Weird iPhone Cases ft. BJ Novak

Can I give you one note? Yeah sure. The arms… [Yeah?] Next time you have a guest, it’s very scary. Oh [laughs]. Hey what’s up guys Keato… [laughs]. I know it spooked me too there. That was kind of a joke so, [chatter]. It’s okay [laughs]. That was on purpose Hey what’s up guys! Keaton here. So I’m with my friend BJ Novak, you guys probably know him as Ryan from the Office Stanley yelled at me today that was one of the most frightening experiences of my life. And a bunch of other stuff including his new thing called list I got the world’s weirdest iPhone cases and BJ you’re about to see how weird it can get. It’s already very wish this whole experience is very weird, so let’s get weirder. So yeah guys, this right here is the world’s weirdest iPhone case series I’ve been working on this for two years, drop a like on this video if you guys want me to do it with another person like BJ here. This is supposed to be the big series I’ve been working on forever I have spent forever finding the world’s weirdest iPhone cases there’s like 50 I have, BJ you thought you’ve seen a weird iPhone case before bro. I guess I haven’t you have not. The first case I’m going to be showing BJ is this banana case great it is for the iPhone 6s which I think you have. That’s a very sophisticated phone for a very childlike case. Throw a phone in there. I guess this is the modern version of that. No it This isn’t the six, this is the plus. Is, no it’s, yeah, you gotta’ squeeze it right in there got to squeeze her’ [oh wow] on in there. Yeah she tight fit. I can’t say that’s what she said [laughter] I’m legally prohibited at this point left but… Look, I’m no techsmartt genius ho! But uh… A lot of, a lot of my viewers call us tech dumb actually. Wow, this is great Your parents ever play that game with you like hello hello I have a banana in my ear Yeah, but phones don’t look like bananas anymore because they’re not curved anymore so this is the perfect solution to that joke. Wait BJ. Hello, hello? You said phones aren’t curved anymore dog’. Hold up. Now I’m all alone on the show BJ you say phones aren’t curved anymore, dog’ when I turn this on it’s a touchscreen they just made this they just came out with this. I would yeah I would use this over the banana phone? oh I’d use them both. Well normal is out [look] the window. So BJ, on a scale of 1 to 10 how weird is a banana phone case uh 5. A fi.. [pfft] only a 5 okay, we’re gonna’ have to really get it started. Oh do you have weirder stuff? Oh [okay, okay great], oh yeah of course. The next thing we got is something BJ, if you have a girlfriend or a wife I hooked up with her on February 13th I don’t really know too much… or a guy friend! hey, hey. It’s 2000 something… 17 yeah. yeah, that just took an awkward turn yeah but this is a purse case and it actually functions as a real purse oh wow so… that is pretty cool. Is there some money in there? There is a purse case card. There’s a purse case card. So you throw your iPhone in there that’s really cute so we got the phone all the way in now yeah. What do you think now that you fully see it? Could you rock it like yeah I think this is great, it’s a two for one, you get a wallet in there too dude so scale of 1 to 10. I mean in a good way, in a good way, it’s like a three. Okay all right the lower the better the lower the better in this case I mean it depends it’s like I [murmurs]. Yeah. Like not weird just chill, like my phone case it’s a zero, it’s not weird the next one that I got is actually kind of one a little’ low, a little creepy-ish if you’re into that kind of thing. I, I don’t know you but this is a spy iPhone case. You know how you have your iPhone camera it’s just chilling straight on you can take it a normal photo. Yeah. But if you flip this up it covers up the lens yeah you could have your phone vertical here or just kidding this is the flat way you can have your phone flat, and you can be see, kind of it like an angle you get, kind of get. Is that a mirror? Yeah it’s a mirror, so it’s a mirror and it allows you to like spy on people without like holding your phone out this is an iPhone 4, and taking a photo of them so I know you like to go to the mall a lot that’s what you, that’s what you’ve been telling always us. I’m always at the mall with my always at the mall with my purse case, and my big phone just chilling, that’s where you find me. So if you want to creep on some people not saying that’s you but, you’ve got the mirror. This is really something because also I’ve noticed when people take pictures of celebrities they do all kinds of tricks to serve you know we do it my favorite once I was in the airport, someone was taking a picture of me and they like did this and like press the button but they hadn’t turned the flash off so it’s like [camera shutter] [laughs] So this would be an improvement for that kind of person for sure this is really this is really something. This is great for a stalker I’m into weird stuff. Yeah. You’re into a weird stuff. This is made a great list by the way hell yeah! Tell us, tell us a little bit more about this. That’s okay, I’m not, I’m not here to point anything, I’m here for the love of the show but that would make a great list. Yeah TJ who would you spy on I probably honestly just show it to people. Are you taking fat photos with different celebrities out there and you just don’t want the, yeah that was you. You’re talking about yourself I’m like what’s up John Legend. Okay this one’s a little weird do you know who Blac Chyna or one of the Kardashian girls are? I don’t know which I don’t know all the names but I saw one of them with this case. Okay. This is a windex, probably if Blac Chyna was your go to I just, I want to cover all the names just in case I don’t get the right one okay I’m sorry I just, I don’t know. One of them had this Windex case looks pretty bushi if you’re asking me BJ, what do you think? Would you have a Windex bottle on your iPhone case? what is bougie about… bad bougie cooking the dope in the Uzi. Oh, okay. So to me… this is very, a working-class [laughter] as opposed to a boujwa one because I used the two French words I know because sort of your thing is cleaning windows there’s just so much high-low going on here. That, and then, that and then, this, and then the phone. Would they let you travel with it? Is it under 3 ounces? [chatter] is it under 3 ounces? It it under 3 ounces, oh of liquid? Yeah, you travel with it. Yeah not you, how mad would you be if you missed a flight because of this? Oh speaking of missing flights we got the case for you. How about a gun iPhone case? Wow I know we just went 0 to 100 real quick there. People have legit been arrested for trying to fire these rightly so of course it makes [sure] sense. Would you ever go outside with that iPhone case on there? Pink and all, I got one in black try to put one in, put it in your jeans [chatters]. No… front pocket well you, my jeans aren’t on camera right well you could… I’ve done some work in television oh. Yeah it’s like packing something You’re packing heat? Yeah, yeah, the pink is cute okay. This is a, this is a seven or eight on the scale. It’s actually an iPhone 6s plus [crowd cheering]. Ah, again the contrast between wanting to have a gun and wanting it to be pink and wanting it to hold your iPhone and protect your iPhone which it clearly did [it’s a lot of orders] not do a great job of [object hits against desk]. Just throw in the fire here BJ. You think you’ve seen it all. You haven’t got a purse case. For the record I did not think I’d seen it all. This is a brush iPhone case takes an iPhone 5 all I gots’ an iPhone 4 cut me some slack it’s got a brush [this is great], and it [this is practical] has a built in mirror. Um it’s weird to walk, you look very vain walking around put in the shirt pocket, the shirt pockets the test yeah this is weird not weird it’s you look like you know vain I’d say but the practicality element I love mirror I love. I think this is great I think this is and it’s called a selfie brush, yeah it’s called the selfie brush. Right so, this is before selfies too by the way. This is like if you really are like a professional selfie taker and you need to be like camera-ready you brush your hair you check yourself in the mirror, do you want to give you a demo? I don’t know if words are doing it. My hair is perfect I happen to know. Scale of 1 to 10. This is um, I’d say this is a 6. It’s weird but I get it. It’s not like you’re crazy it’s like you have a slight problem but you’re solving it in a really, good way. So it’s about to be summer I know you like fudgesicles I’ve been doing a little reading. Okay, this is a popsicle iPhone case got some googly eyes so, this is a fudgesicle [murmurrs]. Yeah, you said popsicle it’s, aren’t they all the same? not not at all. They’re not all the same?I tried my best here we had a little accent with the fudgesicles in the fridge oh that’s a real one? I know it doesn’t look like a real one BJ looks like the banana phone hijacked a popsicle case video. Yeah, I like it I just dig it I wished fidgesicles looked like this. Mhm, with a googly face oh, would you like one? No thank you I’ll stick with this guy but I do wish that fudgesicles looked like this, this is terrific and then you have your phone here what’s better on a summer day your barbecue you can’t go wrong, either side, it’s true yeah it’s a great case. Like are you licking the popsicle or are you texting your girl no one will really know. No, no, no as they will be staring at you BJ 1 to 10 popsicle case summer barbecue, if you’re not the barbecue I don’t want to hear. This is, this is a 7. Someone with this case I think like they made a pretty weird choice, um they made a pretty weird choice. Okay another one here have you ever heard of this thing called a pop socket. I, show me it. So this is like the standard pop socket you guys probably seen this you can, there you go. Yeah, no I’ve, these are [pro], I know okay we didn’t used to have those we used to not have we used to not have anything. Exactly we had the, the nose [murmurs]. Oh we went a different way with this, okay. Yeah no that’s the pop socket that’s the pop socket for the pop socket. Okay and [mumbles] I don’t know if I believe you here what what do you mean? This is a different thing going on if you were looking to solve the problem of being able to put your fingers find your phone and hold it, I don’t think this is how you’d solve it I think it’s the same thing this is a 10 [laughter]. This is a ten. There’s no reason you should have this case, no reason so if BJ’s calling this nose case a 10 and says it’s stupid, whoa! How do you feel, I’m not going to stun you don’t, don’t worry I aint, I aint that person. What do you think about stun gun case here got your fully functioning iPhone you’re chilling, you called this one stupid. By the way, this is no longer a 10 what is the point of this you’re out late at night, you’re coming back someone’s creeping on you you gotta give em’ a little gas you know? Wait does it stun you? You want to try it on, no! It’s not just fake? I’ll do it to myself I don’t want to ah yeah it stuns, you can see… This is legal? apparently this isn’t legal either but wait but this could just go off in your pocket! No that’s, that’s the neato feature here you get the safety on and then you just, you just have to switch… A phone case that needs a safety, that’s amazing would you like to readjust your ranks? this is psychotic and I don’t mean to insult anyone who has a psychiatric condition but this is like beyond rationality… This is… This is [bleep] up. Yeah guys that’s pretty much it these are the world’s weirdest iPhone case. Thanks so much BJ for being on this video go check out his movie the founder, and check out his app called list list, it’s hella’ sick. I don’t think you’ve ever seen anything weirder in your life before. In terms of iPhone cases I promise you. Yes So yeah guys that’s pretty much it for this video thank you so much BJ got a little stun action here I know you’re so excited thank you so much Chloe and Ashton for being this video’s notification shoutout, if you guys want one, turn on my notifications let me know in the comments. Get subscribed if you’re new for free Fudgsicles, BJ’s giving them out, and tweet me at techsmartt if you guys find anything else weird. Bye! Can I give you one note? Yeah sure? The arms, next time you have a guest, it’s very scary oh [laughter]! If one more person asks is that April the giraffe on your shirt? I’m going to drop a diss track on April legit Imma’ drop a diss track on a giraffe

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