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watch the followup video in the description instead of this one

watch the followup video in the description instead of this one

Hi! Today we’re going to be covering the story of Henrik Huseby who was sued in Norway by Apple for the crime of repairing broken iphone screens. I want to break this down so that even if you’re not in the repair business or you don’t own an iphone you can understand why what apple is doing is completely reprehensible and deserving of you no longer spending your money with them if you care at all about ownership of your product. ok, I’m starting to get lazy… I’m going to do you all a favor and summarize this video like a TL;DR Ok, so basically Apple is trying to label refurbished (broken screens that have been fixed) as counterfeit and to attack repair shops who repair their screens. Differentiating first party and third party repairs is important because first parties are contracted by Apple not to buy products with their logo not from them We need to come together and stop Apple! We should not be spending $800+ on a phone we can’t even get repaired without someone getting sued Honestly, at this point it’s just sad Anyone who buys an apple product looks like an idiot TBH baaaa baaa baaaaaaaaaaa that’s what sound an apple sheep makes there are sex toys made with more precise craftsmanship and engineering than iphones. Why be a stickler when you can buy a midrange android device and spend the $300 saved on accessories Hope you guys enjoyed, stay tuned and SUBSCRIBE!

100 thoughts on “watch the followup video in the description instead of this one”

  1. To address common issues with this video:

    1) I am not saying ALL libertarians and conservatives are against right to repair. I am saying that a vocal number of people, everytime this issue comes up in the news, claim to be self proclaimed conservatives/libertarians who accuse me of wanting the government/nanny state involved in people's lives.I am not speaking to all conservatives – just those confused self proclaimed ones who think that I am asking for a nanny state. I am a conservative myself, and very much against large companies using the government to make repair illegal.

    2) Yes, I get the definition of counterfeiting vs rebranding is off, you get the idea – both are far from refurbishing.

  2. A large business like Apple only works when the first priority is profit, now this is why Jony Ive wasn’t named CEO after Steve Jobs, but Tim Cook was because he knows how to MAKE MONEY, I will not support a company like Apple until the priority for the company changes from profit, to technological advancement and customer support.

  3. What's scary is money talks-guess who has the most money to spend on lobbyists to stuff money into the pockets of our supposed 'representatives'. Companies that attack small people for repairing their shit products should not be supported. If we still had a free press to report bad business practices and be a watchdog for the public instead of our current ministry of propaganda, companies would feel the pinch in drop of sales and change their practices. We do not live in a republic if the people we elect to represent us no longer do that but represent whoever can pass the most money under the table to them. The quicker people accept the fact that we live in an oligarchy of control by a few, the sooner things might change.

  4. if i buy a phone, it is mine so fuck apple, i will do as i please with it. but then i dont buy apple under any circustances

  5. Apple : Did you repair your broken phone ?
    Customer : Yes 🙂
    Apple : We'll fucking sue you bitch … ><
    Customer : Wtf oO ?

  6. Them screwing people. Is common in every proprietary software company. I switched fully to linux. Because Microsoft has been moving towards doing alot of shit mac does. free and oppen source is how software should be. Not sold for 100 bucks then makes you pay per month to use it.

  7. As a conservative (because I have a working brain/common sense) I support Right to Repair and I don't think any conservative has an issue with it. The only issue conservatives have is with putting the government in charge of stuff that they shouldn't. I'm a HUGE supporter of the free market because it is what made this country great. I agree Apple is using the government to get away with their shaddy business practices, which is how liberals like to use the government if they don't like anything or don't agree with someone.

  8. They refuse to fix a completely fixable machine and then when you fix it yourself they throws a tantrum. 😂 😂

  9. ohh I put diode dynamics halos in my ford mustang headlights…now my car is counter-fitted, ford will no longer service my car. lol…are you kidding me??? Apple is a bully.

  10. Hi Louis , you made the point about Norwegian people being able to tell the difference between refurbished and counterfeit . Is it that or is it that their legal people and politicians are more honest and a hell of a lt less corrupt than the ones in America . Norwegians as a race are very prod upstanding people so i don't think a politician there would get away with taking a bribe , but they would ever contemplate taking one anyway.

    Apple saying that if you run a wire it turns it into a p.c , stupid beyond belief . If you had turned it into a p.c it would not run on ios . They have some smart lawyers )))))

  11. I'm wondering to these people that are helping people fix their computers and stuffnext time you go to help the person and you need the part like that you're running into the situation do not order that part get ahold of your customer give them the information they need to order that Park themselves and then instruct them in that part comes in you get that part then bring that part and I will put in the replacement part that you bought or brought to me what kind of legal obligation does Apple or any of them have to the owner ordering his own part that and then taking it into somebody that knows how to put it what's the allegations to well yeah I needed this part for my phone so I ordered itbut when I got the part I realize that I didn't have the right tools and I didn't have the knowledge to be able to put it in and fix my phone or my computer so I called up this guy right hereand told him I already had the part I just needed somebody to help me to put it in for meor did you the repair for me cuz I didn't know how and I gave him the computer and I gave him the part and he fixed it for and now it works what are they going to do sue you for a what are the part the person that bought the product and owns the product paid for that product part not only did he just pay for it but he ordered it himself he just paid you to put it in for what's a law say aboutor copy written whatever or whatever they may try to claim against the person that put that part in for him because you no longer are the one that went and bought a part they no longer can say you're claiming to be able to help people fix their your computer or whatever the case may be an ordering illegal parts or whatever the case may be why is that because you didn't order any parts none whatsoever the owner of that device paid for that piece somewhere else they ordered it themselves you can say they called me up put this piece in for them to fix a computer yeah sure I can put that piece in just make sure to mention you ask you do have that part right well yes yes I do I got I got the part right here with my MacBookI'll be happy to help you take the broken component out and put the other component what are they going to charge you with then 🤩

  12. I own some apple products and I really like them and I have no problem with them but there’s no way I will side Apple against this intellectual man who seeks to make the world a better place
    I wish I can like this video thousand times

  13. Why can't the tech repair market operate like the car repair market in that situation everyone would make out good

  14. I think you greatly underestimate the peeps that buy crapple. These are the same peeps that will spend 1k or more on a 'supreme' t-shirt. As far as i am concerned let them buy it. If Darwinism Economics was a thing this would be it.

  15. check out Librem products. I hope this takes off because repairability, upgrade ability and privacy should make these desirable.

  16. I was gonna buy the new air but after watching this guy ive changed my whole perspective on apple. I knew they had flaws but customer service this degraded is really disappointing

  17. screw apple , i hope one day they run out of business or a better company destroys them in the future

  18. Dude, I think you're my new hero!

    I've hated Apple for years for all their "it works so long as you do exactly what we say" business practices, and hearing this and your other videos is just euphoric.

    Before I knew any better I had an iPhone 3G and it randomly would over heat and shut off until the battery had drained. Now this is clearly some kind of intermittent short but I didn't have the skills to dig into it so I took it to their "Genius Bar" and their only response was "Well the sensor are saying it's fine", yes, that's what intermittent means.

    He claimed there were no system logs (to this day I've no idea if that's true) and his sole advice was to reinstall iTunes, which is already invasive and memory hungry enough. Then he tried to sell me the new 4G.

    A few choice words later I left and bought an Android phone.

    Keep up the good fight man, you're a legend.

  19. Because of all of this nonsense, we should declare apple to be a monopoly and break them up. It makes as much sense as what they are claiming.
    BTW, I never buy a product from a company that pushes proprietary hardware. It denies competition. It is un-American. It is the same thing that killed the IBM PC2 which was a better computer but denying companies the right to build periferal hardware without paying extortion killed it.

  20. I’ve been an Apple customer for a long time. No issues. Considering changing because of your videos. But it seems kind of insane without a little help. What type of laptop would you recommend? What’s the best virus protection option? Someone help. Thanks.

  21. This is not a political issue. This is an Apple is a [email protected] issue. All politicians take money from some higher entity an attempt to do that company’s will in order to get the money that they want. All politicians suck. conservative, Democrat you name it.

  22. Oh, the world is not a good place. Businesses like Apple prove that people will do whatever they can to get $. And it’s not just Apple. Most people you know will screw You over for the right price. Trust that.

  23. Apple is a $400 billion company because they screw everyone while riding the brand creation of a true tech genius. They seem to have run out of ideas and keep recycling the same handful of products while locking down revenue streams to keep the mugs coming back again and again. Their business practices are anti-competitive and in a properly regulated economy, would not be allowed to happen. The corporations rule the world now and they think that they can do anything they want. Thanks for taking a stand.

  24. so mac isn't a "PC"🙄. i thought it is also a Personal Computer (Laptop/Desktop).
    i would like to use a pc which is really a personal computer. i dont want to buy a " MAC" which will not be mine as a PC 🤔.
    My money, I buy, but its not mine. 🤣🤣

  25. I love apple products, but this kind of money hungry corporate behaviours makes apple pathetic, Louis, you sir absolutely ROCK man, I hope I can see more of your content, keep it up man.

  26. Is this video muted for anyone else? I cannot get the audio to play on this video or the next one, but all the others work fine.

  27. If Apple refuses to fix it or tell you have to buy a new one because it’s no longer working I think it’s great that we can come to people like you to fix our phones or products of any sort to make them working again it’s very legal and we should have that choice thank you for doing what you do and don’t ever stop you’re fighting for the little guy I did And two that I say thank you

  28. I am watching ur video it amaze me that this video doesn't have advertisements. Good thing. there are no interference so i can fully digest what ur saying.

  29. Get the government out of it. Free-market says you can do anything you want to a product you PAID FOR. It's yours, you own it, no one else does. Everything else is a lease or rental.

  30. Go get them Louis. I'm behind you 100%! I have been running my own home electronic repair business for over 30 years. Once upon a time part suppliers were verywhere, now their few and far between. I will never purchase an Apple product. There business practice are completely ludicrous and dishonest. There product are full of design flaws. I believe this is intentional so they can justify obscene and dishonest repair charges. I hope and pray that honesty and sanity will somehow prevail. God bless you and all who fight this unfair battle.

  31. Wot? A mac is a pc that has a custom linux operating system… A pc is whatever u make ur pc to be and a mac doesn't deviate from that…

  32. I'm going back to school this fall and one of the courses requires that I must get a MacBook Air or MacBook Pro. When I saw that stipulation in the courses description I audibly groaned knowing that I would be venturing down the rabbit hole into an Alice in Wonderland reality. Crossing the Event Horizon of a black hole into a region where time becomes meaningless and all your freedom of movement vanishes.
    Odds are nothing will go wrong (knock on wood) but with all the issues I've heard about the death grip Apple maintains on its customers, I am more than a little anxious. 😕

  33. 'We will win' – Love this mantra! Maybe it's a better idea to storm Apple HQ instead of Area 51;) Brilliant message and channel, Mr. Rossmann!!

  34. Bro… Apple is gonna put a hit out on you. I send your videos to apple sheep I know and they're like "Damn". Now they're considering other phones

  35. Conservative and libertarians pro business are often naive because they are end up being pro big business. They confuse pro competition with pro business. In Basic Economics when a business gets powerful enough it wishes to become a monopoly. ITs weird that libertarians are against concentration of powers in government(good position) but are ok with same power with corporations(nonsensical).
    Many leftist used to have a healthy distrust of businesses though they would qualify it with their silly shibboleths of profits being bad. But now they have their claws in pretty much most of business and media, they suddenly find it to be ok.

  36. I consider myself a conservative/republican (more on the republican side), I completely support the right to repair and as far as I know there is no law preventing me from repairing my own devices. Apple can bite me.

  37. We should sic the environmentalists on companies that do stuff like this. I wrestle every day with a company that makes all its own parts, and even screws are proprietary and cannot be sourced anywhere but there. Repairs are delayed by months and even years waiting for "official" parts. Apple not allowing repairs fills landfills with toxic substances and making new devices fills the world with more toxic substances.

  38. Republicans would answer that repairing a phone is perfectly normal. With what ever parts that you have so long as the customer agrees

  39. Never do business with corporations like John Deere or Apple that want you held at gun point when it comes to repair.

  40. I'll say it again. DONT.BUY.APPLE.PRODUCTS. I never have and never will. the price of (((their))) phones was a clear indicator that they were trying to make money. once i looked at the ugly model, missing specs, and annoying U.I. my mind was set. no apple for me 'cept grocery.
    here we are 2019 and mafukkas are actually pontificating on buying a 1000dollar lcd stand

  41. I would say that fundamentally a conservative/libertarian would think that people and businesses fundamentally have a right to repair. Not trying to speak for all of "us" 🙂

  42. Number 1.So just to clarify: crApple is claiming that unless you buy from and only from their nominated stores that the item carrying their logo is counterfeit right? Which means they are breaking various consumer laws by trying to "monopolise" an industry and also breaking trademark laws in regards to their own equipment. I.E. IF IT IS THEIR GOODS WITH THEIR LOGO- IT IS A LEGITIMATE crAPPLE PRODUCT until it is destroyed. You don't get to decide on whimsy that your own products are simply "not legitimate" because you said so. That would be a conflict of purpose under Trademark law and patent law now wouldnt it. Number 2 (my fav). crApple consistently claims that all crApple products belong to them like forever right and that you the sucker, sorry, Consumer are merely leasing said product from them for X period of time? Fantastic. Amass o'mighty geek warriors of tech every crApple product with their logo and send it C.O.D to the birthing place of this abominable evil empire. Let them OWN and eat their property, let them drown in it. Love and kisses, Ben.

  43. Being a fanboy is a bad idea. Even when it comes to political ideology. You MUST keep an open and objective mind and POV. I have a lot of conservative, libertarian and liberal views. I don’t like the government involved in things, they generally f it up. Sometimes it’s necessary though.

  44. I'm an apple fan boy, love their stability, hate their bully bullshit! I lost all respect for them with the trashcan mac pro, locking pro's out of customization on their own terms and budgets. This rant you provided is dead on and i'm subbed as of just now.

  45. I don't understand how repairing something, even with counterfeit parts, is a crime. You own the product. Apple doesn't own your product in anyway.
    Counterfeiting is a crime though. Buying a counterfeit is not a crime, as you are the victim.
    But hey, laws sometimes don't make sense.

  46. Did we maybe overlook the small print in their user agreements that says that if you buy an apple device you are not allowed to try to fix it?

  47. My first PC was an Apple ][+ bought in the fall of 1978. Later I was hired to sell and service Apple ][+ and was taught by an engineer from Apple on how to repair them. Fast forward to December of 2014. I buy an Apple iPhone 6+. Two years later it developed what Apple called"Touch Disease". It's classic Apple to call poor engineering a disease, as if it wasn't Apple's fault but just the luck of nature. I missed the "window" of free warranty repair and Apple refused to fix it. I swore that I would never by another Apple product. The phone got so bad that it was almost unusable. I could make and receive calls and if I let the browser dance with the daemons for about 10-15 minutes while it attempted to play a YT video, it would play the video … mostly.

    Earlier last month I bought a Redmi Note 7. So far it is performing better than the iPhone 6+ did when it was "infected".

    Louis, do you fix other phones besides Apples?

  48. Louis, I am very conservative…yet… when it comes to Apple and their practices, you are right. I hope they go bankrupt, fuckem.

  49. I'm ok if apple wants to make their products impossible to repair (I'll buy Android) but they shouldn't have that kind of standing in court to sue like they do. At least right to repair would be a band-aid fix for much need tort reform but I can't see how reinforcing property rights can really be justified as government encroachment especially when Apple uses government against people fixing their locked out products to begin with.

  50. why is a mac a pc when you install an extra wire? what are the Definitions of Macs and PCs? i really don't understand it

  51. Someone should take Apple to court if they refuse to fix products and demand that they advertise as 'disposable product' (which must be clearly visible on all parts) in future.

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