What’s inside Stinky London Phone Booths?

(gentle music) Good morning Claire. Oh wait, it’s five
o’clock in the afternoon. It’s not morning. We’ve had kind of a crazy morning. We got up at 1:00 a.m., went to Mombasa, flew to Nairobi, got on a plane, and flew all the way here to London. Now we have 16 hours in London. What are we gonna do? I don’t know but we’re
coming to the exit here. Flashback, right here is the
spot that Lincoln came out and I gave him a hug after
he got lost in the airport. Really?
He didn’t get lost in the airport, they wouldn’t let him out. Customs wouldn’t let him. They didn’t believe that this little boy could
travel all by himself. And so he gave me a hug and
he was crying in the video. It was right there on that spot. Now you’ve been there. (giggling) Claire’s a little tired but we
don’t have anything planned. Like nothing, nothing at all. I think we need to figure out
a place to ditch these bags and then let’s go to the city. Let’s get out of here. Let’s go see the Queen. The Queen?
Yes! (regal music) We couldn’t find bag storage. New plan, we are going to go and take the express train into London. And then find a hotel, drop off our stuff, and then go exploring for a few hours. And then we’ll have a
hotel to go sleep in, it’ll totally work. This is also where we did a thing where we held the GoPro and we spun around right here in this station
and we mixed it together, and the Gold Play Button. Lincoln and I when we
were here for like a day. Kind of cool to be back here. All right there’s the
London Paddington Station. There is the Hilton. That’s super convenient, let’s see if we can stay in the Hilton. It’s like right in the station. Look at our beautiful
room with a high ceiling and the nice bed that they’re going to come and
split them up, I guess. Because Teddy needs his own bed. What do you think about London so far, now that you’ve been here for an hour? I’m not sure I can think
anything of it right now. – [Father] Why? How about a shower? Yes. – [Father] Okay. (energetic music) Welcome to England. Look at that building
with all the flowers. First stop is dinner. We’ve got pasta with no meat. We got tomato sauce and we have some sort of creamy white sauce. Yeah. (energetic music) Can’t begin to tell you how perfect the weather is in London right now. I remember seeing
something a week or two ago that it was some of the
hottest recorded temperatures. But today is perfect. We’re walking by Kensington Gardens I think it’s called, so beautiful. So we’re on our way over to Palace. (people chattering) So Leslie and I came
here on our honeymoon. It was a year after we got married, so it’s been like 16 years now, 15 years. And we thought it would be fun. We’re just going to
recreate a few of the photos from when Leslie and I were here, but have Claire be in the photos and send them to Leslie because
she’ll think that’s funny. Right there’s good, yeah. A little closer to the tree. All right. Can you do this pose? You can keep your shoes on it’s fine. Wait, she’s facing this way. – [Father] No this way. This way? – [Father] Yup, yup. Okay lay down on your tummy, right arm against your head. Put your right arm on your head. Against the ground. And then your left arm further out. Like that? – [Father] Now it looks like
the pose that she chose. Okay got it. Got it. Perfect. (energetic music) So it turns out, I’m not very smart and Kensington Palace is
not where the Queen lives. It’s Buckingham Palace. How did I not remember that? So we just walked through the entire park, (suspenseful music)
we walked down the street that said no photos. It was like all of these
different embassies. I don’t even think they were embassies, I think they were just
where the diplomats stayed for like Germany, Russia, Nepal. Super random but these most
amazing castle looking buildings with cars with bulletproof glass. There’s so many people
that are out running, that are incredibly fit. Like their legs are so strong. And what’s interesting is
we were going by the places with all the different diplomat
houses and I’m thinking how many of these people
are actually possibly spies or something for different organizations? Because it seemed like
it was these government, super strong military
people just running around. Probably not. Maybe people in London are just extra fit. But because of the area
we were in and how strong and fit the boys and
girls were, I don’t know, I’ve got my suspicions out. So now we just hopped in a cab and we are going to go
to the tourist-y places. Buckingham Palace and then also Big Ben. I think we’re going to hit Big Ben first and then we’ll backtrack. (peaceful piano music) We made it. We made it. Okay, a couple of things. First of all, maybe don’t come to see Big Ben right now. Because all you see is big scaffolding and a big bus. Check it out. That is Big Ben right there. That is now all scaffolding. I promise you there’s a
big clock tower there. Underneath all of that scaffolding. Look at that. That’s Westminster Abbey. Another throwback to
when we came here before. Claire, this is the phone
booth and the Gold Play Button that Lincoln got inside
of it and then he came out and goes oh it stinks. It smells like pee in here. And I was like, “Do they only
use these things to pee in?” (gagging) Come on it’s just a phone booth. It doesn’t even have
a phone in it anymore. It stinks in there. – [Father] Does it really
or are you just saying that? I didn’t smell it! – [Father] I knew you wouldn’t! You just trusted Lincoln that it stinks. Yeah! We’re recreating moments from
old videos and old pictures, because I’m a dork and I get nostalgic. Can we cross here? (soothing music) Security is tight tonight. Visitors entrance that way. Right behind me is this Winston Churchill, and if you remember from
the Gold Play Button video, you guys probably didn’t notice this, I’m getting flashbacks because it was such an incredible trip and we didn’t have a
family channel back then and so we have like a two minute clip of our entire trip around the world. You just see little glimpses of moments. We came here early in the
morning, Lincoln and I did, there were hardly any people out here. It was so early, we were jet lagged. We stood right in front of
that Winston Churchill statue and then Lincoln rode Casey
Neistat’s penny board, bean penny board across it. And that’s when we came up with the idea, let’s have him ride the skateboard in all these different places. We’ll splice it together
and make it look like he’s going around the world. But I think it all started
there at Churchill. That would be Big Ben. What movies do they show Big Ben in? “Peter Pan,” “Mary Poppins,” and, oh, “Tinkerbell!” – [Father] “Tinkerbell.” That’s my favorite. The new Spiderman was here too. – [Father] Spoiler alert for
those who haven’t seen it. (laughs) That’s right it was here. The huge scene was right
here on this street. I love this little place. You got the bridge up here, the water right here, that giant thing. The Westminster Pier is pretty
big and then a public subway. It’s just like this little
ground you can go in. Let’s go into the subway
because I hear music. (upbeat music) ♪ Because I am, am ♪ ♪ Falling in love ♪ ♪ With ♪ ♪ You ♪ – [Father] Nice job. Nice job. – [Man] Let’s be nice. (laughs) – [Father] That was fun. Yeah!
That is fun. We came in this subway
just because of the music. This is great. What a great city. If you can ever come to London, even if it is for 16 hours on a layover, don’t just go to a hotel and sleep. (upbeat music) Okay we’ve finally made it. This is Buckingham Palace. The Queen is not here because
her flag is not out today. Oh look at this guy, he’s a walking. We got a walker. It’s hard to see him but here he goes. That guy is not very tough but this guy, that’s the tough guy. I have a question.
Yeah? Is that real gold up there or no? – [Father] Real gold? That’s a good question. I think it’s painted. – [Father] Maybe someday the
royal family will let us visit and make a video of what’s
inside Buckingham Palace. No, they will never do that. – [Father] That would be
pretty fun though, I’d do it. Climb the wall and jump over the fence. I will. I’m just kidding. – [Father] I’m pretty sure
whenever they have a new baby they go right out here on this and they show the baby to the world. I don’t know much about the history here but I’m pretty sure that happens. Oh no she’s breaking in! I’m not breaking anything. (laughs) – [Father] It’s beautiful,
especially the sky right now. Is it real gold? – [Father] I don’t know. It looks like– – [Father] You really
want real gold don’t you? Well I mean it’s royalty, they have to have real
gold outside there– – [Father] Yeah that’s true. Anything else you need to
do while you’re in London? Other than sleep. Watch a movie! – [Father] We don’t need
to watch a movie in London. It’s been my dream!
You need to swing your arms like a helicopter. Why don’t you do that? It’s fun though. – [Father] Okay helicopter arms. How about dessert? Do you need some dessert? Yes we do. Okay dessert? Dessert. London what dessert do you have. I don’t know. Let’s go find some yummy
desserts somewhere. Taxi! (birds cawing)

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