Why are these monkeys stealing from tourists? – World’s Sneakiest Animals: Episode 2 Preview – BBC

These monkeys are expert thieves. Here we go, here we go! Oh, and there you go. Brazen, audacious. They’ve worked out exactly how to get what
they want. Oh dear, oh dear. It’s like taking candy from children, it really
is. You’re a bit of a gangster, aren’t you? You fancy yourself as a bit of a sunglasses
hitman. Look at him, look. Here he goes. I’ve been undercover for about an hour. The monkeys have been stealing all sorts of
stuff, flip flops, sunglasses. I’ve managed to hang on to my own. People’s hats. I’m told they even nick their iPhones. The interesting thing is though, they’re taking
all of this stuff which is valuable to us humans, but they’re not taking any food. Well, obviously I spoke too soon about my
sunglasses. But this daylight robbery is still all about
food. Just not in the way that you’d ever expect. So, to understand what they’re up to, I’m
giving them an irresistible opportunity. You see, these monkeys want something in return
for my phone. They’re notorious for one thing… holding
people to ransom. Ok, he’s got my phone. And there is a system by which I may be able
to do this. Bartering. Ok, that’s what it thinks of peanuts. Let’s try something a little bit more valuable
to it. Maybe a bag of bananas. Doesn’t seem particularly interested in the
bananas either, does he? The last prize that I have is this. Protein, in the form of eggs. If anything’s gonna get my phone back, it’s
this. Yes!

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