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What’s in the Box? Episode 010 – The Geeks Get the YUBZ Retro Handset

What’s in the Box? Episode 010 – The Geeks Get the YUBZ Retro Handset

Welcome to another episode of what’s in the box sponsored by I’m max and this is our guess star Kate.. and today we have another big ticket item from This is a big ticket because it’s pretty big.. So I would like Kate do the honors of unboxing.. oww thank you.. yup I’ve been banned from opening boxes. Can you tell me why is it.. I just can’t do it I tear them I give them a smash.. And they’re just in pieces like Mario’s heart.. so in the demo.. Usually have the final fancy at the end when you’re actually open it.. du..du..du..du.. What do you have kate? It’s pink, off course it’s pink.. a.. YUBZ.. oww why you busy.. YUBZ retro Handset from mobile phones so don’t know where the top is but here we just slide it out. And it’s a handset similar to the Novelty item we have while ago on our very first episode of the banana headsets And except this is a long telephone cord.. good lord. And I believe send us free more packages of these I didn’t know why untill now .. So kate would you go ahead and get honor of that. Hook it up to the phone and we’ll be giving a phone call from it. And then we have this deliver but they worth it any boxes. So I’m not quite sure why but now it makes sense. So this also .. The jack is 2.5 isn’t it? .. is it 2.5.. it is the 2.5 not to worry because apparently it also comes with an adapters. So woww. A lot of adapters. We got the adapter for Sony ericsson 2 So if yo have Sony Ericsson you’re set to go. It’s also an adapter for A 3.. standard 3.5 So kate would you go ahead and try that out. Here is a Nokia 2, here’s a Motorola and a Samsung so any ports you could possibly imagine for your cellphone they got you cover And kate just obviously does anyone here put it down here Alright.. So as you can see here we were sent a gold phone, a black phone and then a green phone. Woww. Not bad. But we’re gonna go ahead and do a test call Kate you’re working in a customer service for is that correct? Yes I do.. Would you go ahead and call them and see how they’re doing at the head quarters. Seems they quite busy at the moment. So we guess all the geeks were falls without you.. well that’s right how it souds of this.. It sounds actually very very clear, very nice.. it’s bringing back to the 1990’s When you actually had.. It’s a telephone, it’s not a cell phone. Ow gosh… Pretty have the got in.. the volume.. What the banana phone was lucky before was the volume button So you’re set with all the functions that were previously lucky with the Novelty item for the banana headset And it’s pink.. so not bad.. But the only down fall is that’s not compatible with the iPhone 4 So alas you iphone 4 users will just have to wait. This YUBZ Retro Headset goes for $19.99 at But you can save 10% off if you use our youtube subscriber codes. And as always is sponsoring a giveaway so if you comment below.. we’ll choose a random commentor. And they will get the special price / the youtube gifts / the promo codes. So you’re wathcing the episode of what’s in the box sponsored by I’m Max.. I’m Kate and we got it from a geek.

11 thoughts on “What’s in the Box? Episode 010 – The Geeks Get the YUBZ Retro Handset”

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  2. This is so wicked groovy! I'm going to start saving my nickels and dimes to get one…in black, of course, just like the real thing!

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