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What’s On MrMobile’s Phone?

What’s On MrMobile’s Phone?

– [Mr. Mobile] You know how it goes. You move into a new phone,
you tend to download the same apps you always have. And judging from the comments, a lot of you folks seem
interested in the apps I use. So for this edition of
How Mr. Mobile Works, I’m showing you my top 40. (upbeat music) Let’s start by getting the
obvious ones out of the way. Most of you know that you can find me on Facebook, Twitter,
Instagram, and Snapchat when I’m not on YouTube, and the links are always
down in the description. Next to that subscribe button, hint hint. Like a lot of tech folks, I run most of my personal and
work life on Google products, with all of my email going
either through Gmail or Inbox, my schedule on Google Calendar, and text and calls
handled by Google Voice. Yep, that’s a lot of data
going to Mountain View. And if you’re weirded out by how deeply Google has seeped into our digital lives, I can’t blame you one bit. If I need to send an
email or draft a script outside of the Google ecosystem, I use Microsoft Outlook and Word, holdovers from my days on Windows Phone. And even before those days, I got hooked on using
Evernote on my Palm Pre for all the little memos that
I take throughout the day. I just realized I’ve been using the same note taking app for seven years. That’s crazy. I do a lot of walking, and when I do, I keep my ears happy with three apps. TuneIn can stream any radio station that also broadcasts on the web. WBR and WEARS are my
local Boston favorites. Spotify gives me all
the music I can handle for $10 a month. When I’m writing or
reading in Amazon Kindle, that means instrumental music from bands like Alphawezen or Ratatat. For rainy days of introspection,
I still love Pinback and TV on the Radio. And when I’m craving talk
over tunes, Pocket Casts is my go-to source for Star Trek podcasts, tech shows, nonfiction, comedy, and whatever Mobile Nations
is kicking out this week. Sometimes I listen to
those in the background while playing a game. – Let’s play Global Thermonuclear War. – [Computer] Fine. – [Mr. Mobile] In my
reviews, you’ll often see graphics-heavy titles like Asphalt 8, but my favorites tend to be a lot tamer. Smash Hit and Sparkle 2 for mind-numbing, the Room series for mind-stretching. And, for a little thoughtful perspective, indie titles like A Normal Lost Phone and Opus: The Day We Found Earth. To keep me moving, I
play a lot of Ingress, the Pokemon Go predecessor
that takes me on rambling tours around town. And when I’m on a plane, I
take my mind off turbulence by playing Sky Gamblers: Air Supremacy. The bumpier the real flight, the more fun the virtual one. Oh, and I get a lot of questions
about my wallpapers too, most of which come from two
apps: Backdrops and Wallrox. Back in the work department,
it’s kind of amazing how much of Mr. Mobile I
can manage from my phone. When I need a new video
thumbnail from the graphics team, I submit the raw materials through an app called Trello, which is also where my
production schedule lives. On the YouTube side,
Google has a great app called the Creator Studio, which has a lot of helpful tools for managing a YouTube channel. When I need to transfer files from my phone to a computer and I don’t wanna dig out a cable, I use AirDroid to do it wirelessly. To keep my browsing secure
on public Wifi networks, I use a VPN called TunnelBear. And when I need to find
out more about the hardware a certain phone is running, or what network it’s operating on, I use AIDA64 and Signal Spy. Then there’s the apps
I use to stay mobile. Boston Bus Map lets me know when the next subway is due, Hotel Tonight gets me a room when I find myself on a
short-notice press trip, and then there’s Zipcar,
Maven, Uber, and Lyft for all my car service needs. Lastly, when I wanna change the look of everything about my phone, Nova is my launcher of choice. I’m not much of a custom
ROM or rooting dude, so Nova is really accessible and easy to figure out. That’s every Android phone, by the by. I only carry an iPhone a
few weeks out of the year, and a big reason for that is because I feel so restricted in
what I can do on an iPhone. I carry Android because I can change almost anything about it. And because when I get tired of one phone, I can just jump right into another. I mean, it’s Android that’s
made it possible for me to say, in 2017, that I carry a Blackberry. For a nostalgia junkie like myself, it almost doesn’t get any better, with the exception of the
last app on the list, Timehop. You get a notification every day to see what you posted
on this day a year ago, or a decade ago. Just be sure and be ready
to laugh at yourself. Here’s a little appendix
for you hardcore fans who stick around to the end. You’re gonna start
seeing a familiar sponsor on my videos in the next few weeks. I know, some of you might be
sick of hearing about dbrand, because they’re, well, everywhere. But I’m working with
them for three reasons. One, I’ve done it before,
back at Pocket Now, and so we already have
a good relationship. Two, they actually make a solid product that’s relevant to many of you. And three, frankly, making Mr.
Mobile videos is not cheap. Check out the last How Mr.
Mobile Works installment to see why that is. So, let’s make a deal: I’ll try to keep the sponsor shots short, and I’ll try to keep them
relevant and interesting to you. In return, I’d appreciate
your understanding, as I do my best to keep
the channel healthy. Thanks in advance. Thanks for watching, and
stay mobile, my friends.

100 thoughts on “What’s On MrMobile’s Phone?”

  1. Man, you've come a long way since PocketNow, i'm glad about how things have turned out for the best and how your reviews have kept the honesty and objectivity intact in all of your videos.

    You have one more follower. keep up the good work 🙂

  2. I've 'de-branded' my last 2 phones with dbrand, I highly recommend it. If you can make money doing that, go for it. (I don't like their crude, rude advertizing, so your thoughtful and relevent advertising is welcome)

  3. I feel sorry for Apple users sometimes because you're stuck with the same platform that's been used for 8 years when Android change every month.

  4. Honestly, Micheal Fisher is my favorite person to listen to about literally anything in the tech world, honest opinions, very transparent and has a nice voice for it all!
    I use to watch pocketnow strictly for him! When he left I was sad but still followed him, then when he got his own channel I was ecstatic! From the VERY first video he's put up I've enjoyed every second of every video! Love the sponsorship bit cause it's always relevant to tech and he gets help from somewhere with the youtube ad armageddon right now.

  5. Add more sponsors if you get.. We don't mind a bit, as long as we get more videos.. You sir is a gem..

  6. you are the best Michael.
    Love and support from Greece.
    keep it mobile

    ps. since you mentioned pocket now.. you were the reason I followed them. so well done for making your own channel

  7. hey Michael thanks for sharing… you use any travel apps such as google trips or tripit? I figured since you guys seem to travel a fair amount that you might. thanks

  8. I have a lot of respect for you most people don’t care about what sponsors they have on their channel this is long as they have a lot of sponsors keep up the good work thank you

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  10. Your every video is unpredictably different than any other tech channel. And i love it. Sticks out from the bunch and always feels fresh. Thanks for your and your team’s hard work!

  11. Hi Mike totally appreciate you getting Dbrand on board. As a fan, I would always like YouTubers to keep doing well. And for that I'm not going to morally police you guys. That's wrong on a followers part, no? Best wishes man. I've always loved your content. Keep growing!

  12. You out of all the tech channels out there is who i view daily. there's a special touch about your videos. god i wish i could work with you on some collabs one day.

  13. Your production value feels very high in every video. Great script as well! Loved your honesty about sponsorship. So let the sponsors come!

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