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What the heck is an AI Phone?! – Honor 10 Showcase

What the heck is an AI Phone?! – Honor 10 Showcase

So honor is sponsoring an early look. Actually I don’t know if by the time this comes out it’s going to be early at all. But That’s not really the point the point is we are checking out the honor 10 And I absolutely love doing stuff for honor because I get to make this joke over and over and over again Are you ready to do the shoot for honor? Hey, which video are you editing right now? Is it the one for honor Hey Tyler did that product arrive yet? For honor! The one for honor! For honor! So the highlight features of this thing include an octa-core processor a 19 by 9 aspect ratio screen with notch and an NPU or neural processing unit. and it’s very very shiny Does it look as good on camera it does in person? dang! So we’ll start with the obligatory Unboxing you get a sim removal tool you get a bunch of documentation. You get it. Oh, oh That’s actually kind of a nice touch. They include a case So that at least while you wait for you’re like, you know nicer one or whatever You’re not going to get that stupid first scratch on the phone that you’re you’re otherwise Likely to it actually includes a screen protector as well. So those kinds of things are always a nice touch We’ve got a supercharged power supply right here with oops well, I’m sure you’ll get one that’s compatible with your region and a USB type-c cable with an Adorable purple inset, of course. It’s no big secret, but I think unboxings are boring So let’s have a look at the phone itself. I’ve actually got a couple of them I’ve got that sick purple and blue iridescent They call it a roar a gradient or something like that finish and then I’ve got a more plain blue one that quite frankly You should be able to tell by now But I think this one looks so much better looking at the physical layout of the phone There are a couple of things that I think some folks are going to find Polarizing like it’s really the age of phablets these days but this is a comfortably one handable phone like You can actually type Well, at least if you got SwiftKey on anyway that comes pre-loaded which is nice, with one hand on it but I don’t know if everyone is gonna like the Duplicated home button. So you’ve got a software one as well as a built in one in hardware And that’s actually where the fingerprint sensor is. So it boxed the trend in terms of fingerprint sensor it bucks the trend in terms of headphone jack which for me anyway is a really nice inclusion and then it sticks with the For the display notch. I’m happy to see a more handleable though And personally I’m a really big fan of glass backs because even though, actually this one I think I’ve already got some fingerprints on Even though they do tend to get fingerprinted up pretty easily. What’s nice about the glass Is that at least they’re easy to clean Then they’re perfect. Another choice they made that’s gonna be controversial no matter how you slice it is their use of an IPS display so right now the main two choices are OLED or LCD IPS and They’ve both got pros and cons with OLED having perfect blacks and the ability to you know show the time even when the screen is off for example with IPS having the advantage of Basically no chance of running into burnin issues. So It’s a good IPS. They’re boasting 96% coverage of ntsc and it looks after I turned off the vivid profile that was loaded by default subjectively really freakin good, but Everyone’s gonna have their own feelings on a decision like this Now this is something really interesting that I picked up on the way that they’ve implemented The knotch is not like pure knotch or pure not knotch So you can see that the display stretches up into the notch area when you’re vertical but check this out It actually does a little trickery thing So you watch that change too curved and then it cuts the notch out when you put video in landscape mode Which personally I think is a really nice touch. Another thing that you can actually do while I’m on the subject of cool little Software tricks is you can turn the notch off entirely And there are actually some nice touches as well wireless charging isn’t supported but it does support four and a half amp 5 volt fast charging and their facial recognition it is Shockingly fast so I’ve got it open here. It’s looking for my face BAM that’s really impressive and this one’s cool There’s a feature on here called smart rotate that lets the screen rotation follow the direction of your face Can your phone do this? And it’s these in portrait mode Cool, right. Anyway, the big feature on the phone is really on the rear shooter. So it’s a dual rear shooter It’s got a 16 megapixel F 1.8 color sensor and then a 24 megapixel Black-and-white and the whole thing is powered by their neural processing unit or NPU, so using their NPU They can actually recognize the subject of a photo and then adjust the way that it looks in Order to make it more pleasing Let’s go. Try it out on a few things. Shall we? Alright so let’s do some test shots with the AI camera first let’s do with no AI Hi James I’m trying to do you a service here by taking a good picture of you not easy Now let’s turn on AI photography and it has identified that this is a person and It looks like it went and applied a background blur effect So that’s an interesting thing for it to do on its own. Let’s try some food That is not very photogenic food. But I’m sure it tastes good. Look at that it identified food Thought it was person for a second. Alright a car should be a pretty easy one Yep, wow that did not take long the instant. I turned on AI it was like, yep. That’s a car. Let’s find some nature bang nature you pretty Yep, I get a little flower icon. So I want to talk about what an NPU actually does while we have a look at the shots from the AI versus non AI photo comparison here Subjectively, I like a more natural look to my photos So I would probably have it off in many cases But the underlying technology here is really the big story to me. We’ve been at the point for a while now Where a phone CPU can be expected to do all of the normal stuff that you’d want from it, really well You know run, the UI smoothly I’ll bring up your apps list Open apps whatever the case may be without a ton of perceptible lag So what an NPU does is it is a specialized processor actually get dedicated silicon that is designed for convoluted neural networks So this doesn’t mean that all of a sudden you can just turn on AI mode and run around in the world with you know Pointing your phone’s camera at things and it’s just gonna start to have a broad understanding of the world But what it does mean, is that a neural network model, One that would have to be trained by a very powerful computer probably in a data center somewhere can be more easily understood Using this kind of client-side neural networking technology so the powerful server trains the model creates a simplified version of it that Honor will push to your phone with an update and then your NPU does what’s called inferencing in order to feed that model some new piece of data like you’re pointing your phone at a cat and then Infer what it’s supposed to be From the model that it has downloaded So at this point the NPU is being used primarily to monitor usage patterns and then optimize the processors use of power so that you’ll get as much battery life as possible out of the phone and To recognize photography subjects with the camera and then adjust the camera settings accordingly. So Calling it AI is a little bit optimistic. It’s not like it’s got like Jarvis built into your phone or anything like that so right now it has the ability to recognize an animal or a pet but new models that honor could push via updates could give it the capability of being able to tell the difference between a cat and a dog and a possum that one’s unlikely but like a possum for example Meaning that it can in fact get smarter over time Even if the actual training doesn’t take place on the device itself So that’s pretty much my rundown of the honor 10. You guys can find a link with more information in the video description So thanks to honor for sponsoring this video Thanks to you guys for watching it if you guys disliked can hit that button But if you liked it hit like get subscribed or maybe consider checking out where to buy the stuff We featured at the link in the video description Also down there is our merch store which has cool shirts like this one and our community forum, which you should totally join

100 thoughts on “What the heck is an AI Phone?! – Honor 10 Showcase”

  1. The AI camera, looks of the phone and performance are all great in modern flagships. But the AI camera stands out the most.

    I'd love to have that phone in my pocket.

  2. Neural network model trained by very powerful computer? Client side neural networking technology? Sound like a sky-net technology. Don't left this thing plugged to wall while you are away, it will turn your home to deathtrap. Someone remember movie "MARK 13 – Hardware (1990)" ?

  3. Not sure how good that looks in real life but in the video it looks like someone took a beautiful thing added beautiful shinnyness and then essence of kitten.

  4. Use a term, which the public neither has heard before nor do they understand and viola, the phone sells like hot cakes!!

  5. Well, people would still do buy iPhone because for some reason they are merchandised as an outstanding quality, which in fact is overpriced joke

  6. Dude… I'm sorry but we don't need "smartphones". We can't seem to make them smaller and have the same kind of performance either. Phones shouldn't need a camera either. That is what a camera is for… It really hinders the camera business when phones do this.

  7. You can't even get it in the US. Not that I would personally want one anyway lol. Wish alot of these features would end up on a non Chinese phone 🙁

  8. Artificial Insemination. Careful with that phone, good chance you will get pregnant if you touch the liquid part.

  9. You can tell he is being extra nice and only talking about the GOOD points about the phone because its the sponsor


  11. I'm confused… You said IPS doesn't have burn in, but the internet says my LG V20 uses IPS, & the edges of my replacement screen & original screen are/were both totally burnt… The residual images trigger my privacy paranoia, lol.

  12. I love the look of glass-backed phones, just wish it were compatible with a removable battery. Hey, it's compatible with a headphone jack(💗), so why not? Just gotta convince the industry to bring them back, somehow.

  13. Lol that joke is quite funny nice video btw I watch all your videos to do with computers and everything I like the Scrapyard wars and DIY videos like heating up your room with your PC keep it up Linus and everyone at your office

  14. The Samsung Galaxy K Zoom also have those automatic camera settings, and even its predecessor, the Samsung Galaxy S4 Zoom… I have the K Zoom, and i dont understand why this has not been marketed more in the western world. I believe it is mostly just sold in Asia..? The camera is really good… Especially for a phone from 2014 or something… 20,7 megapixels, and a 10x optical zoom lens, and all kinds of camera settings, including several modes for manual settings… Really hope they will continue to come out with such phones, because i dont want to go back to digital zoom ever again… Really nice when you are out hiking on some mountain top, and want to take pictures of something far away 😛

  15. I got this phone, had it for about 6 weeks. I truly hate it, it slippery AF, it's locked. Can't even disable the low battery notification sound.
    So much bs with it. Would NOT recommend or you could buy mine.

  16. Been using this phone for a year now. I can say for the price and performance especially the camera. Its not worth replacing yet for now. Ita still good for gaming, and barely no lags at all, vs my previous Samsung phones that I would almost immediately think of replacing due to lags. Cuz its just that slow. I guess the super fast internal storage must have something to do with the Responsiveness. Not to mention a Kirn 970 that's also found on Huawei P20 phones last Yr. 😀

  17. Smart rotate two things 1 you're giving all your facial data to China Second how much battery does it drain by having the camera on all the time?

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