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Which Tech YouTubers have broken a Phone?

Which Tech YouTubers have broken a Phone?

My YouTube channel has a lot to do with cellphone
repair and cellphone durability. Believe it or not, I have only broken one
cellphone in my life on accident. I’ll tell you that story in a minute, but
first I want to hear from a few of my YouTube friends to see if they’ve ever broken a phone. Normally on their channels we see these beautiful
cellphones displayed perfectly, but I think there are some horror stories hidden there
somewhere. Let’s find out. [Intro] [Kelsey] Hey guys, I’m Kelsey, and this is
Pebbles, and with my phones I’m usually pretty careful. I typically put my phone in an OtterBox, but
the one time that I didn’t was when I cracked the screen. Pebbles was there. She could tell you, right? Okay. So I thought it was going to be a good idea
to try to walk two dogs and text at the same time. What could go wrong with that? And, you know, of course I was distracted
because I was texting and the dogs got excited, yanked the leash in my hand and my phone in
one direction, and I had to watch my phone slowly hit the ground multiple times before
just landing flat on the pavement. And, you know, it was an old phone, so I actually
lived with the crack for a really long time, and eventually got a screen and fixed it myself. But I guess the moral of the story is don’t
try to text while walking your dogs. But if you do, and you break your phone, you
can always fix it yourself. [Saf] What’s up guys? This is Saf from SuperSaf TV. Phone breaking stories…well I actually have
a few. I’ve been known to drop my phones in the past. Not deliberately all the time anyway. But the first time I actually completely broke
a smartphone was the Samsung Galaxy S4. I tend to use a case pretty much most of the
time, and I had the S4 for about a year, and then the case kind of fell apart so I decided
to go naked which was a bad idea because I think within a couple of days of me doing
that, I dropped it flat on it’s back on a hard surface and the screen just went. It wasn’t shattered or anything, but it just
wouldn’t switch on. Now the cost of the repair was more than the
body of the phone so I didn’t really bother with it. And at the time I didn’t know Zack, otherwise
I would have definitely hit him up with some help in repairing it. Another interesting story of me breaking one
of my phones was the iPhone 7 Plus. I dropped it and although there wasn’t really
any visible damage, the front facing camera stopped working. I took it into the Apple store and they had
a look at it and they saw some structural damage, so they did say that I have to get
a replacement phone which costs around 350 pounds in the UK. But they said that because I had bought it
from them and it hadn’t been too long that I had had it, they actually gave me a replacement
for free. Now this is why I always advise buying Apple
products directly from Apple themselves. It’s also why I praise Apple’s customer service
so much – not because I’m a fan boy. Thanks for having me Zack. This is Saf from SuperSaf TV, and I’ll see
you next time. [Austin] Hey Guys! This is Austin. And I have never broken a phone. That’s a total lie. I’ve actually broken a couple. So the very first smartphone I ever broke
was the original Moto X. So remember, it was actually one of those
fist review units I ever got. So I got it straight from Motorola, I was
doing my video…the day after I was go karting and I left it in my pocket. And it was bent. The frame was completely jacked up and the
screen was totally shattered. So I felt kind of bad, but Motorola was cool
with it, so you know…that was great. Another story was…it was actually last year. I actually killed an iPhone 7 Plus twice. So the first time was when I was doing my
video and I was doing a quick little water test. So I took it…this was obviously the first
iPhone that was water-proof…dropped it in a fish bowl, picked it up, and it started
freaking out. Water was inside, the screen was fogged up,
specifically the actual camera was fogged up. So that was kind of bad. But the good thing was that is dried out,
until I was running across the street without a case on, and it flew out of my shorts and
smashed right into a curb and, again, totally shattered the screen. So, you know, in like the last 10 years I’ve
broken two phones. I think that’s not so bad…right?? [Michael] I’m Michael Fisher and I have broken
more phones than even those bad luck schlubs on infomercials. My most recent casualty wasn’t a victim of
dropping or shattering for a change…but of drowning. You’ve watched enough JerryRigEverything to
know that the LG V30 is water-resistant, but you probably also know that no phone is water-proof. Well I knew that too, but I took it swimming
anyway…in the salty Pacific. And you know what? I got some of the most fun photos and videos
of that trip thanks to the V30. Then I pushed my luck. See, when the phone survived all that, I thought
it was thanks to my careful fresh water baths. I thought it could also handle a whole afternoon
in a chlorinated swimming pool taking more ridiculous underwater photos. And it totally did….until it didn’t. A few seconds after leaving the pool, the
display went black. And with the exception of a few flickers the
next day, it never came back. Do I blame the phone? No. You’re not supposed to push it that far, and
I admit that. Do I miss it though? Heck yeah. Hey Zack, two words: repair collab. Think about it. And thanks for having me on to share my shame. [Linus Tech Tips] I think a lot of people
are going to find this pretty hard to believe, but I have never actually broken my daily
driver phone. Not in any meaningful way. Like I have dropped my daily driver phone
a fair bit. My iPhone 6 has that really nice dent on the
corner. My Galaxy S8 also has a really nice dent on
the corner. Going all the way back, my iPhone 4 actually
has some spectacular scuff marks on the back piece of glass because I was actually moving
at the time and I dropped it and it skidded along the ground. So the entire back of it has these deep scratches. But I have never actually had to do a glass
replacement…for one of my devices. Now my wife on the other hand, she is such
a prolific phone breaker. She broke her S6 Active. Oh, prior to that…like she broke an Active! And then prior to that, when she was using
a Droid DNA, the excuse was, well the baby dropped it. And I’m sitting here going why are you letting
an infant use a phone? What did you think that a 6 month old was
going to do with a phone…handle it carefully? They’re going to chew on it, and then they’re
going to drop it. So she breaks her Droid DNA and it takes me
a while to get the replacement parts because it wasn’t exactly a very common model. Finally it comes in, and I’m not the most
experienced phone repair technician, but I’m competent enough. So I did manage to do a screen replacement,
but it took me a little while. Three days later…breaks it again. That was actually when we switched her to
the S6 Active. Although from the earlier point in the story,
we all know what a great solution that ended up being. So in conclusion, I actually don’t break phones,
but my wife…my wife does. She does. I did break an iPad 2. Oh! Oh, that was my fault. Okay, so we’re sitting on the couch and we’re
about to watch a movie. And I’m sitting on the iPad and I’m done with
it, so I kind of toss it onto the ground onto the carpet in front of me. And we get, I don’t know, ten minutes into
the movie…long enough to kind of forget that I put it there. And my wife lays down on my lap because it’s
a boring movie and she’s probably going to fall asleep and she goes, oh your keys, they’re
bothering me. And I go, okay yeah, no problem. [Tosses keys.] That one was my bad. But it wasn’t a phone. [Krystal] Hey guys, it’s Krystal, and here’s
a couple of my phone breaking stories. Let’s take a little trip down memory lane. So my first most memorable phone breaking
story was with my Galaxy S7, right in front of my house, right here. And I’ve definitely talked about this one
before. This is a Note 8, but let’s just pretend like
it’s a Galaxy S7 for the story because I don’t have that phone anymore. I was running inside my house late at night
one night. I don’t know why I was running inside, but
I was. And I tripped and fell on my brick concrete
steps and there’s only like three steps there, but I fell anyway. I scraped my knee, and instead of hurting
my hand, I hurt my phone because I was holding it as I was running inside. And yeah, cracked the edge of it. I told myself I would put a case on every
phone that I have and I would never be holding it while running, but I do that all the time
anyways, so I never learned from that one. This next phone breaking story – kind of
embarrassing – happened with my Nexus 6P. I have my Google Pixel here so let’s just
pretend that it is the 6P right now. It happened as I was walking out of my neighborhood
Walgreen’s, and it was summer 2016 when Pokemon Go was still a thing. Now, this Walgreen’s was always a good spot
to catch good Pokemon so I thought, let me pull out my 6P and try to catch some. I opened up my Pokemon Go app and I saw a
snorlax just waiting for me to catch it. So I started flicking away trying to catch
the snorlax, and as I was flicking my little Pokemon balls trying to catch it, my phone
slipped out of my hands and fell to the ground. And not only did I not catch my snorlax, I
also cracked my 6P. It was a really sad day because I love that
phone, and it was actually one of the last times that I ever played Pokemon Go…but
yeah, pretty sad. And the most recent damage that I’ve done
was to this iPhone 6 Plus. Don’t even know why I had it out, I just did
for some reason. I was holding it in my hand and I was leaning
on the second floor balcony of my house, and it kind of just slipped out of my hands and
fell to the first floor onto the hardwood floor. And then this happened. I mean, it’s pretty bad, but considering that
20 foot or something drop, it could be worse I think. It doesn’t really turn on anymore, but it
did have problems prior to the fall, so I think that fall was just it’s last…like
it was the last thing that it could take. It was coming to it’s final days anyway. But those are my phone breaking stories, and
considering all the phones that I’ve had, I think I’ve done pretty good. [MKBHD] Hey what’s up guys? MKBHD here, and yes, I have broken a phone. In fact, pretty recently. Now I was actually previously pretty proud
of my never broken a phone in a couple of years record. I may have even mentioned that in my other
videos. But this iPhone 10… I’ve actually tweeted pictures of this now. This is a phone that I’ve broken very recently. Well actually, I don’t know…I didn’t break
this phone, so I don’t feel like I broke it. But it is my phone, and it’s broken. So the reason I say that is this broke while
I was in a different room. The iPhone 10 is so slippery that if you put
it on a surface face down and leave it like that long enough, and it vibrates and you
get a few texts and notifications, it might vibrate enough to get to the edge of the table
and fall. This happened. I put this on the top of a dresser in a different
room. I went, maybe 10 minutes I was in a different
room, maybe typing some emails, maybe doing something else, and then I just kind of hear
this crash. And I’m not really sure what it is so I leave
and walk back to the other room, and I find this iPhone on the ground with glass surrounding
it. There are chunks missing from the corner. It took a pretty hard fall. So I’m now again a member of the broken iPhone
club. Again, I don’t think I can say that I broke
it. I don’t consider this a phone that I broke,
but that’s the latest that happened to me. [Zack] The one time I broke a cellphone on
accident was with the iPhone 7 Plus. There’s a period of about 3 months where I
was trying to give Apple a fair chance so I used an iPhone as my daily driver. And about 3 months into it, it was okay. But after about 3 months into it, I was going
on a date, went to go pick up the girl, gave her a hug on her front porch and as I was
giving her a hug her purse or her hand or something hit this phone out of my hand, straight
onto the concrete, flat down on the surface. I don’t think I had a case on it. I can’t quite remember, but I’m pretty sure
there was no screen protector and no case, and the whole thing was just obliterated. And while I was fine using iPhone for those
3 months, that was kind of the abrupt end to my iPhone experience. I switched back to my Galaxy S7 Edge right
after that. I did end up repairing this phone, I think
I even did a video about it on my channel, and it did end up working perfectly so there’s
no hard feelings. And there you have it. Most people who have owned cellphones in their
life have damaged them one way or another, whether it’s their personal fault or their
extenuating circumstances cause the damage, damage happens. And putting protection on your phone would
be a good thing. I want to thank all my YouTube friends for
joining in this interesting collab. I’ll have all of their channels linked down
in the video description if you want to check out any of them individually. They are all solid people to check out. If you’ve ever broken a phone, I want to hear
your story down in the comments. Make sure you’re careful with your cellphone,
and thank you so much for watching. I’ll see you around.

100 thoughts on “Which Tech YouTubers have broken a Phone?”

  1. Imagine if one of them said something like, "yeah, I was walking down the street when all of a sudden a 4×4 truck pulled over and drifted in front of me so I got distracted and let go of my phone, I saw it drop face down against the ground when the truck driver pulled down his window, to my surprise, it was JerryRigEverything who, with his cool and calming voice said: "bruh, don't worry, it only has scratches at level 6 and deeper grooves at level 7", Immediately after saying that he invited me to his house and we made a video together".

  2. My old Archos 50c Platinum. I was going out of my car and while i was going out my phone fell out of my hand. Luckily I had a screen protector and only he broke. After some days the touch didn‘t work perfectly. Then I got me a iPhone 6s.

  3. I broke my samsung s9 when i was charging so… idk what happend but i dropped it on pure brick ground so now you see i am selling half of my life

  4. I've broken a few phones. Dropped my galaxy s7 at Starbucks from hip height trying to put it in my pocket. The glass on the back had 2.craxks on it and it looked like a hill side in a painting. Still worked, and my other one was an LG fiesta, and I was playing pokemon go as well. I had a case on it, and it was summer time, so I took it off. I had a death grip on it and yet it somehow fell from my hand and landed on the sidewalk. Cracked the outer glass trough the screen protector because it hit the corner. Had it of fallen slightly to to right by half an inch, it would have landed in the grass. Sad part is I could hold that phone on me hand and turn it sideways and it not slip from my hand.

  5. broke 2 phones.. as a passenger in my company van i jumped out.. forgot i had my phone on my lap.. and it fel with flipcase opening up flat on pavement..
    got new one. and dammit month later againnnn.
    after that ive always bunkered up my phones..
    screen protection.. bumperr case and i get a normal flip wallet case.. tear out the rubbery or plasticy part that holds the phone.. glue in the extreme bumber case… and voila .. and it saved my phones multiple times after that

  6. I've never broken a phone, but most of my phones had plastic screens with the only one that had a glass screen being my Pixel 2 XL which somehow survived falling screen down onto concrete without a scratch.

  7. The first and only phone I’ve broken was my S7 Edge. Young and dumb me thought it would be a great idea to play basketball with it in my pocket and well I jumped and it slipped out of my pocket and the screen cracked

  8. I've broken my galaxy S7 twice! Once on the back glass from being in my pocket and i guess it just flexed too much and cracked and the second time on the front glass from a 10" drop on concrete. Yes 10 inches!! I'm in construction and i had it setting on top of a spray paint can as i was marking out framing on a concrete foundation wall and it fell face first! SMH!! Then i dropped my company's phone,the iphone6 that fell from my pants pocket and cracked the screen pretty bad and that's with a protective case on it too.

  9. 0:06 he says he’s only broken one phone….what about all those phones with “deeper grooves at level 7”…. is that considered ‘broken’ 🤔

  10. Поздрав. Once I have broken screen on Sony Ericsson w950i while I'm working on a tank (i was trying to enter so fast that i normally do) and that it is. Later i have repaired the phone and he is still doing pretty well till today by side of his best friend my note9 😁

  11. I Kinda broke my alcael pop c5, sort of. But damn the damage was on the entire screen, it had a white screen, but it still was making a sound, i threw it in the trash anyway…

  12. I saw someone on the rocks drop their pixel when they were taking a selfie

    Not sure it it survived or not but he got it back and it didn't look like like it was broken

  13. I once dropped my mother's Nokia in a fish curry,,,I don't really remember this ,my mother used to say that I did it when I was 5🤣✌✌✌

  14. Back in like 2012-3 i had an iPhone 4 an in all together broke 15 screens or so. But we kept buying cheap Chinese replacements, like even with a decent cover, on an small impact the screen cracked. After those 15 times the phone was done and i changed to an iPhone 5. dropped that alot, but not a single scratch. Then i got an iphone 5s that just went dead after normal daily use, then an 5c that also died (didn’t even drop that once) and now my daily for the last 3 years has been an IPhone SE. Still works perfect

  15. I have broken many phones..

    2010: LG KP500
    2012: Samsung Galaxy Tab 1 (yep that was my daily phone!) Charging dont work anymore
    2013: Sony Xperia Z1
    2014: Sony Xperia Z1
    2014: Sony Xperia Z1
    2015: BQ Aquaris E6
    2016: BQ Aquaris E5,5
    2018: Asus Zenfone 3 Zoom (worst phone of the World!)
    Now i have an Xiaomi Mi Max 3, and i will try to never destroy it, but destroyed twice the screenprotector…


  16. I broke 3 phones as far as I can remember a Nokia 5000 screen, an iPhone 6 screen and a S8+ also the screen, but the first and last one still works.

  17. Guys calm down breaking a phone is ok!
    As you know glass is glass and scratches at level 6 with deeper grooves at level 7

  18. I accidentaly left my phone in a tent and then it rained and my tent was full of water and the phone drowned. But i was an old LG flex, so no worries.

  19. When i had my iphone 6s plus, i forgot to take it out of my pocket when i went swimming in a pool, you can guess what happened next

  20. I have not broken a smartphone ever, but my wife put her HTC Windows Phone 8 through an entire wash cycle. Tried rice but no luck!

  21. I've broken quite a few flip phones and in the last couple years a s6, iPhone 6, and a s8 plus free replacement from Samsung with the s6, but I couldn't get any of the info off of it including photos 🙁

  22. i broke my nokia button phone at school i think i hit a metal bar on the play ground and the second time i broke a phone was in a trampoline park and a part of the net fell on my phone and the screen didnt work (btw the phone i broke was a microsoft)

  23. A case isn’t sufficient to protect a phone, it usually breaks only when it falls flat on the ground… The only covers that protect phones well are the Rhinoshield ones…

  24. My Huawei P9 lite was quite bent a few months ago, and I'm not sure what happened, but I think I put it down somewhere with too much force, and it had the screen crack in half and on that crack the LEDs were broken. I just recently switched to Samsung Galaxy A70

  25. My song is called the Great Life, my song is a happy song so when you are feeling down this song will sure to make you a little bit happy.
    I made this song mostly with the bush item because the bush item had a nice sound so it will sound great unlike some other items in the app. I used houses lights also for the song so it would have a great tune to it. This song is inspired by Happy made by Pharrel Williams because this song is intented to make someone happy.

  26. meanwhile me…
    I've broken my phone screen thrice in this year…
    the first time my friends Note8 fell onto my phone… screen broken
    the second time I was in the car and it slid on the car's floor.. unfortunately it fell on some metal thing.. screen broken
    the third time I literally did nothing and I still haven't figured out what the cause was.. guess it didn't quite like me sitting inside some cage made from ropes with it in my back pocket…😅

    yes I am dumb and I know that..

  27. My iPhone 4 broke a few years ago and I didn’t broke it. My friend accidentally throw my phone and it broke. That means I didn’t brake any phones.

  28. Glass phones are stupid. I hate the trend of putting highly fragile materials as the outer shell of something we carry literally everywhere. Make the thing out of titanium. Then we wont have to carry our glass phones around in a plastic sleeve.
    Sent while thinking about my broken Pixel 3. It falls out of my pocket in my car, but only half way. So when I step out, the phone falls from my pocket onto gravel.

  29. I made an audio amplifier for my Sony Xperia tipo dual. When I connect audio jack and power on amplifier I see smoke coming from phone's mother board. I repaired the Phone. Still working

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