100 thoughts on “What a Year Without a Smart Phone Gave This Millennial”

  1. So basically revert to being 15 again.
    Because I kid you not. I got my first phone when I was 16yrs old. Why that long?. Because my father told me only people with jobs need a phone and I wasn't the at the legal age to work yet.

  2. She's like middle aged it's definitley not that hard for her. I should got my mum to do this lmao free money

  3. Im 38 try without cpu or ipod but without payphones we had to ask for directions or ask a business to use there phone but i like being in public without phone in hand watching people look like zombies lol

  4. That's great and all but they gave her the ugliest color scheme for that flip phone. I would have asked for an old school Motorola from the mid-2000s in red.

  5. For 100K I would hope most people would be capable of this, but then again I grew up when music was actually something you could listen to without having a brain hemorrhage.

  6. I did 2 years without my smartphone my last two years of high school, and I can say I was a lot more productive just like she said, paying attention to the classes, socializing with my friends and my teachers helped me a lot on those days. I'm very thankful with my math teacher because she advised me to do this challenge and I did it for two years long.

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