What’s New with Microsoft 365 | August 2019

(upbeat music) – Hey, I’m Vivian and
welcome to What’s New with Microsoft 365 this month. Joining Arthur and myself
today is Candace Lowry, and she works in public
affairs here at Microsoft. Candace, do you want to share a little bit about
yourself with our viewers? – Sure, so I work at
Microsoft in public affairs, and I manage all of the
social strategy that we do. I also am working on the social strategy of an upcoming book,
called “Tools and Weapons,” by Microsoft president Brad Smith. So I’m gonna shamelessly
plug that as we talk. – Yeah, do it! Well thanks so much for
being able to join us today. We’re really happy to have you here. One thing we wanted to
do before we got started with updates today is go over some feedback from last month’s episode. Thank you so much again
to everyone who chimed in. We really appreciate it, and
we read all of your comments. One thing we really want to do this month is to add more links so you guys can learn about more additional information about the updates we’ll be giving today. So you can look out for
them throughout the episode, and you’ll also find links in
the description of the video. So check that out once
you’re done watching this. First up, we have a new
Office feature to bring out more creativity in your work. Sketched Shapes is now available in PowerPoint, Word, and Excel. So how this works is you
take standard shapes, and you can transform
them into rough outlines that make your shapes
look more hand drawn. It kind of gives you
that in progress look, which is really great if you
want to build wire frames, draft designs, or just kind of add an artsy touch to your work. And it’s really easy to move between sketched and standard shapes. If you are an Insider, it’s available on Windows and Mac now, and to get started just insert a shape into your document and choose the sketched
outline that you want. And there’s a downloadable
tool kit available. If you want to check it out today, just check out the
description of this video when you’re done watching. – So there’s a new feature available in PowerPoint for the web to make adding equations and symbols easier. Before, users had to use
PowerPoint on the desktop to add subscript, superscript, and change text casing in their slides. This was really hard to do
on PowerPoint for the web. Now we’re rolling this
out for the Web app. So all you do is select your text, then select home to find
the subscript, superscript, and change case buttons on the ribbon. It’s really great for
anyone who’s a professor, student, or if you just
use a lot of equations. – For Excel, we’re introducing XLOOKUP to help you find data quickly, and visualize data sets. XLOOKUP addresses the
shortcomings of VLOOKUP, like how it required sorted data, how you couldn’t get results
on the left hand columns, and how it took wild cards by default. So XLOOKUP is going to replace the VLOOKUP and the HLOOKUP formulas. It also addresses common user feedback and improves overall calculation time. It’s available today
to Office 365 Insiders, and general availability will
be coming out later this year. – Awesome! – Next up we have new
features about OneNote. To learn more about that,
let’s check in with Arthur. – So I’m here with Ayuba, who is a program manager
for OneNote, how are you? – I’m doing well, how about yourself? – Great, so talk to us about what’s new with OneNote on the iPad. – Okay, so a couple of
things we’re excited about, one of which to start with is the ability to actually insert shapes, but also more importantly the thing people really have been asking us for for a really long time is the ability to just draw a straight line. So we’re bringing that to
people on the iPad today. – And where do you find that feature? – [Ayuba] In the app you just
go in the little draw tab that we have, it’s right
there in the ribbon it’s a shape, you hit that, you have access to a
whole bunch of shapes, and a straight line. – Oh that’s great. So I heard something about
adding meetings to OneNote. – Yes.
– Can you talk to us about that? – Absolutely. So we know as part of
the modern workplace, and just workflows, a lot of people run their lives through their calendar. I certainly do, and so
there’s now this notion of as I’m going meeting to meeting, I need the ability to just quickly put in the details of that. What’s the name of the meeting, who are the people
there, so on and so forth so that I can quickly take
notes that are relevant to that, and so we’re bringing
that to the iPad today ’cause we know that’s a companion for a lot of people that
go to meetings today. – Okay, so we talked about the iPad. Now let’s move on to
OneNote for the iPhone. Can you tell us about what’s new there? – Yes, so the thing we’re
bringing to the iPhone today for people is the ability to
actually ink on the iPhone. So specifically we’re
really looking at that as a focus for annotation, and so you can imagine a thing where we see something really
quick, want to take a picture, soon as you pull that in you want to just circle something and say
hey, X marks the spot. And have that there
for referring to later, and so we’re bringing that to the iPhone. – Okay, but so how do
people find that feature? – And so for the iPhone
just on any page you’re in, top right you’ll just
see a little squiggly. Go ahead and hit that,
and you’ll be presented with a bunch of options for
you to annotate with ink. – Well thank you very
much, Ayuba for your time. – Right, thank you. – Appreciate it. – Thanks for the update, Arthur. Candace, what’s new with Yammer? – There’s a new update for
the Yammer mobile experience that helps you stay even
more connected to your team. There’s an updated newsfeed
that reduces visual clutter and enhances readability. Live events like Q&As and town
halls with business leaders can be viewed on the go. There’s also seen counts, which let you see who’s
viewed your post and comments. And now there’s group search
that cuts down on search time. All of these updates will roll
out in the next few months for iOS and Android devices. – Cool.
– Yeah. – For IT management, we
have updates about new tools to streamline Windows 10 migrations and meet your data residency needs. Let’s find out more from
Arthur and the FastTrack team. – So I’m here with the
FastTrack team, Lee and Brian. So Lee, what’s happening
with FastTrack this month? – Well, this month we’re really excited. We introduced the ability
for customers and partners to ask for help from
our team on Windows 10. – And Brian, what does FastTrack do? – Yeah, FastTrack team with this expansion can help customers move
from their existing Windows 7 implements to Windows 10, and along the way pulling
through Office 365 Pro Plus is part of that implement, and delivering that through
a configuration manager. – And who would benefit
from using FastTrack? – Ah, good question. The benefit is similar to all
the other FastTrack benefits. If you have 150 seeds or more, on an eligible skew we can get you help. – And how can customers get
started using FastTrack? – Well, real easy. Just go to our website,, sign in, and you’ll
get help from our team. – Well thank you both for your time. – Thanks, Arthur. So, what’s new with data centers? – Yeah! So now new Microsoft teams
customers in South Korea will have their data stored
in an in country data center. Team’s customer data
residency in South Korea helps organizations with
data residency requirements to onboard teams in Office 365. – Additionally, Multi-Geo is now available for customers in South Africa and the UAE if they have a minimum of 500 Office 365 service subscriptions. Multi-Geo lets you move users and data between Microsoft Cloud-Geos to address your data residency needs. For more information, contact your Microsoft rep for details. – Cool, so to close for this month we have a few quick updates. A new simplified Office
activation experience is now available for Office 365 Pro Plus, Office 365 home, personal, and solo users. This experience is rolling
out in the coming months. – Microsoft Intune now supports
FileVault disc encryption. This is available on Apple, Mac, OS, and with FileVault support, Intune administrators can make sure there’s no unauthorized
access to information on Mac OS startup disks. Microsoft Defender
Advanced Threat Protection is now generally available for Office 365 US government GCC high customers. Well, that’s all the updates
we have for this month, and on behalf of both of us and Arthur, thank you so much for watching. Please leave your comments below, and we love hearing your feedback and always incorporating
it into our next video. – And if you haven’t subscribed
to our channel already, we’d love it if you did, and you’ll get notified of
our video updates next month. We’ll see you guys next time. – Bye. (upbeat music)

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