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What You Don’t Get with iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11! KIDNEY WASTE If …

What You Don’t Get with iPhone 11 Pro & iPhone 11! KIDNEY WASTE If …

This video is for those who put their kidneys into Risk to buy this iPhone 11 pro and iPhone 11 You might think that iPhone 11 pro has dual optical stabilization You can do the same with Moment lens too Now let me explain why your Kidney can go waste if you buy iPhone 11 pro or 11 A lot of Operating system features are still lacking behind Android users are used to locking apps So for that you can lock your app and give it to a kid and he will not be able to exit from the app But if someone knows your password then he or she can lock it. so the problem is lack of Face id in this scenario So depending on the timer the iPhone will ask you for the passcode So you have to manually enter the passcode Next is hiding photos. Lets say you don’t want anyone to see the photos you clicked (private photos) Third party apps are not that good The only way to lock it is if app developer makes it available So you have to use the Passcode feature So the video will not be shown to the other person if you hit the home button. And you can’t watch video while texting. so multi window is not yet available So that iPhone worked like iPad OS but they still didn’t do it So that’s why i felt if I was on Android then I had those features Lets say you want 2 whatsapp in the same phone you can’t do it in Android So 2 numbers are pretty useful If I want ringtone of my choice File manager is not that good as Android

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  1. Hello bhaiya!! How are you ??? Can you please tell me that what is the best time or age to migrate to a new city or a new country as a student please bhaiya tell me…….by the way I am 16…πŸ€—πŸ˜Š

  2. I have seen other Frank reviews where they have mentioned about lot of bugs in iPhone 11 series as of now.

    And iPhone 11 Pro is the reason why one should get Samsung's galaxy note 10+ πŸ˜‚

  3. Bro love your content and it helps a lot of students those plan to come to us for studies πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

  4. Bro suggest some good phones to use . Low budget ( β‚Ή0 -β‚Ή15k ) , medium budget ( β‚Ή15K-β‚Ή45k ) and high budget (β‚Ή45K+) !!

  5. Beautiful video πŸ‘ As i make video's on iPhone's πŸ”₯ I have loved this video πŸ‘ keep it up bother, now i am at 1,300 subscribers πŸ”₯ Thanks for motivation (can you pin this comment 😊, no compulsion)

  6. In my 10th, 12th marksheet and college degree, only my first name is mentioned that I will have difficulty in applying for visa.

  7. Bro you should improve your body language while will be like statue while speaking infront of camera..i hope you will improve that.. have a good day 😊

  8. vai tum bhi view seeker nikla? most of the indian love iphone but they love to hear negative things about iphones

  9. Yeah I phone has a good camera system but one plus I think just launched it's one plus 7t pro with way better camera and video stabilisation.

  10. I have one question regarding to studying abroad. Suppose agr koi student 12th kisi karnwas pass nhi kr paya our oh open se science stream se achhe no se clear kya. To kya possible hai ki uska admission out of country ke university me ho jae. Agr time mile to please reply me it's my humble requestπŸ™πŸ˜Š

  11. Hey Harnoor,I wanted to ask where could I research more for past admission averages of universities?
    I had 10cgpa 9th
    93%(99 in math and 96 in science) in CBSE 10th
    92% in 11th
    SAT(Minimum expected 1500)
    What are my chances in UBC,Waterloo (I know the requirements for top US universities)

  12. Hello bro.. Can you make a video on How to get internships and assistantships in US? After completing 12th in india I wanna move to US for Business Studies plzzz help me!
    Tell me do I need to score good marks in JEE and CET to get into US universities? Do they check our JEE scores?
    I am asking this b'coz you told that you have quite JEE and you are non medical(means no NEETas well)..
    Then how you was accepted by US university? that is in top 20 as per your video itself.
    Plzz tell me i need ur help
    Bro plz make it sure and I wanna contact you b'coz I've so many questions.

  13. Hi Bro…
    Which programming language would you prefer?

  14. but there is a huge difference between battery and oled screen and I have pro max and I am happy with the product

  15. Hi harnoor I am deepesh patel.and I am studying in kota I . I study in Allen carrier Institute . I want to leave my preparation. And I am interested in programming so could you suggest me that how I could prepare for that while studying in class 11 and 12.

  16. Hello sir please help me if you could. Because I am in depression from so many days. And if you could guide me how I could do that.

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