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What’s inside Apple Credit Card?

What’s inside Apple Credit Card?

– Three, two, one. Oh yeah. Do you notice that we’re not sitting next to each other right now? We are standing up and Lincoln is catching up to me in height. This is crazy. – I’m on my tippy toes.
– This is crazy, right? A lot of you may not have known that Apple actually came out
with their own credit card. This is a big announcement in one of their last meetings that they had. So, we ordered one, I applied for it. It was incredibly easy. I think they gave me
– That’s it? – a $30,000 limit. – Did you sign it already?
– This is what it came in. Then when you open it up.
– It looks cools, it looks super skinny. Whoa! Apple’s boxing is so cool. – It really is, a lot of
it is just the marketing that goes into it. Let’s make a credit card and
let’s make it look really good. – It looks good, yeah. – What we’d like to do, is take this card, which is actually made out of titanium. So we’re going to go to a hardware store and we’re going to get
some metal cutting scissors and hopefully, they have one and we’re gonna try to buy
them, with the Apple card, and then right after that,
we’re just gonna cut it open with, like it’s kind of
funny that we’re gonna cut this open with the thing that it buys. – And the first day that we get it. – Yeah, but we gotta know what’s inside. First things first. We need to activate this card
and I have to say, Lincoln, the choice of shirt is
perfect, for this card. – Yeah, I didn’t realize that.
– It matches perfectly. Um, oh. – Whoa.
– There it is. – [Lincoln] Activate. – [Man] Activate, sorry I
have a Band-aid on my finger. Your card is ready. – [Lincoln] Tah dah! – [Man] All right, Apple credit
card is out, it’s activated. It is strong. – Yeah, it’s really strong. – It’s really, really strong. I don’t even know if I
could snap it in half with my fingers. (mumbling)
Titanium is a very, very light, thin metal. It’s hard to break. (upbeat music) Just be like, “I’ve got this,
– No, I’m not– – [Man] “titanium thing,
I need to cut in half. – (laughs) Why?
– “Do you have a tool “I can cut it with?” – No, that’s so random. I’m not even old enough
to have a credit card. – [Man] They’re not gonna
say, “Oh I can’t give you “a tool to cut it, because you
don’t look old enough, son.” – Yeah, I don’t want to.
– Let’s listen to your heart. – I don’t wanna–
– Oh it’s beating so fast. You’re so nervous! – What do you mean? (upbeat music) – Some shears, is that
what you’re looking for? – [Man] So maybe some
nice titanium shears? What’s this guy over here eating popcorn? I’m good. – Well.
– Oh there’s some shears and (mumbles).
– There’s some shears here that could do it. You can turn, but the
design for, let’s see. But yeah this might be your. (upbeat music) (metal clattering) – [Man] Putting it in. Mastercard.
– Mastercard. Authorizing. (beeping) Well, it worked!
– Approved! – [Lincoln] It worked! – [Man] I bought something with it. – And now we’re gonna cut it. – [Man] Now let’s destroy it (laughs). You’re taking another free popcorn? – Yes (laughs).
– It’s one limit. One per customer.
– No. This one’s for you! – [Man] Oh, that’s what it is. – I mean, it might be for me, but. – We’re stopping at Dairy Queen and we’re gonna pay with our thing. – Whoa!
– Here you go. – That’s very green. Popcorn everywhere. Okay.
– Thank you. – Thank you. It worked. All right, time to see
what’s inside of this card. See if we can cut the
titanium Apple card in half and we are in the backyard of our house, that is getting built. If you haven’t been
– Yep. – watching on our family channel, we’ve been doing updates
for things about our house, but it’s been really
fun, it’s coming along. (upbeat music) Three, two, one. Oh yeah! – [Lincoln] Whoa! That looked so easy. – [Man] We got it, we are in to the card. – [Lincoln] Oh! So cool. – [Man] We are right there. Oh, okay. – [Lincoln] There we go! – It is broken in half. Oh, it is not easy,
– Whoa, whoa. – cutting this stuff. I don’t know if I can get inside of that little chip right there. I want to get inside of it, because it seems like,
it’s the only other thing that’s on this card, that
actually does anything. (tinging) – [Lincoln] Whoa! – Ah, okay. We lost part of, why
was I cutting that part? Where’s the chip part? Pete, there’s actually
a tiny etched number. I see a W, I see a 9. I kind of don’t wanna give
you all of those numbers, because, maybe that’s
my credit card number? I don’t know! There’s really no credit
card number on this card. This is the first credit
card I’ve ever had, without a number on it and if you need to
access the actual numbers to use it for a payment like online, then you have to go into
the app on your phone and find all that information, to be able to enter the numbers, the three numbers on the back, all those things that
they usually ask for. – Which is really smart, because like if someone
takes your credit card, they don’t have access to any of the stuff that you just normally take
on a normal credit card. Whoa! That is so cool, in the
case, there’s technology inside the case. – [Man] Yep, there’s the NFC chip. – That’s more technology
than we could find inside the actual credit
card that was in the case. – Kind of. I’ve actually seen people on YouTube, that have taken this NFC chip like, or an NFC chip like
this, and programmed it. There’s one girl that had a doctor put it into her arm. – What? – And then she programmed
it to open her Tesla. This is the same thing, this NFC chip, that you have inside of the Tesla key.
– Are you serious? They put it inside their arm? – And then she walks up to the door and she puts her arm in front of the door and it unlocks the door. – So it’s like a Tesla key. – In her arm. Am I going to switch to
the Apple credit card? Um, no. I have two other credit cards, that have great rewards programs, that I’ve been using for years and I’m gonna stick with that. Let us know what you think. Are you gonna get the
Apple credit card or not? I’m curious to know what you are gonna do. What’s in your wallet? Wait that’s not a saying of Apple? – That’s like Capital One. – Oh man, see that’s good
marketing right there, Capital One. And Lincoln spilled
popcorn all over our car. – [Lincoln] I just dropped
my straw down the seat. I’m sorry.
– This kid. Popcorn, popcorn everywhere. You punk. – I’m sorry.
– No slushie for you until all the popcorn’s
put back in the bag. – I can’t fit down there.

100 thoughts on “What’s inside Apple Credit Card?”

  1. If you get the apple credit card your stuck in apple ecosystem and apple wants that to happen so you can't switch to any other brand easily…

  2. When you are cutting anything always make sure your have eye protection because if you don’t the stuff you are cutting can come up and fly at your face and go into your eyes and cause damage.

  3. Thank you for all the great videos I can’t say how much it helps me get through my day sometime to see you and your son and your wife and kids do activities together it reminds me of when I was a little boy and my dad meet us to do things we never cut nothing in half LOL but we had a good time thank you for sharing God bless you and your family and congratulations on the new house and the new windows LOL

  4. I’m trying to get an Apple Card and its very difficult because I’m in a part of Latin America and you destroying it

  5. Having the card that makes you owe money to the same company that makes you pay premium for their products? No thanks.

  6. Lincoln*: "I'm not old enough to have a credit card" *2:00
    My like 5 year old brother "hmmm which card should I use?"

  7. burning titanium produces very bright fire, you could try to burn some chips or one side of the card. I would like to see it burning

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