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Why an Eye Icon Sometimes Appears on Phones

Why an Eye Icon Sometimes Appears on Phones

It may seem that you know everything about
your smartphone: all its knacks, glitches, and icons. But occasionally, especially if you’re an
Android owner, or if you have just had a software update or installed a new, unfamiliar app,
your cell phone might surprise you. You unlock it and – ta-da! – there is an eye,
staring at you from the top of the screen! Has CBS taken over your phone? Well here’s how to decode those icons on
your screen. – If your phone shows you two horizontal arrows,
one over the other and pointing in the opposite directions, it means that your network is
testing (or has already launched) Voice-over-LTE service. In short, before, you used a 4G signal only
for browsing the Internet. But once the arrow sign appears on your screen,
it means that you can use a 4G signal to make phone calls! Good news because it results in calls of higher
quality and better coverage – especially if you’re indoors. – Show me a person who doesn’t know the meaning
of a small radar sign at the top of the screen! Yep, that’s the famous Wi-Fi symbol, loved
by many! It appears when you connect to Wi-Fi networks
at home, in a coffee shop, or at an airport. But what if a symbol has the same shape as
the Wi-Fi icon but is black and has an exclamation mark on it? It means you’ve gone to the Wi-Fi Dark Side,
and there’s Darth Flip Phone … nah… it only means that the Wi-Fi connection has
been lost but your phone’s working hard, trying to solve the problem. To do so, your gadget uses the Smart Network
Switching option. It automatically switches your phone back
to your mobile network if Wi-Fi stops working or if its signal becomes too weak. – On most phones, you’ll sooner or later spot
two vertical arrows facing opposite directions under or next to the Wi-Fi symbol. It means that your phone is using a Wi-Fi
network at the moment. And if the arrows flash, the connection is
working correctly. – One day, you may see the capital letter
“R” appear next to your phone’s signal bars. It means that your device has managed to connect
to a different network – not its regular one. It mostly happens when you go abroad; without
the roaming mode, you can’t use the Internet or make calls on your phone. That’s why if you want to use your device
to the fullest when you’re out of the country, remember to turn on the roaming feature in
your phone’s settings. At the same time, keep in mind that surfing
the Internet or calling while abroad can cost you a fortune! – Your Android phone of an older model may
also start to show you a little triangle next to the signal bars. This geometric figure has the same function
as the letter “R” – it informs you that your phone is in the roaming mode. – A star symbol means that you’ve enabled
“Do not disturb” mode on your phone. Instead of a star, there might be a no-entry
sign on your gadget. In any case, when this mode is on, you won’t
get messages, calls, and other notifications unless you’ve added the sender in a special
priority list in advance. – A tiny telephone with a keyboard next to
it means that you have activated TTY, which stands for teletypewriter. Thanks to this feature, instead of talking,
you can type your messages, which makes communication easier for people who have issues with speaking
or hearing. However, you can only use Teletypewriter if
your network provider supports this feature. – Also, if you see an icon with an ear that
seems to be crossed and a tiny capital letter “T” next to it, you’ve switched on the hearing
aid mode. This feature was designed for people wearing
a hearing aid. And when you have this symbol on the screen,
it means that your phone is ready to transmit audio directly to the hearing aid. Thanks to this option, hearing aid users can
hear everything much more clearly than they would otherwise. – When you see a symbol that resembles a curvy
capital letter N on the screen, your NFC (which stands for Near Field Communication) is switched
on. With this option on, your gadget can interact
with another device that’s not further than a few inches away. This way, you can transfer small amounts of
data or even photos by keeping two phones together. – An upside-down teardrop at the top of your
phone’s screen not only indicates that your GPS is turned on but also informs you that
one of your applications is using your current location at the moment. But in fact, you usually need this only when
you use your phone for navigation. In any other case, you’d better switch this
feature off because, otherwise, it will drain your gadget’s battery with lightning speed. Another icon for the turned-on GPS looks like
a satellite with two lines coming off it. – If you’re an Android owner and have noticed
a plus inside a circle (which actually looks like a 75% of a circle), you have the Data
Saver mode on. This function helps you to reduce the amount
of data you use by optimizing the pages you visit and the apps you use. You can turn this mode on and off whenever
you need it in your Data Usage settings. Plus, you can tune particular apps for no-data
or low-data access. – Another sign an Android device owner may
once see at the top of the screen is a rectangle with three curved lines. This is the “Cast Screen” icon. It means that your phone is connected to your
TV (or, in some cases, another device), beaming photos and videos from your gadget to a bigger
screen. If you want to disable this mode, go to Settings
and switch off Screen Casting. – If you’re an owner of a Samsung device,
one day, you might notice an eye, which might be surrounded by eyelashes or not, staring
back at you from the top of the screen. It means that the Smart Stay feature is enabled
on your phone. When this function is turned on, the screen
of your gadget won’t switch off until you look away from it. Smart Stay uses a sensor on the front side
of your cell phone. As soon as this sensor detects your face,
it keeps checking whether your eyes are still on the page. If not, the screen will darken to save battery. To switch this function on, go to the Settings
menu and choose “Display.” Scroll through your option and choose “Smart
Stay.” Congrats, from now on, you can easily switch
the flashing eye icon on and off. But if this feature doesn’t seem particularly
entertaining to you, you can easily disable it the same way. – If you see a Wi-Fi symbol coming out of
a phone receiver, it means that your phone is ready to use Wi-Fi calling. It’s a relatively new feature that allows
you to have a better quality of calls. For example, if your phone can’t find good
reception indoors, you can make calls with the help of any available Wi-Fi network. – A square with some mountains inside informs
you about a successfully made screenshot. In most smartphones, to make a screenshot,
you need to hold the home button and the power button at the same time. As soon as you hear a camera’s shutter noise,
the screenshot is taken! – But then, what’s this icon that has the
symbol of a screenshot with an exclamation mark on it? This sign warns you that your phone hasn’t
been able to save the image. The reasons may be different. For example, your device may not have enough
memory or the application itself doesn’t allow you to take a screenshot (just as it may happen
with some banking apps). – A small arrow at the top of the screen on
Apple phones means that you’re using location services. Most often, you’ll see this arrow when you
have an app with maps open on your device. If you notice it too often to your liking,
open Settings – Privacy – Location Services. There, you’ll see which apps have recently
used your location. If you don’t want some of them to know where
you are at the moment, simply switch off their access to the location services. Oh, and by the way, all these icons may look
slightly different, depending on your device and its manufacturer. But in general, they’re supposed to look similar
to the ones I’ve told you about. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other videos I think you’ll
enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!

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