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What’s On My Phone Game! / AllAroundAudrey

What’s On My Phone Game! / AllAroundAudrey

(light country music) – Hi guys, it’s Audrey and– – Jordan, from JustJordan33. – And today we’re going to be playing the game what’s on your phone? And some of you may recognize this from our $10 Target challenge
that we posted recently. And basically this is a game that we found at Target for only a dolla. – A dolla. – But we had to change some things on here to make it more fun and
fitting for the video. So there’s a bunch of categories on it and all things pertain
to things on your phone. Say you recently texted your best friend, you would get 10 points for that. – Oh. – So we’re gonna go through this list and show you some of the
things that are on our phones while counting up the points
and then we’ll see who wins. – Oh. – This should be interesting. And pretty fun, so let’s go. Alright, what’s on your phone? Oh, dun, dun, dun. – Let’s start off with the first one which is for every contact you have that begins with the letter G, you get one point. (Jordan cheers) – Okay, let’s see. – Letter G. – Okay, so under my category I have one, two, three, four, five, six. And these are the people
that are under mine. My grandma, my grandpa, a girl from my church, a group chat, a school club, and then the same school club, but with a different number, so I guess it’s a different year. – Okay. My contacts are my friend, my other friend, my grandma, my grandpa, and a school club. – So how many do you have? – I have five. – Oh, so I guess I get six points, you get five points. Let’s put it on our charts. – Five points, that
was a close one though. You had one more than me. – Yeah, I know. – One more. – The next one is you get a point for every social media app. – Yes. – We have about the same. – I think I have more than you. – I got one, two, three, four, five, six. – Okay, I have one, two,
three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10. I have 10. – What? These are my social medias, Pinterest, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Snapchat, and Musically. – These are my social medias. I’ve got Youtube, Musically, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter, Facebook, Bored Panda, Popjam, and Flipagram. – Wow, do you use them daily? – Lots of them. I try, but I kinda fail. (laughs) – Alright, so tally your points. Okay, you get a point for
every selfie taken this month. This is January fourth, so you better have some
selfies in January girl. – Oh, yeah wait, it’s the new year. Oh it’s like the beginning of a new month, I probably don’t have
very many selfies then. I was gonna say I have a lot, because when I take a selfie
I take like 50 selfies because you need to have the perfect one and each little picture is different. So I have like 50. – I don’t have any, I just have screenshots of things. – I don’t think I have any for 2017. Let’s see. – 2017 guys. – Oh my gosh, I don’t
think I have any for 2018. – It’s just like when you write
2017 on your school papers. I’ve been doing that all day. I’m like no, 2018, not 2017. – Yeah, I only have one
picture from this year. – Yeah, and that’s a collage. (laughter) – I don’t have any selfies from this year. – All we have is this and
that was on Saturday, too. This is not even this year. I’ve got none. – Alright, now let’s move on
to the five pointer round. The first one is you get five points if you have the weirdest app. – Oh, you’re gonna win. – No, okay so I do a
lot of weird app videos, but after the videos
I just delete the apps because I mean I’m not gonna
use them if they’re not fun. So I probably don’t have like a crazy one. – I don’t really have any crazy ones. – I don’t have like any fun apps. I don’t have any games. I recently deleted a bunch of games. The craziest one I have
is My Hospital. (laughs) – I have that one too. (laughs) – Here’s My Hospital, it’s like a little game on your phone. And basically you try to treat patients. – So the games that I have are Spyfall, My Hospital, Little
Pocket Animal Crossing, I forgot what it’s called. (laughter) – Little Pocket Animal Crossing. I recently deleted that one. – And Psyche. – Oh, I have Psyche too I think. – So I’d say my most weirdest one is either My Hospital or
Pocket Camp Animal crossing. – Those aren’t even weird though. – Yeah, I don’t really
have any weird apps. – Zero points. Alright, you get five points
if your ringtone is a song. – No. – I had it before, like my alarm was a song. The Iphone comes with
these weird built-in songs that they giveaway for free. But I don’t have one
that’s currently a song. I don’t have, let’s check. – If you guys know how you can get a song to be your ringtone
or anything like that, tell me in the comments. Because I really want to put songs as my ringtone on my alarm, but all I have is sounds. – Call me and let’s check. ’cause I’m pretty sure I
just have the basic one, but I dunno could be a song. – Call Big Bunny Gucchi Boy. (laughter) – [Suri] I don’t understand, because I’m pretty sure
to set the basic one, but I don’t know the song
called Big Bunny Gucchi Boy. (laughter) – Gucchi Boy. ’cause you were talking when
I was trying to talk to her. Call Big Bunny Gucchi Boy. – (laughs) Why is my name– – [Suri] Calling Big Bunny Gucchi Boy. – Gucchi Boy. – Gucchi Boy. (ringing) – It’s a song. – No, it’s not. That is a ringtone. (Jordan sings) – So is your voice– – There is that song that’s, it’s like the remix of it. – I’m sorry. (singing) – Yeah. (singing) (laughter) – My pleasure. – My pleasure. Okay, zero points. We’re failing this category. – Oh, man. – Five points if your
alarm is already set. Mine is probably not. – I set it every night. – Me too. – I should just have it on automatic. – I know. No, you cannot set it. – Yes, it’s on. Guys, let me show you my alarms. – It’s so sad. – This is me every morning. I wake up at 6:20, but I have to set one every five minutes just in case if I don’t wake up, you know? – There’s two types of
people in this world. The Jordan and then the me. I set one alarm for 6:15a.m. I have a bunch of alarms on right now, because those are all the times I’ve had to wake up at different times like travel or school. – Yeah, and you don’t clear them. – Yeah, I don’t clear it, but I always wake up at 6:15a.m. And then I get up and wake up Jordan. – And she turns on my light and
normally I go back to sleep. And so I set my alarm for five minutes after Audrey wakes me up. That way I can still wake up. – And if she doesn’t
wake up on that alarm, she has five other ones. – Yes. – We didn’t set our alarms so zero points. 10 point category. 10 points if you recently texted your BFF. – Let’s see. – So I texted my best friend, Ellie. – And I texted my friend and I said, hey, did we have German homework? (laughs) Looks like we both get points. 10 points for us. – 10 points if you have no unread emails. It depends, ’cause I have like 20 email accounts. Are we doing all the accounts combined or like one account? – The account that’s currently
programmed on your phone. – I have no unread emails then. – Really? – It’s my college Gmail account. (laughs) yes, I get 10 points. – Mines my personal and I still have 25 emails I haven’t read. So looks like no points for me. – Okay, and then the
last one in this category is 10 points if you have three or more of your contacts with funny nicknames. Well I know Jordan’s Big Bunny Gucchi Boy. – Now the story behind that name is a really long story so we’re just, yeah, I’m Big Bunny Gucchi Boy. – Yeah, everyone comment
that in the comments. (Audrey laughs) Big Bunny Gucchi Boy. That’s sounds serious. – Say it to Siri again, we gotta listen. – Call Big Bunny Gucchi Boy. – [Siri] Calling Big Bunny Gucchi Boy. – Gucchi Boy. – I have our uncle Brycie Poo. (laughter) So that’s my second one. – Why? – I don’t know, that’s when I was like 14. – See what’s really funny is about all of my are the exact names. – Oh and Dad is Destruction Dad, I got it. – I literally have zero funny names, like they’re all the exact names. The closest thing that
I have to a funny name is Siri still thinks
that my name is Annie. And I don’t know why. Like she always thought I was Jordan until one day I woke up and she just started calling me Annie. (laughter) And so now I’m Annie. – Okay, 15 points. 15 points if your screen is not cracked. – Oh my goodness, I’m actually
getting a point this round. – Okay, yeah so we got screen
replacements for Christmas and I was gonna get mine replaced, but I haven’t done it yet. Jordan has. Right up in the corners it’s cracked and across the whole screen. – And mine is fresh and brand new. Wow. – It was cracked though before. – It was a tiny bit cracked. Not as much as yours though. – True. – Just a tiny bit at the edges. – Okay, 15 points if one of
your contacts is titled BFF. – Well, I already know that that’s not gonna give me any points, nope. – I’m gonna see if I have
like a subtitle as BFF. I don’t think so, but. – I literally, I just put
in their exact name so. – Oh, Ellie’s name is Wall Licker. (laughter) It’s ’cause in our video and my, I don’t remember, but– – Oh, the sleepover. – Yeah, it was the teen sleepover party. We did a dare and she had to lick the wall and so now she’s the Wall Licker. – She licked the wall. She actually did it, it was crazy. – I don’t think I have any. – Zero points for us both. – Zero points. 15 points if your
wallpaper is your bestie. If you count Stranger
Things as my bestie, then. I’ve got the Stranger Things lock case, it says run. And then on my main page
I have Stranger Things, but it’s like them riding off into the distance on their little bikes. – I have a very plain lock screen, ’cause I used to have it
where it was Stranger Things, but now it’s just a bunch of clouds. – Now it’s just a bunch of clouds. – Yeah, and I would have gotten a point because my background was my bestie, it was Logan, our dog. It was our dog, but then I recently switched it because every single– – Traitor. – I’ve never switched it, it’s always been Logan, but I decided to go with a fox. – Wow, she’s a traitor to the animal kind. – ’cause I like foxes a lot and so I decided to go with a fox. Unless you consider a fox my best friend? I mean, I’ve never met one, but What Does the Fox Say
is a pretty good song. – Okay, 20 points round. You get 20 points if you’re following more than 10 Youtubers on social media. – Like a boss. Wait, on social media? Does Youtube count? ’cause I win. – Let’s do Instagram. If you’re following more than 10 on Insta. – Oh, I don’t know. – I’m following so many people, I’m following almost
400 people on Istagram so let’s go. One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, searching, searching, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33,34, 35,3637,38,39, 40, 43, 44,45, I’m counting all of them. – Audrey has like more than 50
people that she’s following. – I’m only following 12. – What? – Well– – 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, – Oh my goodness. – So 20 points for me. – 20 points for me too
’cause I got over 10. – (laughs) Okay. 20 points if you have a crazy
picture of someone else. Easy. – Of someone else? Let’s find a picture of Audrey
where she’s being weird. – Oh, picture of Jordan, plenty of those. – ’cause we have lots of each other where we’re being super weird. – I gotta go back to the olden days. – Oh you’re gonna go back to when I was like five years old? – Here’s a picture of Jordan when she was so tiny, how old were you? – I don’t know, I don’t even now. – 12 maybe? I don’t know. – I can find lots of… Oh, the cat puke that was
in the store. (laughs) – Ew. – I took a picture of this cat puke that I found in the store, I dunno. I dunno why I took the picture honestly. I thought it was funny. – Gross. – I thought it was weird
and so I took the picture. Hey, I found a picture not of Audrey, but of somebody else. It’s Dad. And that is the picture. Wow, yes. – Alright, 20 points if
your battery is 60% or more. – Oh come on, it’s like
the end of the day. – I’m at, dun, dun, dun, dun, dun, 41%. – And I’m proud to say
that I’m at 65%. (laughs) – How? – It’s like the end of the day. It’s ’cause low power mode. – I need to do that. – It makes it that way so you can save your battery like all day, it’s amazing. So I get points, you get zero. Sorry. – Alright, 25 points. This is the last section. 25 points if your phone case is gold. This is my phone case, we got new phone cases for Christmas. But, before Christmas I
actually did have a gold case. So I feel like I should get pity points, like a few pity points. – No. – Like okay, five pity points, please? – Then I get pity points too, because I’ll explain. This is my new phone case
that I got for Christmas. It may look gold on screen, but it’s actually rose gold. – It’s pink. – So it doesn’t count. But I must say before Christmas I had a see through case with
a pop socket that was gold. – A pop socket. – It was gold. – 25 points if you have over 1,000 photos. – Oh, easy. – I hope I do. I mean in my lifetime, definitely, but on my phone? Oh, 2,386 to be precise. – Oh I just made it over. 1,766 photos. So we both get points. – And last one, 25 points if you wrote something into your calendar. So far this year. – Did I? – I do have something
written into the calendar, I have a few birthdays. – Back in the month of December, I had German Christmas
caroling written down. – Did you go to that? – No, because unfortunately it was really busy that day so we couldn’t go, but I wrote it down just in case. – That was last month though. – But that was last month, so I say give 10 pity points for me. – Okay, let’s tally up our points. I got 147 points. – I got 140 points. – How did you get only 140? – I don’t know. – Alright, so that’s it for today’s video. We hope you guys enjoyed it and if you did give it a big thumbs up. Also, comment down below what is the color of your phone case? Or pattern if you have a pattern. – Or do you have a phone case? – Do you? Or are you living the crazy
life without a phone case? – A rebel. (girls make spooky noise) – Also subscribe if you haven’t already. Turn the button from a red to gray and hit the bell icon to be notified whenever I post a video. We’ll see you guys next time. Bye.
– Bye. (light music)

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  1. You have to download the song, then go to your phone app and choose the contact you want to put the ring tone on. You press edit and press the ringtone settings. Go to downloads and you will see the downloaded song. Press the song and press any buttons that you need to to verify it.

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