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WHO WAS PHONE? – Official Trailer 2 [HD/4K UHD]

WHO WAS PHONE? – Official Trailer 2 [HD/4K UHD]

Two friends in two weeks… You already know the answer. No I don’t, I don’t know anything! Hello? Hello! [laughter] Who is this? U MAD? Who is this? Your dad…he’s not your dad anymore. Then I guess it’s one of us. Well… He was phone, wasn’t he? Oh, you want to be detective? Why not A-tective? Here in my garage, I just bought this new Lamborghini… Gross! I don’t watch remakes! #triggered What? He can hear us! He can hear everything that we’re saying! Cool story bro It’s some deranged psychopath, and until we figure out who it is, we have to stick
together and watch each other’s backs. We need weapons. I know HTML. How will that be useful exactly? It’s programming. Not really. [screams] What was that? I didn’t hear anything.

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