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Which iPhone Should You Choose in 2019?

Which iPhone Should You Choose in 2019?

hi everyone Aaron here for ZolloTech and
in 2019 Apple has a fairly robust yet somewhat confusing lineup of iPhones and
so I want to try and help you decide which one is best for you now if you
don’t follow Apple regularly this can be fairly confusing even if you do follow
them regularly their lineup has been pretty confusing lately so we have five
different offerings or styles of iPhone currently available we have the iPhone 7
we have the 8 and 8 plus so we still have the 7 and 7 plus I
just don’t have both of those here we have the 8 and 8 plus we have
the XR the XS in the XS Max and all of these are very good phones and
none of them are bad there are just different features and build depending
on which one you choose so you need to know that they’re offering five
different ones two of them come in different sizes we also have different
colors and materials so as far as colors are concerned in the iPhone 7 and 7 plus
this is a jet-black color that isn’t currently offered but they do offer
space grey silver gold and rose gold for the iPhone 8 plus we have a similar
lineup and then we get the most colors with the iPhone XR this is the current
product red edition but we have all sorts of colors for this one you can do
the Space Gray and silver but you’ve also got a bunch of other colors as well
that all look really nice from blue to yellow and then let’s flip this one over
the tennis is in Space Gray and then silver for the XS Max and all of them
are really nice they’re all really well-built and they are made out of
different materials depending on which one you choose so if you choose the
iPhone 7 you’re going to get aluminum on the back the back of this is aluminum
the front is glass and that is the difference between all of these these
all have wireless charging with the exception of iPhone 7 so if wireless
charging is a decision as a deciding factor or a decision-making factor for
you you want to go with an 8 plus or newer then you’ll get wireless charging
by setting these on a wireless charging pad the iPhone 7 and 7 plus don’t have
that but it is aluminum it might be a little bit more durable because it
doesn’t have glass on the back but that’s something you get with the 7 and
7 plus with the iPhone 8 you retain the traditional design
with the touch ID fingerprint sensor but you’ve got wireless charging and a
little bit faster processor and we’ll talk more about that in a moment
so those are the deciding factors right there so if you want that traditional
design but you have to have wireless charging this is the way to go with an 8
or 8 plus now if you have to have face ID but you don’t want to spend a ton of
money you’ve got the iPhone XR and the XR
has an LCD display as does the 7 + 7 + + 8 + 8 + and we have a liquid retina LCD
display on the XR now some people say this isn’t a great display I tend to
disagree it’s a very nice display and most people have shown this side by side
with the XS Max can’t tell the difference as far as quality some people
can or say they can but I’ve yet to find anyone that really can but this is a
great option it has the face ID sensor if you like that lock the phone unlock
it with your face and you’re good to go and that’s very convenient for some I do
know some that don’t like face IDs so if you don’t like face ID you’ve got two
choices currently it’s also flip the XS over this is a little bit faster and
again this one and the XS Max are a little bit different in that they are
made of stainless steel instead of aluminum these outside rings are
stainless steel and that gives it durability but also shows more scratches
if you don’t have in a case so the XS max has some scratches just from trying
to plug it in here and that’s normal it will scratch a little bit kind of like
those old iPods if you had an older iPod with the stainless steel back it was
highly polished it will scratch over time just like that now of course
another deciding factor is screen size from 4.7 inches all the way to 6.5 so if
that’s a major factor for you that is going to easily help you determine which
phone to get but as far as overall speed and everything else they’re more similar
than you would think we’ve got the a10 processor all the way up to the a12
Bionic and if you go through all of these they all kind of do the same thing
with the exception of the forward facing cameras now the rear facing cameras on
all of them are quite good if we go into the camera on this I’m not sure where
where it is on this film out there it is let me open it the rear facing camera is
quite good in fact most people if you’re posting on
Instagram or social media this is going to be fine if you’re trying to record 4k
high quality video it will do that so it just depends on what you’re trying to do
with it but when it comes to forward-facing cameras well these three
are the same because they have the true depth sensor that allows you to do an
emoji and things like that if we go into the camera
we have portrait mode here it will track your face do portrait with a true depth
camera and then of course we can do memo G or an emoji and you can do this with
all of these phones here from the XR and newer and of course one of the major
factors for most people is price and if we take a look at the price currently
we’ve got 449 all the way up to fourteen forty nine or one thousand four hundred
and forty nine dollars which in my opinion is just absurd for an iPhone
it’s more than some mac books that they offer or iPads so here we have 449 for
the base iPhone 7 and then we step up as we go along
and one thing you can do now the apples pushing quite a lot is if you have an
iPhone 6s plus for example or an iPhone 6s or six you can upgrade for the to the
XR for 449 so this is a great value for that price and it’s a great phone and
now of course if you want that dual camera you’re going to have to go with a
plus phone if you want to use zoom or one of the XS and XS Max phones as
these both have dual cameras and the dual cameras I find that with zooming
this actually does a pretty good job with digital zoom so let me show you
some of the camera pictures side-by-side we’ll go through a couple of them and
I’ll just show you the exact same photo side-by-side taken on each one of them
and then I’ll show you one zoomed as well so that you can see what it looks
like they all have video stabilization they
all do a great job with video and I think you’ll find that they’re all quite
good but take a look at the photos from this so when it comes to photos at night
these three are going to be a little bit better just because that’s what Apple
focused on with these cameras they made them a little bit better at night and it
does have that going for it also when it comes to speed while the processors are
a little bit different they’re not as different as you would think so when
you’re doing something such as opening music we’re gonna just open music here
I’ll go to four you go to library you’ll see they both act equally fast there’s
not really an issue with simple apps like that if you want to open something
a little bit more advanced see what we have here if we want to open something
like Minecraft you’ll see on the oldest phone here and the newest one they hold
this one’s actually beating it a little bit and I find this to be true in every
single test I do and I don’t know if that has to do with the way Apple works
with the processor on this phone or not but we’ll hit continue and I’ll just
load a world so I can show you how fast it is on the fastest and the slowest
that we have here so we’ll create a new one create new and then create and I’ll
show you how fast it loads this is a typical thing I find on these phones so
this one should be faster in theory but it’s not and that’s what I find over and
over so that doesn’t mean this one is slow by any means
it just means with this particular game it may not be as optimized but what I’m
trying to show you by that is don’t be afraid to get an iPhone 7 or 7 plus
because if you play games a lot you’re probably going to experience the same
speed sometimes faster load speeds on the older processors as they can speed
up their processor faster than you can on the newer phones for some reason this
seems to be pretty typical in every test I’ve run now before we talk about the
displays and battery life I wanted to show you one more speed test where we’re
going to compare the speed in which they can export 4k video and 4k video is one
of the most intensive things to export not only on a phone but also a laptop or
desktop computer so I’ve got iMovie here I’ve got nothing open on any one of
these devices I’ve got iMovie with a project here and
they’re all the same project now this one’s showing a little bit different
even though it’s the exact same file I’ve moved them over and it’s just
airdrop them to each one and it’s 1 minute and 14
seconds long so let me go ahead and share these and you’ll see we have the
option for 4k on all of them now I’ll try to press them at the same time I’m
not sure I can do that but let’s see what we can do here and
we’ll let go and they’re all running at the same time I’ll speed this up so you
don’t have to wait but let’s see what they do now this one is going incredibly fast
now there is a little bit of a an asterisk here and the reason is is this
one is not HEV C encoded this one is H dot 264 encoded so that’s going to be a
little bit faster than the older or the newer devices because these are all in
HEV C to get that same file here you have to record in H.264 so you’ll
see that was incredible fat incredibly fast but if you’re sending an HEVC file
to it it has to convert anyway so this one is going to be quicker now even with
last year’s processor here and this year’s processor here we’re very very
even as far as speed is concerned this probably exported faster than a computer
would at this point it’s incredible how fast iPhones can export 4k video and you’ll see they’re all very close in
fact the older devices are actually faster in in exporting and this is the
case in every video I’ve done this test in there’s nothing special being done
here and let’s just see if they’re warm at all the iPhone 7 is not warm the 8
plus is not warm at all XR maybe a little bit right there maybe that’s kind
of where the encoder is on the chipset same thing it’s not very warm this one’s
a little bit warm right in here but very very minor not very hot at all so that’s
pretty impressive and basically that just goes to show
that you can use any one of these phones to do 4k video and video editing if you
want to on the go now when it comes to the displays of these only one of these
displays does not have 3d touch and that’s the XR the XR has haptic
touch so if you try and 3d press on Instagram for example it doesn’t do
anything but if I do the same thing over here it will pop out and that’s
something that’s really nice if you’re used to that it’s going to be difficult
to pick the XR if you’re not used to it then it won’t matter at all but you do
get some of the same sort of peak and pop functions especially in the control
center you can do that here you’ll see you can push on it just like you could
in the XS and the XR does the same thing so you’ve got some of those
functions all throughout the control center but you’ve got you don’t get
those with the the applications now they may add this in the future but they
haven’t yet now again when it comes to the displays I’m not going to talk about
specific resolution but know that these two are OLED displays and a much higher
resolution however because of the size of the displays when you’re looking at
these first this they’re very similar as far as the way they look now some people
say based off the resolution of the 10r they can tell the only people I’ve had
be able to tell is around the edges here where it gets a little bit fuzzy and
that’s because they actually make the pixels themselves smaller to try and
fudge that edge instead of using just a picture and keeping it a square edge
it’s actually a curved edge under a microscope so
it works really well I think most people will love this especially if it’s in a
case you’re not even gonna notice the edge but compared to these these are
much more vibrant displays on the XS and XS Max they’re also much higher
resolution and OLED so they’ll show deeper blacks more vibrant colors so
keep that in mind they are definitely better looking but
there’s also something else to keep in mind and this is only going to affect
one in ten people now many people seem to bring this up but it’s called pulse
width modulation or PWM OLED displays flicker they’re flickering all the time
you can’t see them with your eye but under certain frame rates you can
actually see this and this can affect people’s eyes that constrain them and
also make some people feel nauseated so just keep that in mind that’s pretty
rare it’s one in ten in fact I’m affected by this so that’s why I bring
it up if I look at a XS or XS Max for too long that affects me looking at LCDs
it doesn’t affect me because apples not using that and what that means is it
flickers the screen at different rates based on its brightness the brighter it
is the least the less it’s going to flicker when it brings the display down
and brightness it’s going to flicker more and it will even though you can’t
actually see it you can feel the effects of it so if you’re looking at it all day
it could cause eye strain again that’s not most people now the other thing to
keep in mind with these displays is these are LCD displays so the LCD
displays are known technology they work really well and they’re less expensive
to replace if you break them and you don’t have Apple care so keep that in
mind these are going to be much more
expensive about one to two hundred dollars more where these are usually
about 150 these can be 250 to 300 dollars to replace these displays now
when it comes to the battery the XR is the winner here and the reason for that
is the lower resolution display now in generic tests where you just run them
all day this actually isn’t the best but in everyone’s day to day use you’ll find
that this is the best by far usually by a good hour so and that means six to
seven or even eight hours of screen on time depending on your usage and that
doesn’t mean it’s like the older iPhones where it showed you actually usage time
this is completely different than that they changed it with iOS 12 you
is the amount of time the screen is actually on now so screen on time this
one is going to win and usually the XS max after that they’re going to be very
similar between these two for battery but they will get the best then these
two the 8 plus and the XS are going to be very similar the XS may actually
beat it in some circumstances depends on a lot of different factors of how you
use it but that is something to keep in mind the 7 and 7 plus are also good but
these are the XR is actually better now when it comes to charging you can
fast charge these newer phones much faster especially wirelessly and if you
have a macbook charger such as this and you really got to charge it quickly you
can do that on the go if you have a macbook charger already you just need
the cable that goes from USBC to lightning and you can charge it much
more quickly so you have that option and then also when it comes to something
that people don’t normally consider LTE reception or phone reception there seems
to be a problem with these three new phones compared to these these tend to
have better cell signal and reception and Wi-Fi over time for some reason
Apple had to switch to a different antenna or not necessarily antenna but
different company they had to switch all these to Intel now some of these use
Intel modems as well but there’s something different about these three
devices that could be due to the design of them and the way the antenna is
around the outside we’re not really sure but Apple has not technically
acknowledged it but many many people complain about it so if your number one
thing is making phone calls you may want to go with one of these because they
seem to be pretty tried-and-true so that’s really it between all of these
hopefully that gives you a good idea as to which one you should buy of course if
you want to save some money you’ve got these three here the XR is a great
choice if you want all the modern features but you also want a less
expensive phone with great battery life but let me know which one you would pick
in the comments below or which one you have picked if you’re going to get an
iPhone or you just got one I’d love to hear what you have to say in the
comments below or even maybe an older iPhone let me know what you think if you
haven’t subscribed already please subscribe and like oh and this wallpaper
will be linked in the description and as always thanks for watching this is Aaron
I’ll see you next time

100 thoughts on “Which iPhone Should You Choose in 2019?”

  1. I’ve been getting a lot of comments as to why I don’t include the iPhone X here. The reason is the phones included are those that are still sold by Apple. Apple does not make the iPhone X anymore. You may be able to pick it up at a store, but those are mostly leftovers.

  2. I am going from a Android to an IPhone and I can tell you guys that IPhone is buttery smooth whereas Android is not IPhone has better security.Although the only thing Android has going is better features as well as durability and battery life.

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  4. Updated in the last two weeks from an SE to the 8 Plus. The 8+ still is classes ahead in the better iPhone, works in portrait just like the iPad. Great functionality, plus the screen is clear and smudge free.
    The 8+ would be my recommendation. This is g
    Based on friends I know that have X models. Mine is the 256gb model and at the price paid is still cheaper than the model X with the lower memory. Just saying

  5. July 2019 bought XR to replace 6s. Enjoyed easy porting of all my contacts, photos, texts, but really miss the home button. Screen collapse sticks if I pause a video to answer a call or texts. Seems to heat up much more quickly in sun exposure. Processor is faster, nice to have a fresh new battery. I saw no reason to buy the more expensive models. Nice that more memory is included for same money of 6s purchase, but XR is much heavier than 6s.

  6. Thank you. I was not going to buy a new phone this year because A. MONEY. and B. Was quite happy with my 8 plus and was confused as to what the new phones really offered. I am now happy to just retain my 8 plus!!!!

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  9. Proverbs 3: 5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understandings in all your ways submit to the Lord. And He will make your paths straight.

  10. My XR screen goes to about 50% dark when it is warm (in my case on the phone holder on my truck window). This really sucks on bright sunny days especially since I use Waze and Google Maps for GPS. Been to the iStore and they won't do anything for me claiming a 3rd party software problem. But I've deleted both apps and it still happens. Great phone until it gets warm!

  11. i have the iphone SE. it’s definitely older. i’ve had it for 3 years and it’s still a good phone. i’ve dropped it a million times and there’s no scratches or cracks. i like this phone it’s just too small. i’m getting the iphone 8+ soon

  12. iPhones for the price is very bad, considering Samsung may not look and have not that much better features than the iPhones but if you are a person that takes pictures, plays games and for a generic use without any overheating, go for Samsung, more than half the price, easy usage, little to none of overheating i’d easily go with the A70 it has 3 Cameras, a great gpu the cameras are twice the better than the iPhone XS and is a quater of the price of the XS Max a great pickup as i own the A70, Hawaii, P20 Xmaoi Mi 3 Xs Xs max 8 Plus 7 6s Plus 6s and 4.

  13. Thanks this video really helped been struggling what to go for in my upgrade from the 7 and after watching am picking the XR

  14. From xr i upgraded to xs max and downgraded to xr. Battery life for me is a lot better and I prefer its size.

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  17. 15:40 – NEVER USE A MACBOOK CHARGER ON YOUR PHONE! iPad and original chargers are safe to use with your phone, iPad being the highest wattage that your phone can safely tolerate. If you make the same mistake I did, Mac book chargers do charge your phone very fast, but it is dangerous, causes your phone to get scalding hot, and starts dying your battery life quicker making that fast charging not worth it at all. This ruins your phone, use the original or iPad charger to be safe, and also for electricity safety reasons.

  18. Ive been very confused on to which among xr and xs max should i buy… xs max is sure very expensive!! Thanks for a very wonderful review and comparison now i know what to buy!!! 💖💖 ill go with xr!

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    I had a 6s 64GB previously and enjoyed it for 3and half years. It just made a burn out during a selfie with my kids and lost nearly all data. Hopefully I had imported my most of my photos recently and thought everything else was on my icloud. Surprisingly, icloud decided to back-up only 5% of the 5GB capacity for my contacts only. So lost on my notes about my kids growth and all their voice recording!!! Crying mom now!
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