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When Duty Calls 卫国先锋 – Ep 15

When Duty Calls 卫国先锋 – Ep 15

Junguang Let’s break up What are you talking about? I’m serious Let’s break up You must be kidding Stop pulling my leg Did something happen? You can tell me about it Let’s resolve it together I thought I could
put everything behind me… and start a new relationship But after I met Hongxun, I realised something No matter how hard I try, I still can’t get over Mingyao I don’t wish to lead you on any further It’s unfair to you I don’t mind But I do A relationship… requires the commitment of both parties If one party can’t commit to
the relationship, what’s the point of holding on to it? I’ve been mulling over this decision… for a long time Breaking up… will do both of us good Pursue your own happiness I’ve found my happiness You make me happy I won’t let… happiness slip past me Regardless of whether
you love me or not, I’ll continue to wait for you Don’t waste your time on me It was a mistake… right from the start Take care You’re here Have a seat. I’ll make coffee for you Uncle Rong, you’re still
as skilful as ever I hadn’t made coffee in ages.
My skills have become rusty Give it a try This is the best coffee I’ve ever had I’m no longer your boss.
No need to butter me up Uncle Rong, don’t put it that way I’m sorry. I’ve let you down I know you’ll have better job prospects I’m happy for you I’ll respect your decision Thank you for your guidance
all these years, Uncle Rong I’m lucky to have had such a good boss… and mentor I’ve learnt a lot from you You taught me how to be a better person No matter where I go, you’ll always be
the Uncle Rong I respect most Promise me you’ll excel at your new job I groomed you after all You mustn’t make me lose face I’ll do my best Come Good morning Some good friend you are You didn’t even tell me
you’d tendered your resignation You’re irate so early in the morning Why did you resign? Bread Heavenly King is
a multinational corporation I’ll have better prospects there… and I’ll be able to learn more Looks like I won’t be able to
convince you to stay You’ll be more carefree
without my keeping an eye on you I’ll lose my right-hand man I’m done for It’s time you stepped up to the plate Don’t let Uncle Rong down.
He has high hopes for you If you do your work with
the same zeal and perseverance… you show when you woo Meiguang, you’ll shine at work Can I win Meiguang’s heart first… before I focus on my job? It’s said that you should
start a family before you build your career I can’t out-talk you In order to let you focus on
building your career, I’ll help you win Meiguang’s heart That’s my buddy! I thought I could
put everything behind me… and start a new relationship But after I met Hongxun, I realised something No matter how hard I try, I still can’t get over Mingyao I don’t want to delude myself I don’t wish to lead you on any further It’s unfair to you Boss Boss, you added too much sugar Why don’t you take a break?
Let me take over A relationship requires
the commitment of both parties If one party can’t commit to
the relationship, what’s the point of holding on to it? Breaking up… will do both of us good Pursue your own happiness The customer you’re calling
is currently unavailable Please try again later Yixuan Can we talk? There’s nothing to talk about I know you broke up with me
because you don’t want to hurt me Although you can’t get over Mingyao, I’m sure you love me Mingyao is just a barrier If you face up to the problem, you’ll be able to overcome the barrier So long as we love each other, we can resolve the problem Resolve the problem? If the problem could be resolved,
we would’ve done that long ago Only I know how much
Mingyao means to me Do I… mean nothing to you at all? Stop pushing me I’ve already made myself clear If you want what’s best for me, don’t look me up anymore OK, I know you need time Tell you what – let’s go back
to the way it was We’ll return to being good friends again Why don’t you get it?
We can never go back Every time I see you,
I get reminded of Mingyao Your presence makes me miserable Let’s not see each other anymore Junguang Breaking up may turn out
to be a good thing Since she can’t get over Mingyao, you won’t be happy with her Give yourself some time Time heals all wounds All right, all of you have just gone through
the lesson on Naval Battle Procedures Now it’s time to put it into practice Raj, you’ll be the CTG (Commander
Task Group) for Red Force group two… and you’ll lead the planning Yes, Ma’am These are the warning orders
from Higher HQ For the rest of the roles, Teo will be S1, Raymond will be S2, Yeoh will be S3, and Roy will be S4 You have five days to come up
with a plan for approval During these five days, I’ll be monitoring
and guiding your progress Any questions? No, Ma’am You can start now OK, guys. Let’s go through
the warning orders Our mission is to deliver
a high-explosive bomb… to destroy Blue Land’s port This will be simulated by us… bringing a seaboat with the bomb… to reach Sembawang Buoy… in order to regain
Red Force’s sovereignty Morning, Ma’am Ma’am, this is the plan
that we’ve come up with Firstly, we’ll send three boats
to clear the channel Go and redo it Good afternoon, Sirs and Ma’am.
Permission to carry on Carry on -Thank you, Ma’am KS Our plan is to deploy three boats… to clear the channel first
before we send… Sirs, Ma’am Actually, our plan is to send two boats… as decoys through the main channel… while two other boats deliver
the HVU (high-value unit)… through Whiskey Channel towards the port This is not the plan
that the team agreed on Throughout planning, I’ve been telling you
that it’s a lousy plan, but you never listened I’m just taking charge All right, stop What are you doing? Your team is obviously
not ready for the presentation You’ve an hour to sort yourselves out
before we carry on Dismissed Yes, Ma’am Midshipman Yeoh I need to talk to you Why did you interrupt
Raj’s presentation? You even suggested a different plan That was very unprofessional of you Ma’am, I only wanted to
do a good job for COMEX We only slept a few hours
for the past few days I know you’re tired. But everyone
hasn’t slept well for the past few days… because of this exercise But someone kept criticising the plan… and dismissing our ideas His own ideas were not any better He’s all talk and no action How do you expect me to
respect such an incompetent CTG? The military places
great importance on team spirit, discipline and obedience to orders Do you have all three? You’re a future officer Is this the attitude
and behaviour you should have? No, Ma’am This exercise is not just
a test of your physical abilities It’s also a test of your emotions
and mental strength We want to see how well
you can work under pressure If you can’t control your emotions
when you’re in a hostile environment… or under tremendous stress, how are you going to make
an accurate judgement? You’re a future officer.
Every decision you make is crucial I’ve seen how much effort
you’ve put in for the past few days You have the potential to become
an outstanding officer Remember this – work really hard and be humble,
and you will shine OK? Thank you, Ma’am! For the last five days, all Red Force planning groups
have endured sleepless nights… and have proposed very impressive
and interesting plans I think all of you deserve
a round of applause However, only one plan will be selected, and Red Force Group Two’s plan
is the selected one Yes! All right, please check out
your role allocations and groupings Ho, take note. You’re CTG I’m the boat commander? Am I up to it? No worries, mate. You can do it You’re my coxswain Steering a boat is a piece of cake All right, guys, do you understand? Yes, Ma’am! One more thing – remember to watch out
for each other’s safety… and listen to the instructions
given by the boat commander Got it? Yes, Ma’am! OK, let’s set off Stop paddling Inform Romeo Zulu
we have retrieved the package We are ready to deliver it
to target location Romeo Zulu, this is Romeo 4 We have retrieved the package… and we are ready to
proceed to target location, over This is Romeo Zulu, roger Proceed to target location. Out Roger Coxswain, start the engine. Let’s go Roger We’re out of fuel Out of fuel? We wasted too much fuel… while looking for the bomb Why does this have to happen
at this juncture? We’ll be doomed if our enemy spots us Can you just stop worrying? It’s just going to make things worse A boat is coming towards us Could it be our enemy’s boat? Comms Romeo Zulu,
we are engaging the enemy Ready to fire Roger Romeo Zulu, this is Romeo 4 We are… -Hold your fire You should make sure
it’s our enemy before firing It’s red team Pass me the walkie-talkie Romeo Zulu, this is Romeo 4 We have the package
but we’re out of fuel Request fuel transfer from Romeo 2, over This is Romeo Zulu, roger Commence fuel transfer with Romeo 2… and proceed to
target location thereafter, out Roger Midshipman Yeoh, you’ll be
the boat commander Ma’am, what about me? You’re now a casualty Who will steer the boat, then? Raymond, take over as boat coxswain Roger Inform Romeo Zulu… we’ll proceed to target location
in moonlight formation now Roger Stay focused, everyone Look out for any enemy boats Increase speed. Head towards
target location now Come on, guys Bring it in On 3 1, 2, 3… Hooyah! Good job Good job -All right Xianfeng, I hear
the speaker today is a fighter pilot I wonder what he’ll speak about We’ll find out soon Room! Sir, thank you for coming Guys, it is our pleasure today
to welcome CO 149 Squadron… to share with us his Air Force story Sir Please be seated Good morning, ladies and gentlemen I’m Lieutenant Colonel Michael Yeo I’m a fighter pilot and I fly the F15 It is a great opportunity for me
to talk to you all… as this is the only time
you’ll be listening to me in person In future, you’re the only voices
I’ll be listening to… as you are the eyes and ears of the pilot Your speech was brilliant Everyone has a better understanding
of what a C3 does We have a strong sense of purpose You’re like the lighthouse in the sky,
showing us the way We need your guidance
to take off and touch down safely A C3’s job is similar to that of a pilot’s It’s thrilling and challenging Not everyone is cut out for this job Due to Singapore’s limited airspace, nothing must go wrong Since you’ve chosen to take this path, give it your all I will Have you told your mum
that you’ve signed on? No Signing on is not something bad.
Your mum will come to understand I’ll tell her at an opportune time Are you proud to be a fighter pilot? Of course Only a select few get to be pilots Even fewer get to be fighter pilots What does it feel like
to be flying a plane… and soaring into the sky? You want to find out? Sure! I’m a member of a flying club I can let you experience flying up-close Really? Why don’t you join me this weekend? Do you have time? Sure! Buddy, you’ve been making calls.
Is something the matter? My girlfriend refuses to take my calls You had a tiff with her again? Just pacify her
and everything will be OK Yeah, yeah… Casanova Weiguo, I heard the war gaming exercise
last week was action-packed It beats listening to lectures
in the lecture room We listen to lectures all day at SCS Isn’t it very boring? Actually, it’s OK We have a lot of interesting training
like Urban Ops We learn how to fight in built-up areas We also have live firing for
M203 and MATADOR What are M203 and MATADOR? M203 is a grenade launcher MATADOR is a man-portable, anti-tank,
anti-door weapon It’s really powerful It feels great to operate the weapon Is it really that powerful? You don’t believe him? Let him use the weapon on you
and you’ll find out Anyway, your experiences
are nowhere as thrilling as mine You sure? My camp had two intruders that day They actually vandalised the walls in camp What are you doing? Inform the Guard Comd Prowler to Guard Comd…! Over! Stop there! Stop! Stop! Stop running! Squat down That foreigner suddenly lunged at me I blocked him with my left arm
and kicked his face with my right leg Thanks to the unarmed combat
I learnt in BMT, I managed to subdue him Serious? You think you’re Jackie Chan?
You had so many fancy moves I’m telling the truth But I imagined the last part But I should still salute you You’re no longer the old Chong You’ve become so tough Very impressive I can do 20 chin-ups now, OK? Only 20? Try carrying a 90 kg dummy… and a 12 kg oxygen tank… while walking under the scorching sun Why do you have to do that? My 2nd uncle told me
about that before It’s the Heat & Humidity Test Yup SCDF’s training is tough as well After a few weeks of training, I realised how challenging
the work at SCDF is In SCDF, we went through… a lot of training that challenges
our physical abilities Not only do we need to
possess physical abilities, but we also need to have
a sense of mission to save lives Honestly, training is really tough Sometimes, I really feel like giving up I also doubted my abilities I thought I wasn’t cut out
to be part of SCDF I need to thank my batch-mates If it wasn’t for
their encouragement and help, I wouldn’t have been
able to get through training The training will get tougher But I think it’s meaningful… to be part of SCDF No matter how tough it is, we’ve to
grit our teeth and complete training… to protect our families and country What a great speech. You two should be
featured in advertisements Someone has passed out! Are you OK, honey? Make way! I can help him -Honey… Sir, are you OK? Call 995 Do you know CPR? -Yes I’ll get the AED -OK No pulse present. Commence CPR 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 5 Hello, we’re at SAFRA Yishun Someone has passed out. Come, quick! 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 15 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 20 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and 25 1 and 2 and 3 and 4 and… He’s come to Sir, are you OK? Pulse present Thank goodness you remained calm,
or he could’ve died Your CPR saved him Credit goes to everyone We’ll make a move -Sure Bye -Bye. Take care You like DreamBoy too? Come on, only girls like them Want to buy their merchandise
to please your girlfriend? DreamBoy is her favourite boy band What a coincidence.
The girl I like is their fan too Oh? Let’s get something for them Come on $88? How expensive These are imported from Korea This is a limited edition cap.
There are only six in Singapore You can get this instead. It’s cheaper But I think she’ll prefer this cap I’ll get this. Please wrap it up for me Sure, I’ll get you a gift box -Thank you Here we are We’re going to fly in this DA40? Yes Listen to my instructions
when we’re up in the air Safety comes first, understand? Got it, Sir. You’ve repeated that
umpteen times I told you not to call me Sir… when we’re not in camp
or not in our uniforms Just call me Michael OK Are you ready? Let’s go! I finally know why you became a pilot The feeling you get
when you’re up in the air… isn’t something ordinary folks
get to experience I like the feeling of
flying freely in the sky It puts me in a great mood Flying freely in the sky… makes you forget your troubles But good times always pass by quickly You sound like an old man Perhaps it’s because I’ve been
hanging out with you Xianfeng…! Where’s Boy? How is he? Calm down. He’s fine But as he has a head injury,
the doctor suggested an X-ray Why didn’t you drive carefully?
How did the accident happen? A motorbike appeared out of nowhere I lost control of my car
when I tried to avoid it You almost caused my son to be killed It was an accident Don’t see him again I don’t want any harm to come to him Xianfeng is my son too You agreed to let me see him The situation is different now.
You caused Boy to be hurt Boy Thank you Boy, are you OK?
What did the doctor say? Mummy, is what he said true? He’s my dad? Boy, you heard wrong He didn’t say that Boy He said I was his son No, he said you were his godson I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to
keep it from you Impossible There’s no way you’re my dad Calm down and listen to me I… I’m responsible for what happened I’ll explain it to him myself I didn’t dare to tell Yongzheng… about my relationship with Danny So I kept it from him You two-timed him? But Yongzheng found out He was livid. Then we broke up I heard the Air Force
sent him to the US for two years When did you find out
you were pregnant with me? After Michael left? I wasn’t sure who the father was I was at a loss I didn’t want to lose Danny So I told him the baby was his I wanted him to marry me But… Why did you lie to me? The baby isn’t mine What nonsense. You must be tipsy Who else could the baby’s father be? The doctor says… I’m infertile Who is the baby’s father? Why didn’t you go to Michael… and tell him you were carrying his child? I let him down I didn’t want to wreck his relationship I felt really helpless I didn’t want you
to grow up without a father I didn’t want you to suffer So… I thought of aborting you I know I was wrong When I saw you for the first time, I was glad that… I didn’t abort you Heaven wanted to give me a chance… to make it up to you Boy I’m sorry. It was my fault I was too immature… and made a mistake Won’t you forgive me? That’s enough! Don’t go on any further Hello Are you free? I want to see you What’s the matter? You sound weird Did something happen? I’ll tell you when you get here Stop drinking You’re here Drink with me What happened to your head?
What happened? Nothing happened Enough Why… Why is Mummy such a woman? Why did she deceive me? Is there a misunderstanding? My dad has been by my side all along, yet I didn’t know I didn’t know he was my dad What a joke You’ve found your dad? So what if I’ve found him? So what… You OK? Can you walk on your own? I’m OK Don’t believe me? I’ll walk on my own Are you all right? I told you I was fine Subtitles: Youshi, Mediacorp TV

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