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What’s On CHUNG HA’s Phone?ㅣDatadrop

What’s On CHUNG HA’s Phone?ㅣDatadrop

okay I do have one I do but it’s for my fans this was yesterday yeah I was on my way back home after scheduled on my videos this is a practice video with me and my dancers no really I have a boring life I wish I might have messed up somewhere just like a video for you know make it ourselves remind what we did my manager gave me a present for my birthday Bambi’s clothes she just took it all right very nice three months she’s like over four years now you’ve got huge I’m not here she got bigger when the weather’s okay like you know it was winter so not often these days I feel sorry for ya thank you oh the first day yes I do I usually share my photos with my fans most of the time so my fans actually have everything oh here it is here it is not the first safe but after the whole promotion we had a little party of our own someone else that doesn’t include my doggy okay okay I do have one but it’s my cancer we’re giving her a party and then I took a picture of her praying she cute I’m really closed up and it’s been like nine ten years since I’ve had all my childhood my high school fun stuff with them so lots of memories I know it was at the backstage for legit who knows concert I went there with Venus and so we took a picture Netflix yeah that’s the most apt I guess a you recent favorite oh I have a lot but and actually I don’t have time watching the stuff because I obviously fall asleep but I watched in the to me uncle I’m waiting for a season two oh I do I love zombie stuff and it freaks me out but I still love it that’s why I love zombie stuffing you know it keeps me awake Oh on tour oh that’s a hard question there oh there’s a lot of countries I wanted [Music] yes I am from Texas I had my childhood there so haha I came to Korea when I was 2009 I think it’s exactly about ten years since I’ve been to Texas so just going back there means a lot to me I guess yeah I graduated elementary there so probably does family if they remember me he’s my elementary school friends I don’t do us and as social media or anything anymore after I gave you so it’s like can get in contact with him I would love to invite them over my most memorable day oh my god that’s a hard question oh let’s see my mom and my doggy those the day when I did my fam meeting and then afterwards my mom came over and he had a photo shoot I think that’s really cute I never showed any pictures with my mom to my fans I think this would be like the first time and well it’s cute I I’d say to my phone okay and yeah a co-parent went into the data drop and intensity todo I’m gonna oh my Seema he honors fainting in day out of them young son you can get a meal on Bonnie’s head on you douche grill to my fans over see I really miss you guys I wish I had more chance to go visit where you are and have a great time I’ll try to keep in touch more with you guys and thank you for watching love you oh I don’t know if I did a good job but it was really you know unique I never had this kind of interview before and thank you for inviting me as a first guest bye bye guys subscribe press the button like thank you bye

100 thoughts on “What’s On CHUNG HA’s Phone?ㅣDatadrop”

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  2. Wait omg stop, this is my first time watching Chungha in an interview and omg she's p r e c i o u s how can a person like this even exist

  3. I actually didnt know ChungHa was from texas(I have been a fan for a while but I wasnt extremely into her, so I dont know a lot about her) It shocked me as I'm a Houstonian, Love you ChungHa!

  4. Languages that existed that we didn’t knew of:
    -English from ChungHa
    -Cute laughing from ChungHa

    Oh and please release the zombie series for ChungHa and other loyal people who watch it
    Please do a concert and a vacation in Texas-Dallas
    Please get a contact with her previous friends, teachers and family
    Oh praise this talented and humble Queen and get her dog a nice walk in Dallas with her family and friends.

  5. Wow I didn't know Chungha spoke English so well!! She's such a queen omg <3


  6. ADFBHSiALFjufsIADFFKVOUJDHdkjasnkDOAWJ ChuNGHA is so cute wtdim going to die pls marry me i swear im a good girl 🙁 please why dores everyone i fall for have to be 8+ years yonger than me aND live inanothet country im so sad

  7. i never heard of her tho i did heard her new song & i already love her but this made me more in love with her 🙂 especially her freaking laugh <3

  8. She’s so adorable and perfect, I feel sorry for her that some of her annoying ass fans give people a bad taste about her

  9. did not know she was in oio probabl6 because of somi visual o olny saw somisomi everywher e but now i love chun ha hope she can love me back💔not?

  10. 영어는 모르지만 청하어는 안다. 언니 사랑으로 모든걸. 번역한다. 진정한. 청하팬.은. 마음으로 통한.다 언니 사랑해요

  11. Ya’ll english speakers are so lucky 🙁 It must be so nice to have kpop idols & other celebrities speak in your language. I can only speak english a little bit lol

  12. Chung Ha: “Oh, really? Yeah, I have a boring life” 0:30

    Me: just going to school and coming back home all week

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