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Watches Outdated? 3 Reasons To Wear A Watch Vs Smart Phone

Watches Outdated? 3 Reasons To Wear A Watch Vs Smart Phone

All right gentlemen. So, is the wristwatch outdated? Has the phone made the watch obsolete? Today’s video, we’re going to address
this. I’m going to talk about the arguments on
both sides. Are you ready guys? Let’s get into it. (Music) Argument number one. Why the wristwatch is outdated gentlemen. It’s because of the smartphone. We have more people carrying smartphone than
wear wristwatches and when it comes down to it, the smartphone has the time. Why would you carry something that is redundant
when you’ve got a phone right here that has the time. Now, hold on. Let’s look at the flip side. Yes, watches may be redundant if you’re
just relying on time but there’s also the convenience factor you got both hands full. You’re not going to be able to reach in
your pocket and pull out your cell phone but you can do that with the watch. Just flip over. Boom! You’ve got it easy, convenient, quickly. But actually with watches, most people don’t
buy because of the functionality aspect. They actually buy more of the fashion and
they like the look. They like the design of the watch. Alright, so another reason you’re going
to hear wristwatches are outdated is because phone time is actually more accurate. Whenever you’re traveling, the phone is
gonna update itself. You don’t need to adjust the watch and actually
they’re gonna be up with atomic time so they’re using GPS to actually stay and be
accurate. Alright, so on the wristwatch side, we’re
going to have to agree. Yes, time based off of GPS signals is probably
going to be more accurate but how accurate do we need to be? Because a great mechanical watch is usually
only gonna be off a couple seconds over a period of a month. Now, a quartz watch is even going to be more
accurate. Yes, it may get off by a half a second but
another great thing about watches is they don’t run out of battery so whenever you’ve
had that happen, you need to use your cell phone. All of a sudden, it is dead. These things, right here are, you know quartz
batteries. They last for a long time. Mechanical watches, simply by moving or winding
them. They are stay active. Reason number three that wristwatches are
outdated. They are obsolete. Just look at the sales numbers and for a number
of years, we have seen wristwatch sales start to decline. Go down and there’s a lot of people talking,
“Hey, this industry is gone.” Whoa, whoa, whoa but that’s not the most
accurate data and we need to break it apart. What we are seeing is fashion watches, mechanical
watches’ sales are starting to go back up. It is the Smart Watch that continues to have
basically slumping sales and there’s one main player in the market nowadays and people
are still questioning, “Okay, is this something that is ever going to catch on?”. Now, I can’t predict the future but I do
think there’s going to be a market for mechanical and fashion watches. Alright gents, so closing arguments. In my opinion, “Do I feel the wristwatch
is outdated?” No. Not at all. I don’t even feel it’s competing with
the cellphone. Yes, this can tell time. You can do a lot of other things but it’s
not going to replace the watch. The watch, a great watch for a man is more
than just telling time. It’s about his relationship with time. A cell phone. It’s about communication and many studies
have shown that if you have a phone out and you put it on the table. Maybe you’re answering while you’re talking
to someone. You are actually gonna form and divide with
somebody. A watch on the other hand is about punctuality. Studies have shown that you’re more likely
to be on time when you wear a watch. I find it’s a lot more subtle when you’re
in a meeting, you’re talking with people and you’re just kind of maybe quickly check
your watch to make sure you’re on time but they serve very different purposes and to
me really are non competitors. Guys, that’s it. Take care. I appreciate you. I appreciate everything we build here in Real
Men Real Style and like, I said, go down in the comments. I want to hear from you guys. I’m curious. Are you a watch lover or you’re like “I’m
not into that stuff”? All right guys, take care and I’ll see you
in the next video.

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  1. Watch Vs Smart Phone – Which Side Are You On? – click here to read the article as to whether watches are obsolete or outdated over at Real Men Real Style. – Join the RMRS Facebook group to connect with like-minded individuals 🙂

  2. I've never worn rings, bracelets or chains. I don't like things hanging on me . I've worn watches since I was in high school 51 years ago. In fact, I just got a smart phone (for the first time) 2 or 3 months ago.

  3. Meh, watches have no real functionality nowadays. I still like the look of them, I think they're a great accessory and even wear one myself because of how they look, but if you actually wear a watch and try to justify it with some real functionality reasons you're lying to yourself. The functionality of it is pretty much nonexistant and if you were trying to sell me a $500 watch just based off the reasons you mentioned in the video I'd laugh in your face.

  4. You made this video because you make affiliate money from selling watches. They are useless… the time is plastered everywhere you go.

  5. Watches are dead like the suit is dead. Lol Just a bunch of malinials who don't know what a real man should look like. Lol

  6. It's also convenient for students while taking a test. You can't pull out your phone to look at the time so a wristwatch is a lifesaver

  7. I never leave home with out my watch on. I must admit, I feel odd with out it. I do notice some choose to wearit on their right wrist of which ive always thought as the "womans" side. Mens on the left. Right or wrong, its a common veiw. Any opinions on this aspect?

  8. So basically in my private office at work I have a world desk clock, a wall cuckoo clock, my cellphone, my computer, and through the rest of the building there are various clocks on the wall all logged into an array of different timezones that we require. Even then, I still will go to my wrist watch 95% of the time and find myself really missing it when I am checking the time for a meeting or event and I forgot to put my watch on. I normally go for clocks then and then the phone and computer.

    A watch is just far more discrete, easy to look at, read the time, and much preferable to read with an analogue face instead of a digital clock.

  9. I love your videos and tips. But I am a little confused about how to wear my wrist watch. I prefer to wear it back of my hand. But does it look nice? hope to get your advice or a video if possible.

  10. Great points, but allow me to add one big important one for Apple watch and Smart watch owners. We have the ability to be told that our phone is ringing and even answer on it. Plus with the new Apple watch you can make phone calls from it on your wrist and it is your phone now too. Plus, i used my Apple watch daily for my health. So i can see how much i'm exercising, walking, working out and when i need to remember to get up. It like to tap me and say time to get up and walk around a bit. Great video. Cheers

  11. I wear a Rolex date just and use a moto razr flip phone for me a phone is just a medium of talking nothing more !!!

  12. I’d like a watch with nothing other than time on the face, a leather strap. Minimalistic but has character. A watch without the company name, but also good quality. If anyone knows where I can get such a watch please do tell me.

  13. 1:28 that’s not true. Only the best of mechanical movements are off seconds a month. Most mechanical movements are off seconds a DAY which translates to potentially several minutes off a month.

  14. Every time I’ve dropped a cel phone is a time when I’ve pulled it out to do a time check. My wristwatch(es) have protected my phone better than any case.

  15. up until two years or so ago, i had bascially given up the wristwatch. i didn't think i needed it precisely because of the cellphone. but since i restarted wearing one, i haven't stopped. it really is so much more handy and easier to keep time this way.

  16. In certain instances, pulling out your phone can be rude, like you said. Or you're like me and can't pull out your phone because you're in class, and it'll get swiped by the teacher if they see you with it out.

    Plus they can pull an outfit together

  17. They are, only a blink now a days.
    Inconvenient in the hand, they donot speak, and donot save memory, a phone is a wallet, and even more, why buy a 500$ dollar phone that can only give you the time, when you can buy a phone and communicate with the world, translate, call people, make appointments, use apps, and even record videos, etc.

  18. Watches are redundant? Watches are timeless (Pun?) I’d say it’s only because people have stopped learning how to read analog. I for one, do wear watches for the fashion but also, the functionality. I never go anywhere without a watch. Even in my house. I’ve been wearing watches everyday for the last three years. From G Shocks to Vincero and Original Grain. It just adds to my musician look in a way that Apple/Smart watches don’t. I’ll tick off a few seconds which is not that serious for me. I feel like mechanical and fashion watches will be here for a while. Definitely not outdated. If my phone dies, and my smart watch does? What am I supposed to do? Ask for the time after every few blocks? People in NYC would look at me like I’m a madman.

    Great Video Antonio!! I love the breakdown and I equally love the watches in the visuals. What watch were you holding in your hand for this?

  19. My grandfather was a collector of watches- he gave me one of his as a gift and I’ve loved them ever since. An elegant Watch is timeless and will never lose value- unlique cellphones which lose their worth and ability to function easily and require for you to buy a new one

  20. A. When I don't wear a watch I feel naked. And B. I consider to buy a smartwatch like the Samsung gear s3, I was wondering what do you think about this particular watches?
    And thanks a million

  21. watches are definitely not outdated, aesthetically look very nice and professional and can complete a look, but also functionally are very good. I would in the medical field so timing treatments i can look at my watch instead of taking out my phone and looking rude and/or contaminating my phone because of patient care. Also with hobbies like running/building things a watch can be used to time and its something that can get damaged and dirty (depending on the watch) and is easy to repair while a phone is a lifeline.

    I really like and enjoy smart watches, i currently have a cheap simple smart watch but ill probably need to get another, the major hassle is just battery life, but aside from that they are very convenient

  22. I am an IT manager and when people come in for interviews HR will ask them to turn off their cell phones. Then one of the last things I will do during an interview is ask them what time it is? Opps no watch.. Gotcha!

  23. I have been without a watch for 15 years. I saw a vostok for 30 bucks and had to have it. Now i'm buying a watch a month

  24. While it's not quite what you were getting at, it was my ownership of a smartphone that inspired me to GET my current watch in the first place, after not owning one for years. The reason: CONVENIENCE.
    Practically speaking, relying on a phone for the time is like going back to the days of the pocket watch, an approach that most of us have left behind. It can be really troublesome to fish for the phone constantly, or even to take calls when doing things like riding a bicycle or god forbid, driving! My watch has proven to be a vitally helpful and even necessary accessory to my phone when venturing out of the house. Neither an unaided cellphone OR an old-fashioned wristwatch will do the same for me.

  25. You can own a very good swiss made watch for 20 years or more, then pass it on to your son. I don't think you can say the same for a Chinese made phone.

  26. I have to say yes. I haven't worn a watch since I got a pager in the mid-90s. With a advent of the cell phone, there is zero need for a watch.

  27. I still love watches even having a phone that has told me time for years. There’s something about having a timepiece on your wrist. Call me old school but having a fine watch on your wrist is also a sign of sophistication. It was that way long before cell phones were even a thing.

  28. I do hv some watches instead of a smartwatch. I think after wearing these, enhances your personality (or atleast your appearance) because nowadays people don't wear watches so often and when they see someone is wearing those kind of things, they actually think about that person's personality. And I'm gonna buy more watches instead of smartwatches more and more. I love watches. Specially those rounded leather strap minimalist designed ones.

  29. Some wrist watches use atomic timekeeping and solar power. I have a Casio G-Shock watch that has atomic time keeping that updates with GPS. 👍🏼

  30. I've always been attracted to watches. These mechanical wonders should never become outdated and I'm sure will never be.
    The smart-everything today is so momentary, a reputable watch last for generations and become a precious possession particularly on he emotional side. I'll pass my watch to my son, never my smartphone or smart watch.

  31. Great video. I don't wear a watch but I'm 100% for watches, I'm waiting for the right time for me to buy a nice watch that should last. How about you compare smartwatches to standard watches (edit: maybe add hydrid watches)

  32. Hi Antonio, I consider wrist watch as men's Jewelry that widely accepted, especially the mid to high end brands. Wrist watches are no longer serve the purpose of time-telling tools. Sometimes I measure one's taste, credibility, and wealth by peeking to their wrist. I am Moslem, and in Islam men are not allowed to wear gold as jewelry, therefore my option for bling is limited to wrist watch.
    that's my 2 cent.

  33. For me, mechanical and fashion watches are irreplaceable when it comes to functionality, same with celphones vs laptos when it comes to browsing. It shows that a person values time. I never like digital or smart watches, it does not look fashionable.

  34. I like watches because its faster to tell time.
    On the other hand if you have to release the gas (blow a warm one) while sitting you can lean to the side and pretend you are trying to take the phone out of your tight pocket. Lean, release, check the time.

  35. I love my watch its my go to for time. Plus a nice watch that looks great? Makes me proud when I look at it. I always wear a watch.

  36. For me watches never gonna be outdated. It reflects my personality, shows how professional I'm. A cool mechanical watch is always better than a smartwatch.

  37. Hi Antonio!
    As soon as I read the title, i was a little surprised, kinda had a rough idea as to why watches aren't obsolete.
    But this comparison made it much more clear.
    Also, I was talking about putting together an outfit but wasn't sure. well guess what, you are wearing the same outfit.
    Thanks for the style inspiration.

  38. Checking your watch creates a traditionally masculine pose. You're standing up straight while flexing your arm and making a fist.

    People can be looking at anything on their phone. Watches are created solely for checking the time. It makes you look like you're in command of a situation and that you have stuff to do.

  39. I love my iPhone, but I am a watch lover! I have a small, but cool watch collection, that my family thinks it’s crazy, but not to me. I don’t wear it just to tell time, I wear it for fashion and to be punctual and like you said, it’s convenient to tell time rather than taking out your phone and looking at the time.

  40. Plus, phones are pricey, but watches can be affordable, even the ones that look expensive, but aren’t. You can make it look expensive by dressing it up with the right outfit.

  41. Unrelated to this video but when is the optimal point in your life to invest in tailored fitted suits. What I mean by this as I’m 20 and going to the gym frequently to lose fat and gain muscle my body size changes slightly. My dress shirts and such are more slim fit but for suits to be tailored to me I find questionable as they may be loose or tighter in certain areas within 6 months

  42. I must say I'm on the side of the watch. I don't feel comfortable if my wrists are empty. Imagine empty wrists underneath a nice suit!! I actually want a Vincero watch so much. They look awesome!!

  43. watches are timeless .. proof is Pulp Fiction
    could you imagine Butch saying he had to go back and get his iphone ??
    not the same is it

  44. G-Shock watches for me has atomic times for different time zones, moon/tide and barometer good enough to have at my wrist and for power has solar implemented.

  45. I'm a wildland firefighter. Having tried to use a phone to keep time with terrible results (for my ego haha) on a particular fire, I can honestly say that the most crucial part of my edc is a reliable watch. Never going to rely on electronics for time again.

  46. I've had a wrist watch for so long I feel naked without one, I base so much on my watch. So not just to check the time but I cook for a living and it's easier to just glance at my wrist then have to pull out my phone. I agree they are getting pushed out by technology but they will always be around and a purpose

  47. Sorry Antonio, "mechanic watch is only going to off for a couple of seconds in a month"? Really? what kind of mechanic watch you are wearing? Richard Mille? You will be happy if your rolex is only off for a couple of seconds in a DAY. 🙂

  48. Thanks Antonio… Very good reasoning.

    U would like to add the point that cellphones are one of our major distractors .. so it is safer to look at the time on your watch than risking opening your phone and get a bunch of messages and emails and get dragged into reading or responding.

  49. I am 25 years-old and I think watches aren't obsolete. It takes a special watch for everyone to have. Sizing and style are big for me because I have small wrist and buying any watch I don't wear immediately because it needs to be resize.

  50. I have a poker watch a I find that it’s easier to have a pocket watch than a phone and a wrist watch for time purposes coz a lot of the wrist watch can get in the way where as a pocket watch just sits in your pocket and phones there is too much of a risk to pull it out to look at the time when you might drop it.

  51. A watch is better in social situations too.
    It is not very social to grab and look at your phone during an conversation, but a quick glands at a watch does no harm.

  52. Pocket watch and then mechanical wrist watch and then automatic wrist watch and then who goes the deepest (water resistant) and then quartz and then solar powered and then multi function watch now a smart watch and then which would withstand long hours of battery life stamina and then….. One day we all eventually ended up wearing a smarter watch on one wrist and probably wearing a mechanical on the other wrist ✌ (as a backup & social status)😜

  53. I’ll tell you this, when I see employees looking at their phones even just to check the time, it looks unprofessional and I just assume you’re texting. If you want a watch that looks professional but is also a smart watch, Fossil Q has amazing “Hybrid Smartwatches.”

  54. What is your opinion on homage watches, like the Steinhart Ocean 1. Is it wrong to wear an homage of a watch you can't afford?

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