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what is going on Sharer’s welcome to the
vlog welcome to another awesome day Grace do you want to tell sharers where we
are yeah sure we are in LA that’s right Sharer in last vlog we got this thing
where we found that return address on that mystery box those left at our door
yeah very strange Box and it brought us out to California so we’re about to head
up to Big Bear Lake I think that’s what it’s called some lake in California so
first things first we’re gonna get an awesome car check out all the cool cars
they they have here they have an awesome McLaren Rolls Royces all this stuff a
red Audi r8 but grace and I have some luggage so Grace ones from the car we
got okay sharers are you ready for this check it out check it out grace give
them a little tour check this out g-wagen oh yeah tire stealth black yeah
it’s so boxey’s got red interior – this is perfect grace there on our spy
mission we got to approach very silently good thing you got a black car with
black black power documents that way we can approach this spot and creep up on
him because I don’t think these I don’t think the spy is going to know that
we’re coming today to their house right now it’s gonna be perfect yeah all right
let’s get in the car let’s go oh my gosh guys this is cool yeah it’s like nice
and comfortable oh this is awesome okay you’re gonna have to put the
address in the navigation let’s figure this thing out let’s close this door
this is like a tank and the spy will have no idea that we’re in this card
because there think what you don’t gonna share Guinea the Hummer or the yes this
is perfect brand new car yeah I knew attack plan let’s do this grace whoa
look at this look how far down it is what road do we have to take to get
there oh this is a good idea grace do you want to get to this mystery safe spy
and figure out who this hacker person is yeah you’re right I do we’re gonna keep
going very very very very high whoa I was
gonna say that there’s a town but ah the town looks like bandit yeah I mean I was
like oh we could get our hair cut barber shop it’s completely empty
yeah hold I want to check this out why is it a bandit let me look at this grace
sure is come check this out there’s a town and we’re really close to the house
but this town is they completely abandoned look at this they used to be
an old barbershop oh my gosh Chris there’s nothing in there can you see in
there there’s literally nothing whoa wow this whole town’s abandoned we’re like
walking into a ghost town slow there used to be a veterinarian love there’s a
glove whoa the sidewalks are really damaged too there used to be a
restaurant here what oh my gosh I almost fell okay so used to be a restaurant
here oh my goodness you see anybody Oh someone knocked me back
it’s locked that’s weird who would lock it I don’t know this is getting crazy I
don’t know what to do but there’s not even light bulbs in here there’s nothing okay move the car careful Oh ash over and open open okay let’s go
I wonder who that was great I think this is it hang on hang on hang on hang on
how do you work these binoculars that’s right huh what what do you see I think I
see the house you do I think that’s the house I think we’re here okay you ready
grace yeah is it the same one from that
picture yeah I think it is got that pool and everything really yes is it I can’t
see your shirts were definitely here good thing we’re in the spy car yeah
straight ahead that’s it I see yeah that’s it great oh this is it
there’s entrance right to the right right there I’m pulling off to the side
okay that’s the entrance right there that cometh serious that is that’s so
weird what who’s that the navigation systems
talking what what did I even say what does that
even say can you replay it hello wait hello we’re here hello I don’t know what
it said shares reap replay that what did that say comment down below is someone
watching us said something about the back door I think we have to go into the
house uh uh do they do they know we’re here
hold on grace let’s do a little investigation let’s go do you see
anything this is so narrow I’m not going in there
careful Steven come here and run really fast this is weird the gates over there
to get into their house where let’s go stay close stay close come on we gotta
go they’re here what the lock broke someone
cut the lock look that’s good ready we’re going in grace do you think their
home is it oh yeah how do you open this it’s open
it’s making a lot of noise do you think they’re home this is definitely it
this is definitely the same pool I was in that pictures okay okay we’re here
where’s the door where’s the entrance oh wow
what they got a lot of surveillance cameras we might be being watched right
now they pose great stay close careful oh that scared me it was a bird flying there’s a bag by the door that white
bowl careful don’t make that much noise careful what does that bag what door do we pick his corn hole what’s that it’s a game a
game oh my gosh grace it’s a game like The Game Master think about her grace a
game the initials in that package was more at the game masters house sure I
think wait to go inside yeah shares don’t ever do this at home but we
have to figure out who’s been after I was using spy NST we didn’t come all the
way to California turned out great okay careful inside it’s unlocked yeah
it’s a lot what is this it’s a weapon no it’s a walking stick
this person must be like cool or something really must be tall – that’s
weird okay what is that – map what’s it say
probably another map his person right through a bunch of maps it goes in line
with everything looks like he dropped it wait look well the River Thames River
that was on the map those and that hidden bin that’s safe at the attic huh
this could be something what is it what’s it pointing to nothing nothing
maybe it’s an unfinished man yeah maybe is this trash okay we need a hurry and
it’s a to look under things so yeah wait what’s that what what is that this
sparkly thing is that this thing right here what flashlight oh wow why is it
blue not a plastic blue light like what’s this I’ll just just start looking
under things look Gold mountain mine Gold mountain – where we have to go I
think this guy’s great thank you from over there kid’s room
over there thank you wait I thought I just saw her
oh it was you it was you in the mirror I think so I think so what was that nice step back there’s like floating that’s such a
weird why is it just right there what’s it what’s Japan would you trust huh what
is that what is that I just heard something like over in bullying sure I
don’t know this is a good idea to open this yes Chris roping are you sure we’re
so close we came this far you’re especially fun let’s open this okay okay
we don’t know what’s in here here we go opening it in three oh there’s a basket
what are they hiding whoa well that that almost fell okay you ready
I don’t grab it yeah you ready okay oh gosh what’s in it what’s in it – Rebecca
closing history Becca this is what was the noise whoa okay okay what’s the net
what’s in it what is this hey cool whoa I think one step ahead of the game
Esther hmm check it out a light will it’s a look at the gold
mine going Mountain Mine we’re one step okay whoa why’s the window open right yes.


  1. I think that's a Game Master the GM baby here maybe it's because I'm all of books Rebecca zamolo Rebecca live here as a brown cover and she works with the game Game Master

  2. Stephen look at the video I think I sour the game master when you opened the floor at the game master abandoned house

  3. That old photo of the girl was Rebecca Zamolo and she rented that cabin and the game master made her do challenges and was watching her through security cameras

  4. Were you found that basket the game master was under there he picked his house head out asked you guys to times

  5. You and your sister play like sherlock or the mystery machine team inspection haunted house or ghost town or ghostbuster Haha 😂🤟👻

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