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VRS Español Explained – Feature – Convo

VRS Español Explained – Feature – Convo

“Ownership.” That word is important to us here at Convo. Every day, we discuss the process—whether it’s our interpreters or our design— on how we can make the calls yours. You own your calls. We talk about how we can process your calls without taking ownership away from you. Today, we have VRS Español. To start, we looked at common experiences. Many Deaf users have the option of choosing English or Spanish for their calls. Now the question is, after you call and talk with your Spanish-speaking family or friends, you hang up, and they call you back, is their experience the same as yours? Do they still have ownership? We were shocked to find out that this whole time, after every call, the Deaf user feels great— whether in English or Spanish—the phone call went smoothly, but when the Hearing caller calls back, so many of them experience this kind of calls. They get an English interpreter and they tell them, “No, please transfer to a Spanish interpreter.” “I speak Spanish.” In those times, they may feel their language is inferior, that they come second. What can Convo do? How can we design it so that the experience is the same both ways, just call and speak in Spanish? How? We start with two phone numbers. This means the app should be designed and engineered to be smarter. Want to call in Spanish? Sure, a VRS Español number will be used. With your contact list, if you have a person you know that speaks in Spanish, you can click on a check box for VRS Español. The app will save that information, and every time you call that person, you will connect to VRS Español. If you use VRS Español more than you use English VRS, you can go into your settings and make VRS Español your default VRS. So, every time you make a call, you will connect to VRS Español. The design process on how to ensure ownership in your calls is ongoing and never-ending. It never stops. This is just the beginning. And we understand that there is no one size that fits all. That’s the truth. We need to make sure we include different perspectives, continue learning about and understanding your world, and figure out how to create a design that fits you. You own your calls.

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