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What’s on my original iPhone?

What’s on my original iPhone?

– Hey guys, it’s Justine! I’m very excited because today, you may recognize this! This is the original iPhone! The first generation. This is the eight gigabyte model. I did an unboxing of this fairly recently and it was sealed, unopened. I got it from eBay. A lot of you were
speculating on the price, but I’ll just leave that
up to your imaginations. Whatever it was that I paid
or it was 100% worth it! This phone specifically, has
a lot of sentimental value because this phone
represents a time in my life where basically I was
just trying to figure out what I was going to do,
with the rest of my life. At least in the near term future, now going on 11 years of
making YouTube videos. 12 actually! (gasps) I just recently had my
12 year YouTube anniversary! That’s crazy! But long story short, a
lot of things happened because of this phone, and
this phone inspired me so much to keep creating content. And it’s also because of this
phone, a video I created, that I’m sure many of you have seen, and if you haven’t seen it, it’s okay. It was the iPhone bill video. I’ve talked about it before, but this was one of
those videos where people actually saw it and not just saw it in my immediate fan-base or my friends and family, it was something
that was all around the world. And for me, being made
fun of for making videos on the internet, which is totally fine because there was clearly something to making all those
weird videos on the internet. But it gave me this realization
that what I was doing was actually something
and it was important and it was the future, so I
kept doing it and here I am, many many years later. So all in all, the reason that you’re here is because you wanna see this phone. I just so happened to be
going to the Apple Store to get my iPhone X fixed. I’m having a bunch of camera
issues, so they replaced the camera and while I was
there, I was just like hey, so, I got this original iPhone. I was making like this quick
little Instagram video, thinking that it wasn’t
actually gonna work. Okay, we are on a
mission, and that mission is to get this iPhone
to work but no promises. But my hopes are very high. Now here I am, telling you
the story of what exactly happened at the Apple Store,
to get this phone to work. So what was happening was iTunes wasn’t recognizing this phone. So, what my friend did at the Apple Store, thank you Dakota, you’re
the absolute best! While my phone was getting
fixed, he was like this is easy, all we gotta do is force it
into recovery mode and download whatever the last version
of iOS this would support. Look at this, look at this! Oh you sweet status bar! What’s gonna happen? My phone has been restored! Okay, I’m freaking out! Something’s happening and
I’m so sorry for filming this video in vertical. Oh no, what’s that mean? Oh no! – [Dakota] Let’s see if it
recognizes it in a second. There you go. Oh yeah!
– Oh my! I’m freaking out! You guys don’t understand, oh my goodness! – [Dakota] Look at this home screen man. – I’m trying really hard not to cry. – Don’t cry!
– No! I think it’s all zoomed in! I’m sorry, I’m freaking out. That’s my first picture! – [Dakota] That’s cool. – Okay, I’m having a moment. My first picture that I took. Wow, look at this!
– It’s insane. – This is something that I did not think was gonna happen today. And here it is, it’s officially setup. I’m so excited, stay tuned
’cause we’re gonna make some really fun videos with this. So the version of iOS that this ended up installing was version 3.1.3. I was really hoping to get
the first 1.0 version of iOS but honestly, just being able to get this thing to work is super exciting. It’s also kind of interesting
because I’m not really able to login to any of my email accounts because I use two-step authentication. So every time that I enter my password, it says it’s the wrong password. I’m like no, the password’s right but it doesn’t actually
know how to authenticate. The way you sign in now,
it’ll open up a browser, it’ll say enter your
password and then it’ll say the two-step authentication and then you enter your phone number. But it didn’t quite work so well on here. Also what’s interesting is, let’s see if we can surf to a new website. Say hello to the future. Oh my goodness it’s so slow. It could be my WiFi or
it could be this phone. Come on, let’s go, you can do it, or is that the end of the page. That’s definitely not the end of the page. Giant step for iPhone. That’s quite the scroll. If you guys recall, you
couldn’t even copy and paste in the first version of iOS. But here’s notepad, listen to that. You actually can select
all, copy and paste. There also wasn’t an App Store, so downloading apps was just not a thing, like that was just not
something that happened. Whatever came pre-installed
was what you had. I remember the work around was people were creating HTML5 apps. So essentially, you would go to a website and that would kind of be your app. One of the things that I did try in the Apple Store was I wanted
to watch a YouTube video. I was like, let’s watch a YouTube
video on the first iPhone, in the Apple Store, the second that I got this thing activated. Spoiler alert, it didn’t work! Oh my gosh, YouTube isn’t available, so it’s not gonna work, I’m so upset. This is what the YouTube app looked like. It came pre-installed on everything. But, that’s what happened. This is the first picture
that is on my iPhone. It’s probably one of
the worst pictures ever, but I think it really does
encompass a lot of my feelings. I was quite surprised, especially because I had zero expectations and I didn’t think this was gonna work. Here’s the second photo that I took, just a picture of the Apple Store. So here are the pictures
in high resolution. Surprisingly, the photo quality
is actually not that bad. I mean, it’s not that great. I was also thinking,
wow wouldn’t it be cool to do a video test, but there was no video on the first iPhone. (scoffs) I think there were some sort of apps, if I do remember correctly,
they did sort of capture video. It was basically just kind of taking a screen recording of your camera screen. Correct me if I’m wrong,
but I vaguely remember that. So heres the App Store, I
haven’t tried to load this yet, so let’s see what happens. It doesn’t look like it’s loading. (gasps) It loaded! Okay wait, I’m not gonna be
able to use an AR app on here. Let’s see if there’s
something I can download, let’s see if I can
download the Starbucks app. No! How will I get my coffee? So what’s crazy is that I
can’t really do much on here because there isn’t any actual service. So the 2G network is not
supported any longer on AT&T. I really can only do things on WiFi. Since there’s no iMessage,
I can’t actually send any messages at all. You can only send text
messages through a carrier. I can’t make a phone call,
there’s no WiFi calling. Nope, call failed. See here’s the messages,
can’t do anything. Okay let’s go through the apps. Here’s the calender,
IJHQ, this is not focused. I’m gonna be very upset if it’s not! Let’s go into Photos, see
what the Photo app looks like. I now have three photos, me super excited, the Apple Store, me filming this video. So heres what the share
function looks like. You can email the photo,
assign to contact, use as wallpaper. So we did YouTube already, but
obviously nothing happened. Let’s try stocks, looking mediocre. Maps, it’s kind of crazy
because Google Maps came pre-installed on here. So let’s zoom in, see where we can go. Arkansas, hello, anybody
from Arkansas, shout out! Weather. Voice memos, let’s try this out. Hello, hi! Play. Hi, hello? Hey, what’s up? Next we have notes,
just type some nonsense. Clock. ♪ No alarms and no surprises ♪ Calculator, oh, riveting,
looks the same actually. Here’s our settings. Apple Store, oh what’s this. Oh, I wonder if I can sign in, its not gonna make a difference
’cause I can’t do anything. iTunes, let’s take a look at this. (upbeat music) Oh, it quit. We already saw the App
Store, so let’s take a look at what the contacts looks like, I don’t have any contacts, boo-hoo. Mail, I tried to setup mail
but it wouldn’t let me. Safari, we saw what that looked like. And iPod, I don’t have any music, so sad. This is also another crazy
thing, I find it very strange, I know when people say
things like oh the universe, the universe, it works in mysterious ways, I say it because it really, really does. I was in San Francisco and I went to MoMA and they had this display where
it was made in California, so obviously they had a whole
display of Apple products. Of course I went in, I
was making some videos and taking pictures, you guys may have seen my Instagram story, if not, I will add a highlight
so you guys can check it out. This was one of those moments,
which happens all too often, it makes you think how did I
happen to be at this moment at this time for this
specific thing to happen. I was making an Instagram
video of these three sketches and I was like this is awesome, these sketches are sketching out what a mouse will be and how it will work. So it basically was the prequel to the mouse that we know today. These illustrations were done in 1983 and it just so happened that the guy who did those illustrations,
also just happened to stop by to see the display! And I didn’t believe him at first, what are the odds of this! And then I’m just like freaking
out because I don’t think he had any idea of what
a huge Apple fan I was. So he was like no, I really
did do this and his friend that was with him said yeah, he did this! He told me some really cool stories about creating those
sketches and stuff like that. But it was definitely an
extremely memorable moment. I just wanted to leave
you guys with a little bit of that video because it was a
really special moment for me. Mostly just because of
how the universe works, how random occurrences like that happen and it really is crazy that you never know who you’re gonna meet. I don’t even know how to explain
this, but this is just one of the crazy things that happen in life. So I’m just sitting here looking at these incredible sketches here, admiring one of these
prototypes of the Apple mouse and of course, one of my
most favorite computers ever. And the guy who did these
sketches just walks up– – [Man] In the year of your birth. – [Justine] What year was this? – 1983. – So 1983, so a year before I was born. So I mean, how does it feel to be here and just kind of seeing your sketches? – Well that’s a fair thing to ask, I mean it’s sort of like old friends and the thing is, none of
you will ever be this old, you kinda go, first thing
is have I done anything of consequence since. That means, in sketching, when you’re not happy with your sketch, you’re really happy with
the fact and honored that they’ve been displayed, and you’re wondering
what should I do next. – I mean, this is incredible though. Really, this is so awesome. I just can’t believe it,
I’m kind of in shock. I didn’t even believe him, he had to get his driver’s license out, don’t show them, don’t show them! And he put it right next to his name here, so that I would believe it and I did. This is so cool, thank you so
much for sharing your story with me, this is so cool, anything else you wanna share about these? – Just thank you Justine
for passing it along. Beautiful.
– This is amazing! Okay well thank you guys
so much for watching, I really appreciate it
and I appreciate you guys who may have been here all
this time, who may be new. It’s really cool just to sort of see the evolution of technology. I’ve been able to document
so much of it over the course of my lifetime and it’s amazing just to be able to still do
this and share it with you guys. I’ll have some more fun
videos coming up soon. So if you guys aren’t already subscribed, please do so ’cause I just
found an old laptop from 2007! This was the computer that I
started my YouTube career on. So I look forward to showing
you guys that because wow! I turned that on and I’m like
I need to do a reaction video to some of the things that I found! Crazy, (yells) I’m so excited! Again, thank you, I’ll see you later. Subscribe, hit the bell,
like this video or don’t. Do whatever you wanna do, I’m out! I gotta go edit this now
’cause I’m so excited. (upbeat music)

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