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Uh.. Hey m-my car battery died so i was hoping you could help me You’re gonna need a new car. You can’t just replace the battery? Yes, I can totally replace it. Yeah, but I won’t Okay, I have to do is just push the button. [I] can’t find it this [just] one button I have to do is push it. There is no button Linda So, how did you enjoy the cheese sticks? it tasted exactly like the cheese five. Well wait until you try the cheese seven. This is worse. You took the holes out of the swiss cheese I know and if I could put that in one word that word would be courage Man! It’s not working! Dangit ! Again?! There… Now you can’t break. See? Hello, Myrtle. I-I can’t hear you let’s facetime. Oh, there we go. Now I can see you. Excuse me. We didn’t order these apps can we send them back? No, sorry. You can’t get rid of these apps. But nobody wants them… we’re not going to eat them. Sorry… Here’s YouTube for your troubles. We don’t want that either. Too late. They already play. All right, so uh call me sometime. Oooh.. I can’t I have an iphone and it doesn’t make phone calls. So what does it do? it only takes selfies. So what do you like about it? It’s got a fat ass You want to update tonight? Mmm.. I’m not really in the mood. You’re never in the mood to update. Remind me tomorrow. Fine, then I guess I’ll just go… phantom vibrate in the other room. Have fun, Jailbroken. Okay, great. That’s awesome Hey! Thanks so much for subscribing. To watch bloopers and deleted scenes, click the box on the left. And to watch big what if Star Wars click the box on the right.

100 thoughts on “WHAT IF YOUR IPHONE WERE…”

  1. Funny how a ton of people poke and make fun of apple but when people say if you hate it so much just get an android there like ehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh………… Nah I'm good fam, turns around and makes this video

  2. 0:43. Why is she playing…as a guy? I mean, there's the other blonde dude they could've chose for this scene. So…why?

  3. Did anybody get that U2 reference when they said here’s U2 for your troubles? The Troubles is a song by U2.

  4. Hey guys, I know alot of people want the name of the song at 1:58 so here ya go :p
    It's Above the Clouds – SaraoMusic

    thank me later 🙂

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