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Warriors, Come Out to Play – The Warriors (7/8) Movie CLIP (1979) HD

Warriors, Come Out to Play – The Warriors (7/8) Movie CLIP (1979) HD

Wait a couple of seconds
after we move, Then cut out
the other way. Why can’t
I stay with you? Just do
what I tell you. Okay? Come on. I can take care
of myself. I proved that. Come on. ( bottles clinking
rhythmically ) ( clinking continues ) Warriors. Come out To play-ayyyy! Warriors. Come out to play-ayyy! Warriors. ( screeching ):
Come out to play-ayyy! Warriors. Come out to playyyyyyy! Warriors. Come out to playyyyy! Everybody packed? Yeah. All of you stay
behind me. I’m gonna take them
out to the sand. What about you?
You ready? Let’s do it.

100 thoughts on “Warriors, Come Out to Play – The Warriors (7/8) Movie CLIP (1979) HD”

  1. But, this is the Warrior’s turf!
    Too bad. It used to be a great place for pickin’ up Slash.

  2. Everyone who has ever seen this, at some point in their lives, has put bottles on their fingers, and said that.

  3. I didn't realize fingers and bottles could be so threatening so extreme warriors come out to play

  4. The guy who played the villain was either seriously high on narcotics throughout filming, or he’s the greatest goddamn actor of all time.

  5. This scene was improved by the actor hitting the glass bottles together & it wasn't written in the script

  6. I can't believe this is in my recommendations I hate this part because I hated this character his voice was as annoying as a thousand fingernails going across a thousand chalkboards

  7. I can't believe Ebert and Siskel said this movie is a waste of time. The part before the taunting when the warriors are grabbing weapons under the peer is awesome

  8. I've never understood why this scene is "famous". What is the meaning of him putting bottles on his fingers and clinking them? Is that supposed to be intimidating? It isn't. It's the stupidest looking thing I've ever seen. It's impossible to take seriously. What's the point of it?

  9. So I have watched this clip like 15 times because it is so good and I just now realized that the dude in the car messed up when he said "Warriors come out and play" the second time.

    It's the sound of the beer bottles.

  10. My girlfriend for the past decade recently told me that she has never seen this movie so i brushed it off and decided to watch it with her, all was well. We recently got a house together, a new car, and she is pregnant by the way….but when she told me that The warriors was "boring and not too good of a movie" i didnt take it too well. single homeless and child support as of yesterday…some things arent worth saving….but at least I got the dvd of one of the best movies this side of the 70´s smh sometimes i miss her tho till i think about how she betrayed me…

  11. Notice how he is singing in the front pasenger's seat (see window behind him) while the car when viewed from outside has only the driver's seat taken.

  12. Movie legend says that this scene was improvised. Sam Kinison (and probably Bobcat Goldthwaithe) must have played a part in inspiring this scene.

  13. A remake will be coming soon. As of this post,I haven't heard of a remake. Its more of an expectation than a prediction.

  14. I use to do that with beer bottles in the tavern saying " bartender bring me a beer-er", which would always piss him off.

  15. Classic. Gave me chills it took me back way back as a kid watching it for the first time. I feel bad for youngsters now a days i wonder what there old school music or memorys in general will be.

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