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Which Honor Phone Is Best For Me? (2019)

Which Honor Phone Is Best For Me? (2019)

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  1. If they put the USB type C, fast charging of Honor Play to Honor 8x, I am not having a hard time to decide which one should I buy 😔 I know it's 2019 already and there are lots of new phones but 2018 cellphones are better than todays phones.

  2. I have the honor 9 lite and it's fantastic as a budget phone @£139 it's very fast even running 2 thing's at once !!

  3. Just got a Honor 8X yesterday, and just have to say WOW

    For £200 it is mindblowing

    12 month ago if it had a samsung, sony or apple badge on it there would be riots to get hands on it

  4. I got a Redmi Note 5 Pro because it was way cheaper than the prices of Huawei & Honor here in Mexico.
    I'm still considering getting an Honor 8x as a gift for the missus, thanks for your suggestions.

  5. I'm using huawei honor 9 lite right now, brought from argos from smashing a Samsung 7 Edge. Tomorrow I'm getting upgrade and sticking to huawei but debating from mate 20 lite and p20 lite.. Maybe p20 Pro too. I'll never go back to Samsung or iPhone, or any other phone.. Ever!

  6. @Recombu…. sir.. Is HONOR PLAY a good gaming alternative even in april 2019? Also would you kindly make a video on it's pro mode camera performance? thanks in advance…

  7. Thinking of getting an Oppo F11 Pro but oh man you are really making me think hard about the Honor 8X. 😄 It's for the wife, actually. She's been using her iPhone 6 for a while now and I'm thinking of getting her something more modern. She swears by the iPhone's camera, so will the 8X's camera be capable of replacing the iPhone 6's renowned camera?

  8. The View 20 is a phone I am quite tempted towards. However it lacks waterproofing of any kind and wireless charging which are two features I really want. The lower end phones that do have wireless charging however have the weaker Kirin 710 chipset which is not much of an upgrade to my current Sony Xperia XZ with its Snapdragon 820.

  9. i guess for gamers, Honor 8A Play is a great choice as it has the fast mediatek helio p35 chipset & is quite affordable

  10. I prefer the Honor 8X, I use the badboy since 6 Month and overall in all cases I am happy with it !!

  11. 8X is Still a VFM. Previously used Oppo F9. But not impressed. Ordered my 8x Black beauty yesterday via Flipkart. Waiting for my 8X.. 😉

  12. Is honor play still worth it for late 2019 or even 2020? I only play PUBG mobile and some moba games, and honor play is cheaper than pocophone f1.

  13. Thank you so much for this video. I LOVE THE Honor 8x. Thank you. I will just bore you with my phone story. I had an iphone 5c. For years. 8gb of memory until the operating systems and google maps pretty much left me with no space for even one photo. I carried on. I have a restricted income with little or no disposable income. One day out in the middle of the depths of Chelmsford, where I need my google maps, my iphone 5c died. Just dead. Black, zero, zilch, nada. I had no choice but to venture into a second hand phone store and found an iphone 6s for £195.00. Three days later, the 6s died. Battery went kaput! Fortunately the store offered a 2 year guarantee and I went and got a refund (losing my £500 bus ticket from my phone which can only be transferred between devices once a MONTH – but that is another story which involves even more boring admin detail). What do I know about phones? You need a degree these days to even know where to begin. So, your video about the Honor phones led me to find a brand new phone. From Honor. For £190. It is A.MAZ.ING. I spent the day hoofing around using google maps and step tracker, travelling about, 15,000 steps 500 calories or 15,000 steps and 400 calories, depending on which app you look at. I made it home with guess how much battery? sort of eight hours later? 50%. Fifty. Per. Cent. Apple users will know that 50% of battery would have got me through the first couple of hours of walking/working and then I would have needed a back up battery pack. Thank. You Honor 8x. I love you.

  14. Since I'm a leaner to budget phones, am still confused what to choose the Honor 10 Lite or the 8X . A little help would be appreciated.

  15. Recently replaced my Honor Play, which was lost, with Honor View 20 and it is a beast. It cost me £370 and no way there is a better phone for the price. No way". 👌👍

  16. Pause at 7:16 once your get there look at his face. Well I mean he's talking and I paused it so what do I expect ;-; Sorry!

  17. What about the Honor 20 and Honor 20 lite please compared to Huawei Mate20 Lite please! Need to know asap 🙂 Tx

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