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WHO IS SAM? | A Normal Lost Phone – Part 1

WHO IS SAM? | A Normal Lost Phone – Part 1

*Whoopsh*~ Top of the the morning to ya, laddies! My name is Jacksepticeye, and welcome to a game called “A Normal Lost Phone”. If you remember the game “Sara is Missing” that I played where you went through somebody’s phone to figure out what actually happened to Sarah, this is a game like that. We’re going through somebody’s phone. But it’s… I don’t think it’s like a horror-y kind of thing like Sara is missing, Even though I didn’t know that that was a horror game at the time… And I had, like, one of the biggest jump scares that I’ve ever gotten playing a game… But this is just called “A Normal Lost Phone.” I don’t know anything else beyond what I’ve just said, so let’s start clicking shit. Can I change music? We’re playing “The Cocoon.” Okay, next song. *jams out to the music* Get fucked. I could fuck with this. Okay, gallery. Oh, that’s a nice picture. Look at you guys having fun Okay, I need something without singing. Can I just have music? Can I turn down the volume a bit? Ah…there we go… Okay, nice. This is nice and calm. That’s a cool picture. Do we know what it is? Looks like Katana Scabbards. I don’t know if you’re taking pictures of like paintings or if that’s just how real life looks. Hey, it’s Numa Numa guy! Haha, maya hee! Maya whoo *cue the cute laughter* That’s cool. Hey, it’s Lucio. Nice!👌👌👌 Okay, you’re still kinda loud. I want to be able to talk… Sorry guys.. This fucking phone… Calculator! Two plus two equal- Okay calculator works properly, checks out! Go through all that miscellaneous ones- ooooooh… No, Wi-Fi.. Can I connect? *reads* Melren Open Wi-fi. My-MyBOX, not in range, not in range. This is secured though. I don’t have a fucking password for one, two , three, four.. Wrong password.. Damn it! They got away from my hacker skills *what skills?* Uhmm… *reads again* Sound, Erase all data. Just erase all the data hahah Games over! (yep) Games done! (cue the outro!) Ok I can’t do much here…. here under my messages. Oh Oh ok, I have a new phone now. You have my new number, Sam. Dad why are you texting me from your bedroom? -Dad. Nobody fucking end things like this Ok maybe dad’s do yeah, I just sent my new number to all my contacts. It wasn’t just for you. (savage) Why are you replying to me from your bedroom nice one dad are you kidding me me never hey Happy birthday, Dad. Thank you, Dad So think you call her dad Mom want to know if Melissa will dine with us tonight No, we’ve not been getting along recently be strong Be strong, son. women are complicated sometimes your mother’s still a complete mystery to me men can be cover made complicated sometimes too dead-on You’re a brave boy and Melissa is a good girl. She come back soon trust me Ok so when were these since the ninth of the first? These are the fifteenth of the first so it’s been six days. I can’t connect my emails anymore You’ll have to help me on your back are we going to get there? The password for the Wi-Fi here mom. I’d like to know if Melissa could send her the chocolate cake recipe She made for my birthday mom told me to remind you about your dentist appointment. Did you get my message about the dentist? Why aren’t you answering? I saw that I was in class sorry? Your mom’s made an appointment at the hairdresser for you because she make one for me, please to make one of my own And I hate that because I keep having to brush the fucking hair out of my face And it makes me look like a month. Oh Yeah, even though I hate people who do that that kind of way. I’m doing it for practicality There wasn’t a point with the hair dress for you at 10 a.m. Tomorrow Dad what but I’ve already told you a million times? I don’t want to get my hair cut – it’s not a phase. I love the bowl cut. Just cuz the guy from Lostprophets has it oh, no We can’t talk about him anymore because he’s a dirty bastard paedophile fuck that type make an effort if we make your mom happy. I’m Picking up groceries for tomorrow’s party. I wonder how many people will be there is Melissa flying in company. She’s not coming How come she seems to be the perfect girl for a guy like you mom? And I thought she was very nice polite well-behaved and pretty just what every man’s looking for in a wife Don’t you want to talk to her? Maybe he’s not looking for a wife Maybe he’s looking for a husband you ever think about that Dad you never seem to pay much attention to girls in general. We thought you were really into Melissa We thought you were good together. What happened that Maybe he’s gay Happy birthday, son. I’m so proud of the man you’ve become we celebrate properly tonight and be prepared for a big party for your 18th Thanks, Dad. Oh That’s nice. What are you everyone’s looking for you samuel? Where are you where did you go? We’re all really worried tell us everything is fine your mom wants to call the police Dad oh Please some time. He’s going to have a bad ending I’m already formulating endings in my head, and I don’t want it to be some of them, so I’m not gonna say it okay Let’s go on what are we talking to you now, wait. I didn’t see this sophie Sophie Boardgames So it’s saying sophie boardgames for a different reason, but I really hope you’re famous Sophie Boardgames I Didn’t try calling anybody this this might not actually be sam. Who has the phone right now? I could have found this Same message are you still at the club? I think I forgot my um as you do classic sophie I left already, but alice was staying longer. I’ll ask her. She’s got it already. Thank you cool. No problem I thought it was weird that she didn’t leave at the same time as you I thought you always went home together You’ve been inseparable recently she’s my best friend. That’s who’s not answered the question Happy birthday, Sam. I hope the cake is great, and you get lots of presents okay, so birthday is the 31st at the first Okay boom Nice, which one was it expensive how could you get one from your all that hope you got you a very cool one? I like this friend who is this friend? Uncle Raymond These are type all in caps on uhd mr.north me better. Oh, I thought it was cool. He was just doing it that way So it’s so expensive. I don’t need a great phone anyway plus xmas is around the corner, and then my birthday so he promised to make history with my gift damn what he doesn’t mind ah It’s he already dropping head. I’ve got a slight idea. Oh, ho ho you’re uncle Raymond is Santa Sam but I won’t say a word all I can say it’s not suitable for a little girl ah Happy 2016 from Ray Baby boy I get to see you this next weekend. Yeah, I like Raymond Raymond is all about it I’m just going to assume that raymond is talking to sleigh but sister fucking names appearance to it. We could assume that Raymond’s doing this Properly that he just yelled everything he does raymond’s my kind of guy hi. I’m for a he’ll honor. He told me see you soon Don t. Odessa dome Aaron’s Wi-Fi password we need internet. It’s a centered hit okay, so we need to play Melon Aha, thank you. We’re almost there be a good boy and go tell your mom. You’re 18, wha? Why are we still here? Party party party party see you later. This is a great highway for lunch Kkkkkk Uncle Raymond, that’s my kind of guy This going in real time well not like real my time. It’s 2 p.m.. Here. I want to see it’s actually going up Celine its Melon even here Fuck yet ok this is the tomorrow I miss paris today’s English class come a couple year notes next Monday ah Chance for a meme right here that can I copy your homework sure but don’t make it obvious And it’s the exact same thing. You know that means you all know that name Relatable sure I owe you one. I make copy freeze they no worries man You’re already 18, not fair till 10 months ago for me. Happy birthday Fuck is this sup. No, thanks Can you hear me? Well? We can sure hear raymond. That’s for sure massages Man, I do not miss the days of school have the coffee homework It was always Mac’s homework for me because English and stuff was all like subjective I could write whatever
I wanted but mats was like the only thing with definitive answers And I am terrible with numbers because I never nurtured it either I never had an interest in them and as soon as I hit that barrier I never wanted to learn more about them Which sucks because I’m always impressed and highly respect people who are really good with numbers So if you like numbers embrace that numbers come in very handy No one told me you might be interested in video games. Oh Did he know what gives away that? All the fact that I record video games all day every day and play them non-stop and have all the memorabilia know What he is the one who’s interested who said I like video game fuck that guy he is obsessed long But he told me you talked about it the other day and I wanted to ask you if you would like to try Maybe try. What do you know what a cane jammies? Miriam I’ve all about them glued and berries like playing games all together Not sure almost an event where people get together and trying to develop a game prototype in the limited time that what this was Is that what this started office maybe it could just be a little easter egg, but plates the third But this is actually in the game because game jams really cool So what the best games that are played on the channel are from game Jams? Mostly just foreign creative interesting and you often get to meet cool people and learn new things. I’m cool But I really don’t know what I can do there music know is that you are a great musician really Are they’re also people making music. They’re of course prone to music are super important They get challenged to develop something in those conditions. It’s mostly for the phone really But if it’s good who knows what will happen? Apples and in any case the experience and the new friends is the most valuable thing you will get from all these emojis It’s weird how just an N underscore N Can actually look like a face any way you can make it some cool music compositions for the heart? the hip cool new instrument the Harp That’ll get you all of the people that will love you So to tell the truth while I play the hair if I actually prefer composing for other instruments, huh do what you want man So are you still coming? I don’t know maybe I’ll try when is it There are a bunch, but the best one is the last weekend of January will you join us please? that Sunday is my birthday sad face ah I didn’t know yeah. Sorry don’t be there’ll be more. I keep it in mind Thanks for thinking of me sure musicians are always welcome. I didn’t forget your birthday Happy happy birthday from that game. Tab. We’re about to present our game And I just didn’t talk again I’m worried about you, sam. Where’d you go? Oh wait? That was the time from Oka? You go? Happy New Year I hope you had a great time last night We had some fun with your dad and mom did he show you the photos see you for your birthday big boy People keep calling a big boy Yeah weird. Thank you uncle hugo. You’re still sleeping glad to hear you had a good start of the new Year. Happy birthday Don’t know if I can come always the same sorry Okay to go I’m not reading the top message because the same one every time. What did I miss in class? Not much, but she said we’d have an exam before the end of next month What God damn it we have one last week, what a fucking bitch And in the fucking just for emphasis Maybe maybe that was a bit too much, sorry Happy birthday A lot of people are wishing you a birthday dude. It’s the last message. They’re all sending you so what happened Dear Sam Diane Elizabeth Rafael, and I wish you a happy birthday We hope you achieve all your goals in life and live happily ever after Oh still what a sweetheart Fuck me dude clear out your fucking messages on the phone then Good Sam. Sorry. I know a couple sam from the music school or Sam from the lab. Sorry the one from school Okay, happy birthday Look at that picture. That’s a nice one leo Leo accordion Accordion – Leo he plays the accordion well his accordion in here Chloe boardgames happy 18th, Sam Okay, you’re a long message is everything okay, Sam Faster awesome use the thing use my brain it’s like Whatsapp when you need to get the top of message chain hi Carly Yes, why just wondering because you seemed upset the other day when you left after talking to Lola and you weren’t there today? Yeah, no worries. I’ll be around at some point You don’t want to stay long at least bring some of your bring one of your mom’s cakes Half of the people there just go for the cake won’t be the same without you there Hey, hey, is that all you care about the cakes or is that hey hey hey hey? Hey Do a little fat albert. I’m joking well Stupid I was worried about you, too. I don’t like Loli either Just don’t talk to her then I usually don’t anyway okay. Hope to see you soon. Thanks for asking have a good day Happy 18th, Sam Happy birthday What is your next concert woo? I put on a little concert so every now and then hey Fabrina. I had one in June, and you missed it well Maybe if you actually wrote back to them. Oh wait. This is the day after mine I know. I’m very sorry. I couldn’t find a babysitter for the twins and they’re still too young to stay alone Why don’t you just leave gerald to look after them and come in your own I? Would have done so gladly but Gerald’s Watzmann moreland that evening Then you should have come with the twins I’d love to see them again Telling them what to do well, you don’t know what you’re saying. They’re so mischievous or mischievous But you’re invited to visit any time you like of course I will maybe I even I might even throw up the private concert for the four of you now You’re thinking that would be awesome, then you’re invited for dinner – I just hope to see you before you become too famous we have to pay to see you play Ha ha I take that as a compliment. : three But seriously let me know next time please. I will not worry. Thank you and Finn hong hoax to your mom and Dad Beautiful day to turn eighteen. Huh have fun. I will for beena, but brina petrova what a nice name Hey, where have you been lately will you come by today? Hey, Tom. Not sure but have fun anyway my phone says it’s your birthday today. Happy birthday. See you around I know this is a lot of reading right now, but they were getting we’re getting some back story. We’re getting some character development We’re trying to figure out what’s actually going on Have you phoned my cousin Teo is coming on Saturday to watch a race here? You’re welcome to join us. We’ll get pizza my dude I can’t and ground it the whole weekend too bad you can borrow some games from me if you want let me know Happy birthday fucking annoying. I’m missing your party make it a good one David Mr.. Cool Love heart Sunglasses Green Hair Motherfucker, I will No, it’s good look at all these fucking messages What that guy did you? God, I just fucking him I Know I’m reading through some of them fairly fast and some of them are short, but jeez well talk about university today was cool Wasn’t it yes? It helps us understand everything a bit better and help make it the big decision. I’ve already assigned it anyway I want to study something cool video games. What about you? That’s great. I’m not surprised. You’re always talking about games Find some friends. You know a lot of who know a lot and have done cool stuff I’m jealous now like what they’re called atelier 801 and they made this cool game called Transform ice man, they’re awesome. What about you? You didn’t look very convinced in the talk. I don’t know yeah. I’m undecided You’re a cool musician. Why not compose for some games? Maybe is this what this game is about is it’s an open casting call is to compose for some games Huh, lal you don’t sound very convinced either the cool engine is industry think about it. I will I promise happy birthday, Mr. boring adults Haven you know, I’m cool I’m still hip I still make memes just cuz I’m 18 I can drink Well depends on where this game actually takes place you might not be able to drink Sam. We will be away next weekend Could you feed Ringo again? He really likes you. Thank you hello, Mrs.. Dupont. No problem. I’ll do it. I like him a lot, too You’ll find the food and the covers on the left and a little surprise for you. Don’t tell your mom Thank you very much, but it’s really not necessary to my pleasure Have a great start to the new year and lots of love from the three of us. Thank you likewise I wish you a very happy birthday young man This is for our mom. I made you a chocolate cake for your book club mom. Thanks mom. You’re the best I made apple pie for your board game club. I’ve got the world’s best mom. I’ve made a lemon pie for your book club You’re awesome. They all love you. I prepared banana bread for your board game club yum, my favorite I’ve made a strawberry pie for your book of mom is the bomb Bomb has bombed our car that all rhymes because mom’s awesome look mom Linda pratt because a few moms or thanks about the club. We’re going to a book festival on the 19th It’s bit far and we might need to eat on the train I’d rather not eat those overpriced train sandwiches because so could you make something? I love you mom of course I’m packed meals for your trip. I’m happy to know you’re making new friends Thanks, mom as Melissa going with you – no no she just really like these things oh pity. She’s a perfect girl for you She makes you very happy. I’m sure So I’m preparing packed lunches for your book festival tomorrow and a cake for your board game club on Sunday What kind of cake do you want mom? No cakes for Sunday? I think it’s time to stop going to the board game club Oh, I thought you liked it less and less besides. They didn’t appreciate your cakes enough He’s hiding something you can tell even in just the tech Night that he’s so close to his mom Don’t he it’s cool that you got some of that character development between his dad with his dad It’s a bit more awkward, and he doesn’t really talk to him as much whereas the mom She was just saying that she made stuff when he was like writing back really nice things the thing that he loved her and everything So and the dad it was like come on dad not okay Mom don’t worry, but I missed the last train home I say it’s a book festival one more day a friend of mine is letting me stay Okay, as long as you’re home for your dad’s birthday, mom. Don’t forget to wish your dad a happy birthday Uncle hugo invited us to celebrate New Year’s Eve at his place. Oh Pity I’ve already made plans to be with Melissa I’m sure he would love to meet your girlfriend. You can invite her. She’d be back from her holidays. I’m probably tired It’s not a good idea as you wish but dad and me are definitely going let you go No, if you change your mind sure so – way baked a cake for your book clover, or did you not like them anymore? They love your cakes, but they take a break in January You’re not bringing cake from Melissa now. Are you she’s good, but not as good as me oh mom, no I’m not bringing anything from Melissa. Happy birthday to my lovely son What is happening? The beginning messages from Melissa Beebe school who is in your group project for group for a science project? Emad, sue jean and Nina. Sorry if I pronounced it wrong yours Sounds good. I’m with Hooli Simon and Dario any idea what you’re going to do. We’re still thinking but maybe something about ecology in the environment was – Something about massive extinction of animals nice why first always what the be disappearing? but when Simon came up with a Brilliant idea yesterday We watched this documentary about how intensive animal farming affects global warming and it looks like a big thing not many people talk about How come I don’t see any connection? Well the amount of water for example to produce meat or dairy products It’s huge Wendy’s animals produce a lot of greenhouse gases and the corn to feed them also needs a lot of water and chemicals But it takes a lot of space so they cut down forests – oh wow, I never thought about it that way That’s the thing as well global warming everyone just see it as the temperature rising but they don’t actually realize what goes into causing that they don’t know what actually forces the environment into those types of States, so It’s fascinating. There’s a lot in it I’ve already started cutting back at the amount of meat and fish. I eat good for you. That’s going to be an awesome project You’re looking to have simon as part of the team. Thank you. Good luck on your project Happy birthday Something clearly must have happened. Oh, here’s Melissa this me oh That’s not good. There’s some messages there saying don’t ever talk to me again. Where’s my camera so blue Fucking white balance Alma’s always messes up. Sorry just think of me as underwater Cool safe. Are you coming on Sunday alice said you might not come? Why not you have to come no seriously you have to come hey, are you there don’t ignore me? Why you go? Sorry, I was busy. Yeah like alice said I’m probably not coming. Why not you can’t miss it Miss what now let’s not tell you tell me what? She’s great. I actually asked her not to tell you anything But then she said you might not come and I thought she would have told you But I see she hasn’t oh my God Tell me what now you have to come if you want to know I’ll ask alice But really I’m pretty sure I won’t come sorry we need you. I wanted to bring the game I’ve been designing with my brother. Well still a prototype, but it’s ready and we want to test it and I’m counting on you We need as many people as possible, and you love to try you games on let’s say she’s in come on I don’t know hugo. I’m sorry, but I think I can’t comb maybe next time The game is perfect there won’t be you next time next time you’ll have to buy it in place. Haha If it is good, I buy it for sure Yeah, you can bring me your copy, and I signed it for you. Good. Look I’m Sundae I hope they like it. They love it. He didn’t wish you a happy birthday Clemmy I can’t contact Melissa. It’s urgent. She got her grandma’s, but probably busy she’s moving out after her grandfather died oh ah Thanks, you happen to have melons Wi-Fi password I Haven’t tried to login since switching phones, so it may have changed, but last I heard it was Melon zip code Ok Melon zip code. We have to look into that. Hey Can you get me the notes from last week’s math class sure no problem now. I’m thinking about it Rachel Is it just me or do you only talk to me when you need something? Shit after rereading my latest messages. I admit I was pushing it. I’m really sorry Thanks for not telling me to get lost and for always being there when I needed you you’re an awesome friend And I’m real sorry. Oh well, but be more tactful next time promise A nice exchange, okay, this is the one this is the one this is Melissa Yeah, it’s gonna be a long one avenue number in news number seven Oh, finally meet right in front of the cinema this evening, okay? I just found this in my bank did it come from you by any chance? That’s nice What a cute couple Yes, I sent it into your bag as a theater yesterday when you went to the bathroom Why did I miss an important date yesterday like our first kiss or something not at all I was trying to make you happy Oh Melissa. Oh you didn’t have to have sweet of you Did you draw it yeah, but I basil in the picture we talked to you in the holidays Oh, yeah I see that speaking of I lost that picture when I searched phone send it to me Or send it to me question. I took it with my camera, so I’ve got it on the PC I send it to you by email Thanks, the truth. Is that I like your drawing more than the picture you draw so well Are you sure you don’t want to try art school next year? everybody That’s nice of you, but I swear other than portraits. I can’t do much, and I really want to go to a vet school What are the results of the entrance exam again December 23rd, but that’s just the first step okay? You’re kind of annoying I Want to get rid of you I go to a vet school and here we go cemetery 23rd But that’s just the first step toward admission there are other written and oral tests afterwards I’m starting so hard right now Right before you go on vacation at least you’ll be able to take your mind off it if you don’t get in I See you believe in me sorry. I’m sure you’ll make it. I believe in you. I love you me too All right, when was this the fifth, so this is just a day after please. I’m trying to call me five times this morning I didn’t have the nerve to answer her today. You know what she wants I don’t know, but she sent me a message to asking how she can get ahold of you I let her know today is not a good day. Thanks Get back to making a button. Let me know what she wants just a password for the Melbourne Wi-Fi lull How is the move not too exhausted? So much. I don’t know how my grandmother collected so many things she’s old she’s had time to collect a lot of things Don’t make fun of my grandma. How was your day, not bad What did you do went out and played board games with who Thomas and Martin what’s an alice there? Yes? So why do you lie to me I? Didn’t lie to you. Why didn’t you tell me from the start that alice was there? Are you hiding something from me? Exactly you get jealous every time I mention alice I told you a thousand times alice is just a friend, but she she’s my best friend I don’t want to stop seeing her you really need to stop trying to talk me out of it Sorry, I’m stupid I just need reassurance sometimes you know I never known I’ve never known men women friendships before you and alice and that Alice, ooh You’re my only one oh Now I’m sure I’d be jealous if you introduced her to me one day Okay, I’m sure it’ll happen soon enough. Yeah, but why not right now because it’s already 10:00 p.m.. You’re right I’m off to bed. Then sleep. Well Mike gummybear good night Melissa Cutie, okay. We can do a bit of work on the Nicknames but yeah, that’s Not good signs if somebody gets jealous of you just hanging out with somebody of the opposite gender Especially if it’s your best friend because they need to know that if you need constant reassurance about ourselves from your constantly getting jealous So it sets some deep-rooted shit. That’s not really going to go away Without some like work So I know that’s dangerous territory Jealousy in a relationship is always a really bad thing only Ten days You’re even more excited than I am you know it’s just a movie you mean the most awaited movie in the history of that Galaxy Can you imagine if it’s lame? No, it’s pretty great Hey, I’ve just thought your cousin teal you gonna be at your dad’s party No, why yeah he makes me uncomfortable I feel like he’s trying to undress me with his eyes every time he looks at me now We have to go back and retell his message. It’s true. He is a bit strange like that, but don’t worry He’s not gonna be there tomorrow is the big day So we meet in front of the theatre yep, I’m coming in cosplay. Oh, you’ll embarrass me. I don’t care a few minutes Have you got my math textbook in my locker? Are you still at school could you get it for me and bring it tonight sure I get it Did you change your lockers passwords you put Alice’s birthday, didn’t you? What no not at all it’s still your birthday. It’s just first the month and then the day I Got it. Thanks. See you tonight. Yeah, this is This is not nice Messaging that constant like accusatory type of tone and constantly like if your mind constantly goes there But something needs to be talked about aired out. It’s not just something that you can keep going because I’ve been there in relationships Granted naive young types of relationships. There’s not a lot of maturity to them so I don’t know I guess you’re coming up to 18, so Yeah, but that’s that type of stuff is warning signs That’s stuff that you can’t just be like you put it as on as his birthday, and then just talk naturally after it That’s that stuff that needs to be aired out. Thanks for coming although Maybe he’s just sick of talking about that kind of stuff I don’t know. There’s a lot of discussion to be had about that stuff, but Jealousy is not good I have jerkins in my dad’s birthday tonight your cake was so good well, you’re welcome my pleasure your dad ate three servings Can you send me the photo of my dad blowing out the candles the one I took on myself was awful So I deleted it. Hope your camera works better than my phone. It’s the same to my grandma Now transferred the photos from my Sd. Card tomorrow and send you what I’ve got. It’s a shame. She couldn’t make it Yeah, I’m sad. She couldn’t get out anymore, sad. She can’t get out anymore. I just thought of it Do you think she’ll want the photos of you at your concert – oh yeah, you reminded me She’s been asking for them for the last six months such a terrible grandson. I’ll send them to you tomorrow. Thanks, I Saw Helen today. She told me what happened with Sebastian I figured I tell you about it because she said you’d already what talked it over the whole thing just sucks But didn’t you tell me yesterday? Yet seriously not cool. I didn’t want to tell you before Helen did to respect her privacy But believe me. I wanted to tell you badly it made me so mad Okay, I get it. It’s actually kind of cool that you don’t share other people’s secrets She also told me that it was you who convinced her to come talk to me? Well well done I really think I found the right words to help her I Didn’t doubt for a single second that you would provide excellent support Which gets me thinking to convince her did you tell her about you know what? No, I don’t Share other people’s secrets like you said No problem. I got my results. I can’t bring myself to open them. Oh Come on Waiting to change the results since waiting won’t change the results inside the envelope. You’re right. Well. I’m opening well negative oh No Want me to come see you I? just want to curl up into a ball and cry by myself right now I Don’t want to leave you alone at a time like this. I’m taking a shower and coming no seriously don’t calm Truth is I don’t even have the time to curl up into a ball Between stress over the results and the talk with Helen have enough time to pack for tomorrow And I really need to take care of it. Okay, but if you need to talk call me I’ll call you before going to bed. See ya I’m at the way when was this a 23rd. I’m at the airport thinking of you. We see each other for New Year’s Eve Enjoy your holidays. Happy Christmas to my big gummy bear. Happy Christmas is the most beautiful girl You guy is you’re melting my heart right now Can’t wait for tomorrow. I miss you this holiday week felt like months without seeing you I bet you even saw out that alice No, I didn’t see her I couldn’t think of anything, but you this whole week can’t wait for tomorrow see it’s been super nice and he’s constantly reassuring you, but if you’re constantly like stabbing at that jealousy Bundle then it’s not good It’s exhausting to try and deal with people like that. I have a big surprise tonight something to really celebrate the New year You don’t want to know what it is sending you a photo clue So I’ve been looking at this. I feel like I’m prying at some people’s privacy. Oh I’m sorry, but I’m not coming. I know you were looking forward to tonight, but it’s time to admit things We’re at very different points in our lives, and we don’t want the same things anymore What at the teams we were before I realize how horrible it is to tell you this way But I’m too much of a coward to say things face-to-face. I hope you still enjoy your evening and find joy in 2016 Sam And this is how five and this is 7:45 But fucking sucks wait you’re kidding right? Are you dumping me? What the hell? Everything was fine until now something happened during the holiday you can’t leave me. We love each other Nothing happened during the holiday I just don’t feel the same way I did before but you can’t just break everything between us on an impulse Come to my place, and we’ll talk about it. No. I’ve made up my mind and I want to spend the evening alone Sorry fuck you I Know it seems really stupid to tell you everything right now, but I’m really sorry for everything that happened You’re awesome, and you deserve better than an asshole like me. I’m really sorry I made you suffer that much tell me what I can do to help you get better just ask You know I’d move mountains for you. Oh, that’s the worst Not only are you dumping her over text? Which is a douche bag Coward move But I get there Like the feelings behind not being able to do it in person because that’s a hard thing to do when I myself Have things with confrontation, but even I have the fucking Morality and the decency to do things like this the big decisions, not breakups But stuff that means a lot and needs to be talked face-To-face So the jumper by text and then to suddenly be like I’m dumping you But if anything you need just come talk to me because nobody wants to hear that What I want is you you’re the one you are and you’ve always been the only person I wanted in my life Anything but that if I can do anything else to apologize or help you get better just say I don’t ever want to hear from You again, please don’t write to me. Don’t come to me at school stay away. You’re toxic Sam You’re the worst thing that happened to me I’ve fucking sucks Let’s go talk to Tio. Oh My mom said we ago on Saturday to visit you guys can we watch the race there She said she’ll buy us a pizza which race you fucking kidding me the world Championship not a big fan of that kind of thing don’t you watch the news you spend too much time playing to harp and hanging? Out with girls dude come feel the engines power and smell the gas wait I Didn’t even put two and two together from before The Dad was talking about Melissa being perfect And I ate well, maybe not putting two and two together, but the way it seems maybe Sam’s gay and Justin want to be with Melissa because Not into girls. Oh Maybe we’ll find out at the end you stare at the motorcycles. I use the pizza you can’t while you’re busy playing harp See you then hey I wanted to ask you about your brother Eric I hardly remember anything he left before when I was a kid my parents never talked about him they felt betrayed How do you remember him either, but he was always nice to me? Why betrayed? They why are we suddenly talking about him? What is in time? They were really great parents, and he still ran away like a selfish jerk I asked once and my mother said he was sort of brainwashed and joined a cult of some kind Yes, that’s it the bastard abandoned the family and don’t exist for him anymore, and we don’t exist for him anymore this morning I found an invite to his wedding in the mailbox. I was shocked. That’s why I wanted to ask you the hell Are you talking about have you not seen it no? And I don’t want to see it. I don’t give a shit. What do you think that’s strange? for the Hickel’s He’s inviting us to his wedding. It’s not like he doesn’t care about us. He left. That’s all I care Sorry, tio. I don’t upset you, but please check the carrot for me Something doesn’t fit. I don’t even know if we got one maybe he only scented you. I’ll have to check Hey, I found it yesterday in the wastepaper basket in my dad’s studio ready to go in the shredder. Did you get it? No, I left it there of course that was just coming home I’m dead if he catches me looking around and there, but did you at least read it. It doesn’t exactly look like some cult ritual I understand what you mean, no, it doesn’t can we talk about it during the weekend when you’re here. It’s late I don’t want to sleep sure see you then Maybe the brothers gay as well and the diet couldn’t accept it. I’m sensing a theme Read Madrid stuck in traffic. What’s the password to the public Wi-Fi which everyone want to know it? Why is nobody just saying it? Why not just say the actual password? Nothing’s right yet on this new phone, but I guess it hasn’t changed. It’s Melbourne zip code easy makes sense. Thank you See you soon, Sam. Can you call me no not enough credit for phone calls everything okay? No, I got in touch with Eric what how? After we talked about last weekend I checked again and the invitation was still there So I wrote down the contact details and is it what we thought can you call me? No? I meant minutes left until next month No minutes left until next month But using the landline here is risky my parents are home shit my parents – can we talk tomorrow. I’m meeting my friend alice She’s got a flat rate plan so I can use herself, but is everything okay? Just call me tomorrow whenever you can is That the friend of yours, I met once the one who plays harp – no, that’s Victoria I’ll call you in the afternoon can I call what you know yes? your something going on I Wonder if I have messages from Eric Avenue phone happy belated New Year Do you know where you know if we’re going to the museum next week? I lost my schedule We’re going in two weeks really looking forward to it. Cool me too man. Last time was awesome I find the talk about college quite useful I’m seriously considering biology as an option I would suit you perfectly I know. I always liked biology. I get good grades that much effort Would you stay in Melbourne? I don’t know but at least one semester abroad would be awesome The world should get to know you that could be dangerous for the world uh-huh here’s Alice Nice. God. There’s a lot of fucking metal. Where did some of these have these on them I wasn’t actually paying attention for that. Do we have any messages from Eric I wonder No doesn’t seem so long Messages thanks for letting me know welcome back to the 21st century Oh my God good thing you left early big drama went down afterwards shit Lola told you everything now we’re figuring out that the drama Lola no idea what you’re talking about. It’s Anne who lost her shit What’s the deal with Lola? nothing something personal about her I Really shouldn’t talk about it. What happened with Anne so last week She came to me and told me tomas had a crush on me. He’s not really my type so today I went to say him to him nothing could happen between us whew that’s quite a front of you Did he take it well getting all the glossy oh? He didn’t take the news badly at all Because guess what he had no idea what I was talking about he actually confessed that he’s been seeing an for the past three weeks Dude what why did I tell you he had a crush on you, then I talked to her right after it seems She was convinced I wanted to steal her boyfriend and he was interested And it was her way of testing his loyalty Oh douchebag move what at what I hate lying and convinced conniving people of course I hate liars to me three But seriously who knows something like this she’s completely out of her mind, then again my girlfriend Melissa is almost as jealous So maybe she’d do something that bad oh You have a girlfriend. I didn’t know Yeah, sorry, I never told you about her. That’s cool. I’m just a bit surprised. I don’t know Hawaii I always thought you’d be more into guys. I think I like both I Don’t know yet and keep it and keep this to yourself. So not Not just straight gay ironic straight gay But bisexual yeah promise. I won’t wait. Let’s go back to this for a second So he was already having doubts here about the 13th of the 12th And I think he broke up with her like two months later or something. I can’t remember the date But they’re lying and conniving people and manipulating people Can’t fucking stand Weren’t you here today? I couldn’t I’m sorry would you be coming back in January? I don’t know. I’m a bit annoyed with Lola about something don’t care about lola. I like it when you’re there come play with me Thanks, but I don’t think I’ll come to play again We’ll keep hanging out together elsewhere won’t we but who’s going to teach me that game rules now your instructions were always the best But okay, I understand and yes, we’ll keep in touch – promise Here as an apology a pic from the latest tonio show. I know you’re a fan. That’s a badass picture What you’ve been to a tonio show now? I’m jealous. Oh wait. That’s not him. That’s the someone from tonio Silly Merry Christmas Alice happy New Year alice, hey, how come you’re not replying alice? Why aren’t you texting back? Oh, this is Alice What if we’re going to it mrs., du bois? Let’s go back to the gallery So this is me and alice. I’m guessing maybe I took the picture and this is somebody else Okay, ah shit not gallery again messages a lot Of messages to go through and Mr.. Boy Here’s Sam your grandma showed us the photo from your last concert. We really like hello It would take it was just taken by a good photographer So thank you know you’ve grown up a lot and look wonderful vlad is very proud of you He gets nostalgic when he sees someone with a hair. I didn’t know he made the hair up to you. Oh, no He didn’t he’s played many instruments, but not the hair, but it probably is his favorite That’s why he never touched one and always held harpist and had such high regard Still the sound brings him sweet memories your dad told us you’re very talented So now you’re going to have to play for vlad next time I’ll practice how to impress it looking forward to it Dear Sam vlad and I wish you a very happy New Year surrounded by the people you love Hope to see you next – that’s a lovely message Huli, Huli Why wish you great 2016 a lot of fun tonight? Thanks? Hope you had a great night. Enjoy the rest of your holidays So these are short messages. Hey, Sam. Happy New Year. I hope everything goes great with you say hi to your parents from Said bass yeah, and another big-name player are you coming to the Christmas party tomorrow? I’m going with Helen hey Sebastian Sorry for the late reply I totally forgot yes, you could tell I didn’t go I spent the day at a book festival instead Hope you had a great time. Yeah, it was okay. Just okay Sorry if Helen if Helen didn’t feel well at some point. Oh, sort of Helen, oh Lane, I know you guys were looking forward to going together. Yeah, that’s what I thought. Oh Weren’t you? Yeah, yeah, but things went wrong and she wasn’t feeling well Yep, you said that already, but she was feeling sick food poisoning, but bitch left in the middle of the party whoa What? Sorry, that’s not a very nice way to talk about your girlfriend. Yes, Amisom morals Can you fucking believe it? She’s not my girlfriend? We’re just dating on and off she said well calm down Do you want to tell me what happened or just shut up? She’s a cock tease that’s what happens She’s been dropping hints for weeks making comments getting me fucking horny she was saying how special then I was going to be and how much for we were going to have and That doesn’t mean anything Well, what do you what would you expect? After midnight we were dancing at the party and she was constantly rubbing her body against me She was dressed for sex and almost dry-humping dressed for sex Who the fuck talks like that? It’s hard to imagine Helen in that situation, and then she said she needed to go to the bathroom What do you mean it’s hard to imagine that tart was fucking drunk and she had wanted it for weeks oh, I? Went with her and she got all nervous told me to go and then I and then left I fucking had condoms man It was going to be fun, and we were both into it well obviously she wasn’t What the hell do you mean? You weren’t there? So shut up you so shut up. You know when they want it. I bet you see it in Melissa’s. Eye – They’re such good friends. Oh, oh Sebastian Hey calm down don’t Involve Melissa in this you’re the one who has a problem And I think you screwed it up last night with Helen Yeah, I screwed it up, and that’s the only thing I screwed up because that slut Didn’t want to finish what she started you and your stupid girlfriend can fuck off too. I bet you don’t even screw her you faggot Melissa and Helen spent the whole day whispering behind my back, but wouldn’t talk to me I’m sure you know what they’re up to, Mr.. Midler Sebastian fuck you oh What a dick She was dressed for sex she was caught teasing me, okay grug seizing you is one thing say it’s going to be fun and Leaving hints and all that kind of stuff is one thing. Maybe she did want it Maybe she didn’t want to have sex with you Maybe she didn’t want more than just whatever but that does not mean that she has to follow through with it You don’t have to go through with that stuff. You can have second thoughts and then not do it Just because you’re too much of a douchebag to think about and to think what anything, but your dick Does that mean that she owes you anything sure I mean? Sure he can get built up and get frustrated hormones in guys at that age whatever But that does not give you any sort of excuse To be an absolute asshole to people you should respect If it’s going to happen, it’ll happen doesn’t mean you have to force it that night. Oh Yeah, you brought condoms good for you, dude. Fucking a one I mean yeah, you’re being smart, and you’re being safe, and you’re being protected and everything. That’s a good initiative but if you’re bringing the condoms for the sole reason that you Really think you’re going to have sex and then be an absolute dickhead about it afterwards then no fucking Sorry, I get very I get very op about this I had some friends who were like that when I was a teenager and had no respect for anything. I just pisses me off Anyway, that was a fun one to read we learn more about Sebastian. Oh He didn’t say the new number thing on this one Hi, so, are you joining us this weekend. Have you got your parent’s permission. Yes? I’ve got permission from my mom for a book festival. I call the chat about details Oh, he wasn’t going to a book festival a book first of all that’s a good one the most important thing Is that you can come indeed? It was an awesome weekend. Thanks a bunch for pushing me to come glad you could join us What that was about? Who are we talking to Helen Helen reply as soon as you see this message. Thanks. Hi, Sam. I’m here. Not doing much Are you okay? Yes? Why just been texting with Sebastian and he told me about the party last Friday I wanted to know if you were okay, don’t even mention his name, okay? I don’t know what he’s told you and I don’t give a shit well I just may want to make sure he didn’t hurt you or do anything stupid. He seemed to be really furious. He’s furious him He can die and you can fuck off. I didn’t expect this from you, Sam. I’m just trying to help Helen I’m on your side. I’m trying to be supportive. I’m worried about you. That’s why I’m messaging you Sorry, Sam the password made me feel like shit there we go He was like a gentleman at the beginning of the night but he became unbearable as soon as he got drunk making comments and touching me everywhere and Holding me tight while dancing. I was feeling uncomfortable, but I didn’t want to say anything. It was supposed to be a great night Yeah, see that’s the thing was he just nice because he wanted to get in your pants So that’s not cool be nice for the sake of being nice. Don’t and that’s just in any walk of life Don’t be nice to people you think you’re going to get something out of it Just be nice to people because it’s that’s the decent humane thing to do be nice to people Just because you want to treat them like people man people piss me off sometimes So I just hear you made you feel like that, then I had enough So I lied and said I had to go to the bathroom, but I wanted to leave He said he was going to the toilet too and came with me, but he came into the ladies toilet And then grabbed my arm started kissing me and pushing me to one of the stalls I’m it’s been a terrible moment. I’m sorry Thanks, Sam Fortunately we heard someone coming the restroom and that made him stop. He was drunk so I was able to push him to one side an escape if you have to write terms like Escape and push him to the side That’s when you know shit’s not right. I picked up my stuff and left I don’t know if he was caught or what happened behind me I was scared and just wanted to get away. We okay after that. Did you make it home safely? I was a bit drunk. Just buzzed, but I came home okay. I felt terrible I probably triggered that situation It was my fault after all what no no way. What makes you say that I came home earlier my dad was awake I was very embarrassed But he asked what’s the matter so I said a guy had been? Molesting me the whole night and tried to touch me and quote my ass in a corner Well at least you didn’t lie about what was actually going on And he said what I told you that dress was too much and now you’re upset. You should have been more careful. Oh What the fuck is wrong with your dad? What is wrong with the men in your life? Listen Helen you are not responsible for what happened, and you shouldn’t feel ashamed okay? Did you ask anyone else for help Melissa? No please don’t tell her anything I don’t want to talk to her about talk about this with anyone, please, it’s too much She’ll comfort you. I’m sure don’t be afraid I think she’ll understand and could behave and be able to help you better than I can Thanks, Sam. I appreciate you listening most guys would laugh at me if they knew what happened I already feel a tiny little bit less awful after talking to you. I’ve got to go now. Thanks again You can count on me, but you really should talk to Melissa, too. I’m sure she’ll be able to help Sam you’re a good guy What a fucking hero, man, that was the most fucked-up one so far Sebastian and her Because the first thing is this happens all the time constantly you go to parties and then one thing leads to another people expect things other people I Don’t know that situation the situation pissed me off Because I don’t have any friends who’ve been into anything, or I don’t have any experience with this level of it Firsthand, but kind of in that regard when I was younger and teenage and going to discos and course and that kind of stuff, so I Definitely get the mentality that’s going around in that kind of atmosPhere I Know it’s hard to think back about My state of mentality back then because all I can really know is the last couple of years about myself What to say I was I was a decent guy when I was that age not to say that I was in that Situation or anything like that. It’s just I know people I Just can’t remember how I reacted to avoid these days listening to those stories pisses me off so much because if any of you are in Helen situation, well if you’re in Sebastian situation do not do that that is a douchebag asshole thing to do and I know alcohol can get involved and hormones can flare up and everything, but please have the Moral clout To just have some sort of clarity in that situation to be like no, I’m being an absolute asshole right now Don’t be that guy don’t do that Because I can lead to a lot of stuff that Leads to some very mess of situations and If you’re in helens situation you do not need to feel responsible for it I know you might feel and think that it’s your fault Because of the way you dressed the way you dress is never an excuse for what other people do to you Sure, you can wear something. That’s a bit more revealing But that does not give anybody else the right to do whatever they want to you That’s a fucked up type of mentality. So do not think that way about yourself And there’s always going to be somebody out there who will listen to you her? Sebastian was an asshole and her dad was a big douche bag when she came home was that saying about her? Like can you really be surprised kind of stuff? There are people out there who will listen to your side of things and be on your side, and you are not responsible So I could talk about this stuff all day, but I’m going to leave it at that We’ve more messages to get through hey, Sam. I asked harry for your number I was thinking my parents are a bit anxious about next Saturday. They don’t like me going there with people They don’t know do you think I could tell them to contact your parents, so they’ll calm down Like don’t worry your daughter is in safe hands of time around. I know they freak out over nothing Sorry, I don’t think so. They don’t know where I’m going this weekend I told my mother I was going to a book festival shit So you just lie to your mom your situation is even worse than I thought? Oh, well hope to see you on Saturday? I hope so, too. Oh No, way, they did go Hey, oh, this is Lola. Could you bring back that game from last week can’t remember the name the one with the mice, okay? Shit, what was it called I? Can’t remember your mom cakes are so good. She’s so nice to bake them for us every time. Oh, thanks. I’ll tell her You truly are a monster. I’m so disgusted that I discovered your true face today Don’t ever set foot back in this club, or I’ll have to tell your little secret to everybody whoa What the fuck oh? But I do something or is it like a coming-out type of situation and Lola just doesn’t understand that Okay, oh my god Mr.. Caplan is friends of Peter nor guards. Are you talking about Jeff Kaplan? Hero of overwatch Development talking Love Jeff Kaplan What our music theory teacher with noir guard the orchestra director. No an order the TV chef of course it’s a director Not only that I heard he showed up at our last concert. Do you think he would have wasted this time like that? Ha funny at you saying that you were the best of all of us oh shucks I can only see him totally impressed by Sam the virtuoso and then calling your parents and Taking you with him to his orchestra. Hey, I’ll be 18 soon I don’t need my parents permission to sign contracts and stuff. Oh, I didn’t know you were one year older than me I didn’t know you were one year younger than me XD law Lexi Okay, I heard your friend Alice likes Thomas did she tell you anything? Is she a nice girl what she’s great, but she would have told me who told you that oops forget it Maybe I’m wrong. No way who told you that ah? this is where it’s all coming out cuz the gossip was coming like between an Lola all these different types of people Thanks for letting me know Nico Good see you in Sunday last message Cool Okay, so have nothing from Eric Alright, so we got through all the messages Lovebirds something something else offline login unavailable, okay, I need to get the No internet. I need to get the fucking the Wi-Fi password calendar dentist Tio Raymond Museum trip movie with alice my 18th party wait disappointment Museum Trip that’s not the one that we were talking about Dad’s birthday party with Melissa movie with Melissa book club none of these are like the actual thing are they Okay Wait, whether other registered cities here we go? Wait melons up there a melon zip code two 906 four okay two 906 four oh We have connection So now we can start going into one degree Celsius and light rain Kandra didn’t update or anything oh There’s a password okay. Maybe that’s in my email Okay, I don’t care what the fucking bank. I was still sick All right, oh There’s a lot of fucking emails. Okay. You know what? I’m going to leave this episode here Sorry to leave you on a little bit of a teaser, but I’ve been doing this for like an hour now So I know I don’t want it to get too long I want people to stay invested and stay interested in it instead of tuning off because I think this is going to have a really Great outcome. I think that this is going to happen I have a theory in my head of what’s actually going to be going on But I don’t want to say it right now because I know it’s before. We’ll see if it actually happens, but for now Anyway~ Thank you guys so much for watching this video if you liked it punch that like button in the face!!! LIKE A BOSS~ and High-Five All-Round~ *Whoopsh 2x* But Thank you guys and I Will See you dudes, IN THE NEXT VIDEO~~ Outro – I’m Everywhere By Teknoaxe God ourselves a bit of country music going on y’all like this….

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