100 thoughts on “What’s On Our iPhone 11!”

  1. I have my iPhone’s home screen all organized in folders and everything in the first page. I usually open them by touching the folder then the app because I remember where everything is. Although I use the search bar from time to time too.
    Enjoy the holidays! 🥳

  2. I am a new iPhone user and I’m loving the 11 Pro Max! You and Justine were a big reason for me switching. Love your videos Jenna. Stay sweet. ❤️

  3. Love it when you do a video together! And the amount of pages on your iPhone gives me anxiety I literally have all my apps on one page in folders 😏 haha 😂

  4. I have my apps in folders ie shopping in shopping, social media in social, so much easier, tidier and much less scrolling 😁. Happy Christmas 🎄

  5. Another Apple shill video! Any more SurfaceBook 3 content coming up? Ha of course not, that got thrown in the bin straight after the review video.

  6. I used to use Tweetbot. But over time the Twitter app got better and incorporated a lot of new features and it made paying for a 3rd party app unnecessary. A big Tweetbot feature was the expanded mute filters that never worked very well for me.

  7. just a recommendation what about on the next "what's on my iphone" video just put the screen recorded video without the iphone background for it to look more neat and great. it's quite annoying to see the iphone frame. hope u see this! 🙂

  8. You two always make me smile. I love the enthusiasm in all the videos. This is a great video. Justine maybe you should do a video on what else is on your iPhone. Jenna you are sooo close now to reaching 1 Million subscribers. You deserve to reach that milestone in the near future. Good luck. 👍👍

  9. As a visually impaired person I did not know about the be my eyes app so thank you for sharing.g and for helping people who are visually impaired 👍🤓

  10. Is this normal US life? So much crime! Noone should live there.

    This comment was made by the EU gang.
    Edit: wtf? Earthquakes?

  11. Tanks to Huawei P30 Pro apple is giving a little respect to his customers… because for a first time, iPhone 11 Pro Max is a good device… but his camera is the wors thing that it has, because is 2015 technology.. and that record micropone….just hear and check the super 2015 dirigible LG V10 2015 so iPhone 11's price shouldn't be, iPhone 11 Pro Max should cost $600 or $700 dollars

    The iPhone 11 Pro Max worst thig… is his camera… 2015 technology and worst than PROFESIONAL LG V10, so… iPhone 11 isNOT The best camera 2019 you know who is that tittle for a long way further HUAWEI P30 PRO
    Just check 👇my comparatives of this devices


    and I been using this technology since that year on my LG V10 from 2015… even LG V10 has a good stabilizer of curse iPhone 11 has better stabilizer but all devices from 2019 has a good stabilizer, at less your hands are parkinsons… so that is not a feature on 2019… every one has it

    and for those that think a information secure on a goverment case before… that was only a comercial to you buy iPhone thinking information security…
    Yes iPhone 11 Pro Max is same like x…with radiaton high
    I been using iPhone 11 pro Max as S10+ as HUAWEI P30 pro and…

    Samsung does not make radiaton so high but
    And the samsung note 10+ has no anything new in fact, is same burring thing and losing tech behind ultimate tecnology same as s10+.. This two both companys has same phylosophy to lie cuatomers, now tanks to HUAWEI p30 pro… Samsung S11+ next year gonna respect customers with tech but with disposable devieces as always with no real warranty…and apple …

    Just check all radiaton that iPhone 11 is all time doing it… uploading your information, even when the screen is off…
    And now moore than before, the iphone 11 is uploading your information that's why radiaton so high
    Jaja trump google thing was technique to apple when up again….
    but there are googles LGs, ASUS rog phone 2
    Apple never was respecting their customers, but now by Huawei many was awake, apple has to give a little respect, now on 2019, but apple they again did the same with this shit wireless… the air pods are trash, and now you will have to have a ultimate pc to connect the usb to wireless charger to.. . so apple never going to has ultimate technology never!!! so if you buy them when wireless charger has to be what is that?

    Hi… Huawei P30 Pro has everything and much moore… And no matter the google thing

    Huawei P30 pro has it, and will has it, but the point is that there are googles LG, Asus rog phone etc, on my videos you can see how LG V10 from 2015 has moore eable and better camera 4k etc, because they are and create the technology

    Now tanks to Huawei apple is giving a little respect to his costumers

    iPhone never been and is not the best camera to record videos or phothos, iPhone 11 is long way behind ultimate camera technology… iPhone shoul cost $600 dollars just check

  12. I have Safari, Photos, Notes, Activity, Podcasts, Alto’s Odyssey, Settings, Messages and Music on my first page and a 2-page folder for my others apps

  13. I organize my apps in folders. I only have 4 apps (8 if you count the bottom bar) on my first page: messages, photos, camera and phone (mail, iCal, music and Chrome are on the bottom). But seriously, your first page was pretty funny

  14. What cases y’all using and is Justine using the iPhone 11, iPhone 11 Pro or Pro Max? I highly recommend Open Table also good for restaurant reservations, yelp for restaurant reviews if you don’t already have that. I am going to be trying out YouTube music instead of Spotify and see what I think of it. I got the iPhone 11 in black like a week ago!

  15. I love google calendar. I logged in on my phone and on my husband's Android phone with the same email so whenever I put something in it goes directly to him as well .. he can never say he was not informed about our schedule!

  16. When you're home screen is cluttered because you have an iPhone 😂😂😂😂 I mean, look at her home screen, she has Google Maps and Apple Maps and then Google Calendar and Apple Calendar 😂😂😂 Just buy an Android, the Google services are better anyways. (SAMSUNGS APPS ARE ALSO KUCH BETTER THAN APPLE'S)

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