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Voice search in your app

Voice search in your app

This is how users search the web on the desktop. And this is how many users
search on mobile, OK, Google. In fact, a recent study
shows that 55% of teens, and 41% of adults, already use
Voice Search more than once per day. At Google we always
look for innovative ways to help you improve
mobile search and drive user engagement
back to your app. Let’s see a few examples. When I’m ready to
plan a Hawaii trip I can say, OK Google, search for
hotels in Maui on TripAdvisor. That’s right, the search took me
directly to the app on my phone rather than the website. To get in the vacation mood,
let’s try ordering some pizza. OK Google, search for
Hawaiian pizza on Eat24. That’s pretty yummy. All I need now is
some Hawaiian tunes. OK Google, search for
Hawaiian music on TuneIn. As you can see,
TripAdvisor, Eat24, TuneIn, and many other apps allow their
users to search using voice. They have integrated
a feature called Google Now actions
and so can you. Google Now actions allow
you to take advantage of Google’s speech
recognition technology to understand natural
language and turn it into Android intents
delivered to your app. In order to enable voice
search in your app, declare an intent filter
in your AndroidManifest.xml with a Google Now search action,
as shown in this example. Once you make these
changes to your manifest, you’ll search activity, we’ll
receive the search action intent. The intent will contain
a search manager query extra with
the exact search expression spoken by the user. It’s up to you to provide the
actual search implementation in your app. For example, using the on
device SQLite and FTS3. A few simple changes to your
app will let your users search using voice, using
Google Now actions. For more information, check
out the link on the screen.

28 thoughts on “Voice search in your app”

  1. New resources are now available to help you integrate your app's search functionality with Android's voice recognition technology. 

    Watch the DevByte with @Jarek Wilkiewicz and try this code sample ( by @Shawn Simister. 

    #OkGoogle   #GoogleNow   #actions  

  2. Hi Jarek,
    i have implemented the above in my app. It is working with adb but does not work via Google Now. I have even seen the sample recipe app. Can you shed some light on this ?

  3. Is it possible to interact directly with my app using queries like "Show me the latest offer from MyAppName" with Google Now?

  4. My tv uses an android device for streaming and youtube. It does not have a microphone and even it it did it is too far away from the couch in my noisy house to ever be useful- so youtube defaults to a voice search every time I go to pull up a video. How do I disable it so that it doesnt default to microphone. I have tried every setting I can find but cannot figure out how to disable the voice search default.

  5. awesome sir, I am android developer and I have also made android application in my app I can handle my overall operation by voice only by using google voice like search nearest pizza place , power off/on/restart,music on/off and others 85 command follow my android device…please tell me more about android voice system

  6. Any one think about making a app that can read to you from the the web page cuz all I can find is copy paste apps and that sucks

  7. Can I go inside any page of my app just by voice actions? Ex. "Please open contact us page in MyApp". Like this ?? Please tell me the answer anyone ??????

  8. Does anyone know how to access "google search setting" -Speech and language tab? I tried with an intent and startActivityForResult(new Intent(Settings.ACTION_SEARCH_SETTINGS), 0); and it does work but i want to access the language setting directly! I mean google did a reall poor job on their documentation….

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