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When is $100 worth $15,000- and the new $100 bills- EpicReviewsHome CC

When is $100 worth $15,000- and the new $100 bills- EpicReviewsHome CC

[Intro] Hi! It’s Parris from EpicReviews the home channel, and do you often get your hands on $100’s? I don’t, I never carry $100’s but once a month I do have to transfer some money from one back to another so that I do get to see $100’s at least for a short time, and this is the first time I’ve seen the brand new ones. Kind of ugly, actually but they have a lot of anti-counterfeiting features and they’ve actually even redesigned the back so that counterfeiters have to go to the trouble of redesigning all their plates if they’re going to counterfeit $100’s. I also learned that a $100’s can actually be worth a lot more than a $100 depending on the serial number, and this is something I’ve never heard of before but as a kid, I collected coins and I knew which coins tended to be worth more. But I didn’t realize with paper money that the serial number, if there’s something unique about the pattern can actually make the bill worth many times more than the face value of the paper money. Start with in case you haven’t run into the new bills, that’s the new one on top here, and the regular old $100 down below. You can see it’s actually even a different color, it’s no longer a green back, the dye that used in it is actually blue. That’s what the front of them look like, and then – again the new one’s on top, the older style on the bottom – here’s what the new and old $100’s look like on the back. I think the most noticeable feature on the new bill is this kind of ugly blue stripe right up and down here. It’s actually-it’s kind of like a hologram because – and I don’t know if you’ll see it here – if you tip it, it actually changes what you see. It’s sort of like those kids toys that when they look at it, little stickers and when you change the angle of it, it looks like a cat’s head poking down and it’s poking up with the mouth open. Well, it’s not a cat head’s on here but that’s a hologram-type thing, you see it on the front but it doesn’t actually come through on the back. Now you notice over here – and this was on the previous bill – you kind of got the ghost image of Benjamin Franklin, you can see if you hold it up to a light and tip it the right way. Also on the front here, you’ve got this ink pot that has inside of it, a Liberty bell. Again, you got to catch it just at the right angle, it’s supposed to change from copper color to green color. There is some micro printing around the collar of Benjamin Franklin, around the edge of the quill here, and around the edge of the watermark, very tiny. Even with my reading glasses on, I have trouble making it out. So those are the things that the people at the store going to looking for. The one that I have seen them looking for-they have a new machine at my local supermarket where they actually slide the bill in and a little light comes on. I didn’t know what they were looking at but now that I have the bill, I know. It’s actually a security strip you need a little backlighting to see, it runs right up and down here and it says, “USA100” but the unique thing about it is when it’s exposed to ultraviolet light, it glows pink, and now I know that the supermarket, that’s what they were doing. They were sliding this in the machine that shone ultraviolet light on and see if it had that pink thread light up. On the back, they have very large 100 now, just certainly nice for the visually impaired, and then this building, on the old $100’s, they had the front of the building, now they have the back of the building and I heard the reason they did that was just to force the counterfeiters to have to redo all their plates, not just the front plate, and the last feature I can’t exactly show you but I can tell you that I feel it and it’s right here, Benjamin Franklin’s shoulder has texture now. There’s raised printing there, if you rub your finger there and then you go to some other area, you can feel the difference. Now, about how a $100 can be worth more than $100, well it’s worth that to collectors, a regular person isn’t going to give you more than a $100 worth of value just because the numbers in the serial number has some unique pattern to them but there’s a whole field involved with this, and apparently, if you have just the right serial number, your $100 bill, some collector might pay you $15,000 for it. Let me tell you about some of the more common patterns in case you want to check what you have in your pocket. Also, this doesn’t apply to only $100’s, $1’s, $5’s, $10’s, it works with all of them but because a $100 is such a large value to begin with, the effect of that serial number making it worth more is multiplied. Now here’s the serial number, it’s also repeated on this side of the bill, and the very simple things would be if it’s all the same digits: 9-9-9-9-9 or 1-1-1-1-1 all the way across makes it worth much more than $100. If there is a pattern, if it’s a 1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9- or there’s a descending pattern 9-8-7-6-5 and so forth. If it has a repeat of a 1-2-1-2-1-2-1-2, that makes a fancy bill that’s worth additional money. If it’s an anagram-type number where it’s 1-2-3-4-4-3- 2-1, you can read it the same front to back, it’s valuable. Any kind of repeating pattern like the first 4 digits are 4-4-4-4 and then the next 4, 5-5-5-5, that makes it valuable as well. Anything like that a 1-2-3-4 and a 1-2-3-4. Also, low numbers just in it on themselves are valuable, if it’s starts 0-0-0-0-0, 100 or anything less. Basically, the first $100 bills that were printed then it qualifies as a fancy, unique bill. Also, the very high ones, if it’s a 9-9-9-9-9-9-9, basically, the last 100 that are printed in the series, those are also considered valuable. Now there’s a website that explains all of this and actually has listings for people looking to buy, looking to sell, people who found one would like to know who would buy, and I’ll put a link to that down below this video in the description box if you’re really interested in this. The coins, I always had fun with, looking and trying to find an old coin, an odd coin but it just seems like a lot of work to have to check the serial numbers of all the bills that you have. Not too much work though for people who work in banks. Apparently, when a new bill comes out like this, a new $1, a $5, a $100, they apparently if they’re in the know, they’ll go through when they get the new bills in, they all actually look through them and see if they can find serial numbers that match these patterns that might be worth some multiple of the value of the bill. So you got the bank tellers who may be looking through the new $100’s for the unique serials numbers, and pulling them out and of course hopefully, taking their own $100 to put in its place but some of this bills do get through to us regular people. So if you’ve grown weary of playing the lottery every week, spending $5 every week to pick out the numbers there, why not take the $5 bills that you’re going to spend on that, go through and look at the serial numbers, you may have a better chance of hitting it big.

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  1. So you give a lie new 100 dollar bills worth thousands. Only to tell counterfeiters how we have improved the 100 dollar. And after suffering through the entire bill to see why I listen to you then it is number pattern on any paper money
    Scammed me shame on you
    My internet died had to wait 3 days to be scammed. Non of my family would check for me. Be honest if you want likes and good comments

  2. How do blind tell the difference in the bill denomination?

    Uk bills are all different sizes so it’s quite easy for blind people.

  3. I would also like to know if I need to have A Bank Account to exchange them for gold leaf currency. And other forms of currencys.

  4. You are correct about the esoteric value place upon numerical sequence in the serial number? You have done a great job in listing the myriad of potential value adding combinations. But, the most primary consideration is the condition of the banknote. That can affect value exponentially in both directions up and down.

  5. The only problem with that is that the pay off for that is just as worthless as the 100 dollar
    Fiat debt bill. Paper money returns to 0 where it came from, dust returns dust and so shall the fiat dollar

  6. LOL….Canadian money is 1000% better in terms design and esthetic. It sounds to me the new 100 dollar bill is a fail attempt to copy the canadian design. The only difference in your $100 bill is poor colouring and the oversize number on the back everything remains the same…. Sad!!!

  7. What kind of paper do you buy if there are symbols?

    contact number : +6013-3255562

    in my Instagram :

  8. I have a one dollar bill that's not worth anything but to me it's awesome. The 1st 5 numbers of the serial number have my 5 digit address numbers. Another bill I found the 1st seven numbers of the bill has one of my mail customers phone numbers on it whats the chance of that happening.

  9. i sold a sequential series of 20 dollar bills( ) on EBAY this past holiday season brand new fresh from the original printing stack from an atm! not just sequential but the serial numbers had 5 ZEROS in the front!! 00000778-00000889! and the REAL magic one in it was 00000888!! they were all in mint uncirculated condition, only my wife touched them before I did, and when I saw how pristine they were and the serials I STOPPED TOUCHING THE FACES AND BACKS! from that moment on only handled them by the edges, being careful not to crease or wrinkle them in any way. I sold all the bills but finally sold the magic 00000888 in a lot with just a couple of others in its sequence to a very lucky and excited collector who was lucky enough to know the real value of what it was and was thrilled to get the lot of a couple for just double face value I think it was. I instructed the collector to never ever touch them, or crease them and to press them in a book, in the cool and dark dry place, safely away from…everything. I was under the impression the collectors children were going to be the next owners of them, and im reasonably certain I emphasized the need to keep them exactly as they are with no excess handling. so that lot of 3 bills is out there, somewhere, that magic 00000888 that no one will ever see in circulation except my wife who handed them to me and the person who bought them. 3 people on earth physically touched them with bare hands.(assuming the new owner touched with bare hands but hopefully didn't because I stressed not to.)that's as new as any bill can possibly be that is cut, stacked, filled into a machine, and distributed. soooooo rare is that very bill! so unique. but fear not, the holy super lucky 00000777 is still out there somewhere and so is 666, 555,444,333,222,111, and 999! all with those 5 zeros in front of it. but DONT expect to find them in the pristine condition of 887, 888, and 889. future collectors TAKE NOTE of this written history, and never forget it, as maybe one day you will hold it in your hands……maybe. and would someone pay 15,000 bucks for it if they were wealthy enough and…eccentric enough? HELL YEAH. and that's just in todays money system and numeration of value. I should've really held out on selling it until I could get 10,000 for it, but I needed the money back on it fast. thank goodness I sold it to someone else who knows its uniqueness an understands the pristine-ness and rarity of it who will likely make sure its protected for future generations to enjoy and profit from.

  10. some people collect 'star' notes, which are replacement bills issued for damaged or destroyed monies whose serial number survived. you can cash in a bill that's destroyed but if the serial number is intact along with the denomination, its still good and valid. so they burn the old one and issue the serial number again on a newer bill with a star at the end of the serial number. lots of drug seizure monies and fire destroyed and water damaged monies, all get reissued as star notes. obviously the older the better but newer ones are showing up from the 2010s now. always watch the color of the seals n your older bills too and the wording on top. sometimes it may say 'silver certificate' or 'gold certificate' instead of federal reserve note. lots of folks collect those too. but condition is everything.

  11. 😂🤣😂🤣1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9 🤔🤔🤔🤔🤔
    Meanwhile there’s only 8 numbers on paper money 💵😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣

  12. Man! This video could have been made in about 2 minutes.
    I'm always amazed at how interesting people think they are

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  14. i have a dollar and the numbers are the golden ratio . I guess no enough people know it because you didn't say anything about those numbers . i was hoping it might be worth something . ❎😢

  15. What does the 2 letters stand for? Like the LK? The old ones olny had 1. It's more prominent in the newer bills.

  16. You forgot to mention that historically a country that has printed… New Money…has or is on the verge of collapse….

  17. It is no good having an anti-counterfeiting feature on counterfeit MONEY. All paper & digital $#!T is counterfeit MONEY.. End of story

  18. I have over 10,000 postage stamps from 1700. How can I sell my stamps I inherited from my great great great granddaddy

  19. Hey what did you say ?😧😧that blue bar stripe is ugly hey that is amazing you must be thankfull that you have a new dollar duh!! Because it is worth it 😰😰……….

  20. I actually have a 100 bill from 1977 ..I don’t really know if it’s worth anymore then face value , but I did hold on to it … where can I check it out ?

  21. I had so many I work for tips and I collect many of them , and they are super difficult to sale so I am just deposit . 🙁

  22. I would like to know about a $100 dollar I have with a letter S inside the water edge what did that mean

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