I think it didn't break the screen can it be fixed?

  36. hello sir how are you? I have a vizio e701i-a3 it was working fine until the screen became a medium dark blue, I still have sound and backlight at startup the screen is light blue after a few seconds it turn to a medium dark blue, I purchased a tcon board and a main board from you but still same problem persists, maybe bad panel,i was going to change the power board too but I would like to hear your opinion thank you….

  37. Have a Vizo E470i-AO . The bottom 6" or so of screen dimmer than other parts of display.
    Back-lighting problem?
    Would appreciate any advice.

  38. ihave an insignia 24 inch dvd combo led tv with a horizontal black bar on the top half of the screen is this a panel issue or main board

  39. My Samsung 37" lcd tv has colour problem. Model No. LA37B530P7fxxy. May be due to tcon board failure. Let me know from were I can have tcon board for the tv.

  40. I have a vizio m601d-a3r and I believe my panel may be bad. I witnessed lines and darkness on the screen and now it says No Signal on a dark screen but the words look a little fuzzy. The remote doesn't not seem to be able to make any changes at all. I tried hooking up a digital antena and still NO Signal on the screen. which panel is it? power supply panel, tcon panel, main panel ??? Thank You

  41. hola :jimmy mi hijo ah lansado un carrito para la pantalla y le hiso un punto multicolor un vizio model E60-C3 como puedo reparar eso.

  42. I have a Vizio E60 C3 tv. This august blurry bars started appearing at the top of the screen and now there is one at the bottom from left to right. What's wrong? I did the repair of the faulty chip on my Samsung and the chip worked perfectly first time, no more white dots! Thanks Shop.Jimmy

  43. I have a vizio m3d550kde tht works fine but goes blank with white lines on bottom then back to perfect picture what could this be I can't find any videos depicting my situation

  44. need help! I have a 65" vizio 4k tv model m60-c3. No power no sound. replaced the power board and still nothing. power is leaving the power board but not sure if it's leaving the main board, any tips or ways to check it

  45. Hey I have a question. My VIZIO e601i-a3 screen is rapidly flashing. I replaced the t-con board to no avail. It looked like it had gotten better for a second but then started to flash again. I've tried everything I could with the settings. What could the problem be?

  46. hi I have a Samsung ln55c610n1fxza and it has discoloration and has a giant white bar on one side going vertical I just replaced the main board and still has the same issue please let me know what else could be the problem

  47. My Vizio M55-C2 4K LCD has developed two thin horizontal lines about 1/3 of way down from the top. Happens viewing any source. Any ideas what it could be?

  48. Hello. I have a Vizio E601i-A3 that has stopped working. I was watching tv one day and screen went blackened powered itself down. Now when I turn it on it makes this shrieking noise and the powers off in 10 seconds or so. I had this tv for 3 years. Just want to know if I should just cut my losses and buy another one. Not to mention my warranty ended 4 months ago. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks and have a good one.

  49. I have a 70" Vizio smart TV and last night a horizontal line appeared. You said that means it's the panel. Dumb question…What part is the panel exactly?

  50. I replaced the T con board did not fix the issue I tested the power coming out the power board going to the T con board and the 12 V I got zero voltage at the T con on, and 9.2 volts where it should be 12 voltage coming from the power board. I don't see any obvious burn circuits any help. This is on Visio. E701i-a3e

  51. I am having a screen flickering issue with my Vizio M50-C1 (same as this one: ). I tried a replacement of T-Con board and it seemed to fix it for a minute and then it started to flicker again. Could it be backlight or panel or any other board?

  52. I have a Vizio E500I-A0 that has a horizontal dark area about a quarter of the way down on my tv that comes and goes. Sometimes it isn't present for days? Not sure what it is

  53. Hi
    I have a Samsung 48H6400 model having horizontal black lines problem on screen kindly let me know is it the TCon board or some thing else

  54. Thanks for your videos, they are very instructive. I have a question: my TV Toshiba 50HP66 has 5 lines at the top and one more in the middle of the screen, horizontal lines, any idea of what the solution would be?

  55. I have a vizio E601i-A3E. A couple of days ago a thin horizontal dark line appeared across the screen. Then 2days later the screen went blank but there is sound. I checked the screen with all the room lights out and the is a back light. Will a t-con board fix my TV? What about the line that appeared before the screen went blank?

  56. Hello I have been watching your videos attempting to troubleshoot my blank screen on my vizio E601-A3. The TV developed what looked to be a dark spot on the screen near the bottom by the center. Was still visible through it and you could still watch tv just fine. About 3 days ago the screen went black. I turn on the tv and vizio logo shows up and then the back light shuts off. I used a flash light to check and see if my menu was visible and it was. Well oddly enough I turned the TV on again and the screen lit back up like nothing was wrong. Same dark spot on the front but back light was back on again. Anyways I don't have the money for a new tv right now and I want to ride this one until the wheels fall off. If it goes back out again would you assume that its a bad T-con board?

  57. I have a E701i-A3 and I have sound, the LED back panel is on with no picture. I replaced the T-con board but nothing has changed. What do you recommend I try next?

  58. You keep saying what are not the symptoms of a T-con board….well can you please mention what are the symptoms of a bad T- con board! My goodness gracious pacific coast!

  59. My tv has a pixelated image and blue around the edges. It’s a 55” Phillips flat screen, 55pfl5402/f7… please help it’s fairly new, thank you!

  60. I have a 32 inch lcd full hd element tv that has a vertical line on the left hand side of the screen. At first it was black and white and it would go away after a minute or so and now is black and sky blue. What can i do to trouble shoot the issie or solve it.

  61. Friend of mine gave me a TV if I could ever fix it and said his kids ran toy cars over the screen and is now showing cracked images..I cant find it anywere but can e601i-a3 screen be purchased at all?

  62. I have a Vizio e500d-a0 with pulsating double picture on the lower half of my TV
    Is that the t-con or panel?

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