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What’s on my iPhone 7 Plus?

What’s on my iPhone 7 Plus?

– Hey guys, how’s it going? It’s Justine, and today we are doing an extremely highly requested video. This is a what’s on my iPhone 7 Plus. I thought I had done one of these, but I guess I haven’t. And probably the reason why is I had recently reset my phone, so when I went to do this video, I had nothing on my phone. I had over 35,000 photos and videos, so I backed that up, I deleted everything and I started over and started fresh, and now my phone is running so fast. Legit, like brand new. We’ll just start from the top. I’ve got my calendar, my clock, my notes and my app store. My Apple Maps and Google Maps, my settings, Twitter, Facebook, phone, YouTube, which is very important. We’ve got the YouTube Studio app, which is basically made for creators. It allows you to go in. You’ve got your dashboard,
videos, analytics. We’ve got Instagram, if you wanna follow me on Instagram. It’s iJustine. Clips, this is a super cool video I made. I made a video about this before. It’s Apple’s kind of simple solution to creating cool little square clips. Snapchat, follow me, iJustine. I’ve got Spotify, we’ve got my Gmail, and Snow! Have you guys used Snow? Because if you haven’t, hop on it right now and
follow your girl, iJustine. This is actually me. Am I an egg right now? Am I a fried egg? Swarm, it’s kind of a
location check-in place. It used to be called ForestWare, but then Swarm broke off of
ForestWare and became Swarm. Best Fiends, and full disclosure, this video is sponsored by Best Fiends, and here is something that is so crazy. I have had so many of my friends do videos about Best Fiends. I’ve had some of my friends in the commercial for Best Fiends, and just recently, they
send me an email said hey, why don’t you check out this game, see what you think, and if you’re interested, let us know. If you guys have been around for a while, these types of games, where you do the swiping
and color-matching thing, it’s my weakness. With these types of games, I know myself, and I know that if I’m super busy, I need to like set some sort of parental restrictions on my phone, ’cause I know all I’m gonna
wanna do is play this. And I just started playing it this week. So they just launched today, or yesterday, depending on when you’re watching this, basically, the slugs go to bootcamp. They have this super cute animation. It’s kind of like a little digital short. They’ve got some incredible voice actors. Kate Walsh, the mom from 13 Reasons Why, they have Mark freakin’ Hamill. Like, this looks like it
could have been a film, like a full movie. I bet you that they are probably going to be doing a movie, and if they’re not, this is a great idea for you guys. I’m gonna offer that to you, and if you need a voice, let me be a voice! Let me be a slug! Are there any blonde slugs in this? ‘Cause if there’s not, I’m your girl. Oh my god, that’d be so cool. Please, I wanna be a voice. Is this how I get a job? Do I just ask for it? Here we go, we just do a little of this. I just got back from Yosemite, and this is where I started playing it. So as we’re like driving
through this beautiful scenery, I’m like sitting in the
back seat just like, meep, meep. So this is it. It’s kind of like a little puzzle game. You match the things. It’s free to play. I also have a link in the description where you guys can get four dollars worth of diamonds and gold. I need to be more strategic. The T and the bomb went off! I only have six moves left, and I have to defeat two
more slugs, I can do it. Oh my gosh, that’s an incredible move. High five. Let’s see, okay, I’m level 44. I just connected to this to my Facebook, so this is great. So I can see where my friends are. There’s Jenna. Is that Lamar? It is, oh my gosh! Lamar is ahead of me! Oh no, I’m staying up all night, Lamar! I’m not gonna be letting you beat me. So, moving on. We’ve got the Penguins app, which hello, I’m from Pittsburgh. I am Penguins-proud, and I am hoping that my Pens win the Stanley Cup this year. This is taking a lot longer to go through a few apps than I thought. You’ve got the DJI GO 4 app, which is very important
if you have a Mavic drone, or one of the Phantom Fours, because this is the app that you would use to do that. Let’s see what I’ve been droning about. Oh, wow, this is when I was
flying with the DGI Goggles. Starbucks, very, very important, and it’s very near and dear to my heart. We’ve got the Amazon app, something that I use a lot. There’s also a Prime Now, which is right next to that, and that’s something that
is not in all cities. But in bigger cities, it
allows you to basically order things within an hour. Sonos, that allows me to basically control the music all throughout my house. I have different speakers, and they all connect to wifi. So I can play music wherever
I have a Sonos speaker. Um, Chicken, yell, Chicken Scream. I forgot what that one was called. Yeah, Chicken Scream. It’s crazy, it’s basically
like Flappy Bird, but you control it with your voice. Postmates, that’s also
something that’s very important, ’cause if I didn’t have it, I would be starving. Hue, this is cool. So I’ll show you, I can change the color of my lights. I think this is the one that I had. Yeah, that looks good! Spring blossom, no, I
like this Arctic aurora. We’re gonna keep that one. YouTube TV, this is pretty cool. It’s also not in all areas, but you can watch live television through this subscription. This is just all live TV shows. Next, we have Caffeine. This is actually isn’t even out yet, so if you guys want to check it out, it’s Caffeine.TV. I’ve been working with them for a while. They do really, really awesome low latency live
streaming for video games. So instant that it actually blows my mind. Like the first time that
they showed me a demo. I was like, you gotta show me that again. Mentions, that’s like Facebook’s
app for verified users. We’ve got Nest, we’ve got the Facebook Messenger, OpenTable, that’s what I use to make restaurant reservations. The INDYCAR series app. So the Indi500 is actually this weekend, and I’m so sad that I’m not there. I went for the past two years. Best of luck to everyone this weekend. I wish you all well and be safe! Gosh, racing is so dangerous. Credit Wise, Capital One. I use that to check my credit, ’cause, you know what? Something that my parents told me ever since I was very, very young, is how important credit is, and I didn’t listen. Then we’ve got Facetune, and I think is what a lot
of the beauty vloggers use to get their perfect, glowing complexion. But mostly what I use, I like to have very white
backgrounds in my pictures. So for example, I’ll use this, what you’re supposed to
use to whiten your teeth, and I will use this to whiten backgrounds of my Instagram photos. Uber. ♪ I’m gonna Uber everywhere ♪ You’ve got Audible. If you guys have any
good Audible suggestions of books for me to listen to, leave those in the comments below. Southwest, because I travel a lot. Play Memories app, this is actually an app by Sony, and I use that to get
photos off of my camera. This is my Extras folder. I’ve got my Compass, Tips, Voice Memos, Contacts, Find Friends, Find iPhone,
Numbers, iMovie, Pages. Basically all of the things that Apple just automatically
throws on your phone, so I gave them their
own folder of nonsense. Calculator, I’ll look. This is really all I want. Tumblr! Furbo is actually so cool. I have an unboxing video
of this coming out. It’s a dog treat dispenser and a webcam, and it’s so cool. And Francesca got it
for me for my birthday. So very, very soon that
will be on my channel. FedEx app, so that I can
know when I have packages. Ring, it’s a doorbell. People ring, and then I
can get it on my phone. Apple Store, we’ve got
the Period Plus app, which I don’t think I need to
go into any detail about that. Soothe, this is an app that you can get on demand massages to your house. Yeah! JetBlue, I fly JetBlue a lot when I’m going to New York, and I’ve been spending a
lot of time there recently. So, that is been coming in quite handy. Dropbox, for storing files. Juno is also another Uber type app. I’ve also used that a lot in New York. Sun Seeker, this app is really cool. It’ll show you where the sun is, and it will show you
where the sun will be. So if you’re outside filming, it’s so cool to be able to say, oh, hm, if I wait 20 minutes, the sun will actually
be behind that building and we can get our shot. These next few apps are ones that I have for future videos that
I’m doing with Doctor Oz. ResMind, it’s like a sleep tracker thing. It’s kind of cool. It also comes with a sleep
tracker for your bedside, more about that later. These next few are meditation apps. I’ve only done Headspace before. When I was doing the
consistent daily meditation, I felt so good. Like, I’m not just being
crazy and saying that. Like, I did, and I need
to start doing it again. Breathe and Calm. I haven’t tried those ones yet. But Headspace was so great. We’ve got Yelp for food reviews and restaurant recommendations. Live Solo, a live streaming app. Blippar, this one is pretty insane. It’s like an augmented reality app, but it like finds things, and it like knows what they are. Here’s what’s also very scary. It just found me. Okay, it thinks I’m wearing
fur clothes, but I’m not. Blonde, like look at this. Look at the things that it’s saying. Can you believe, it saw my face, and it knew who I was. We’ve got Washos, which is a company that does on-demand car washes. Yeah, that’s a thing. SoundCloud, VSCO Cam, which is great, it’s just a really super intense kind of photo editing app, which I feel like everybody,
who’s a photographer, or anybody who’s anybody, uses this. And last but not least, we’ve got Saucey, which is an alcohol delivery app. I feel like if you live in a big city, you can do everything from
the palm of your hand. Do you want food? Do you want drink? Massage? I guess last but not least is this bottom, which you guys have been
seeing the whole time. We’ve got Messages, Mail,
Safari and my camera. So that’s what was on my iPhone 7 Plus. I hope you guys enjoyed it. Let me know if you guys
have a favorite app or any games or anything else that you guys think that I should try out. Leave those in the comments below, and I will see you in the next video. I think I’m losing my voice. We shot like six videos today, this is like my seventh one. I’m exhausted. Man, have I got some
cool stuff for you guys coming up in the next few weeks. Like, some of the craziest
stuff I’ve ever done on my channel will be on my channel! So great, I’ll see you later. Stay tuned, it’s gonna be fun! (upbeat funky music)

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