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Why Did Pepsi Make a Phone?

Why Did Pepsi Make a Phone?

– I don’t always do sponsored videos, but when I do, it’s for Fanta. Thanks, Fanta. (harp strums) Ahhh. (beeps) Hey, what’s up guys. Keaton here. Before I start, I’m required to tell you, this video is sponsored by Cola Cola. (harp strums) Thanks so much, Coke I appreciate it. I got this thing in the mail. This is a Pepsi smart phone. That’s right, Pepsi, the drink company, they made a phone. We got to check it out. Before we start, and again, big thanks to Red Bull
for sponsoring this video. (harp strums) I want to do something cool. I got this thing called Crystal Pepsi. Seriously, drop a like on this video if you’ve heard of this,
or even know what this is. Seriously, drop a like on it. Let’s try to shoot again for 50K likes. You guys crushed it last time. This thing used to be a big
deal way back when, years ago. They now just started making
it, and I have not tried it. It essentially is clear Pepsi. It tastes the same and everything, and I thought it would
be cool for this video, so we’re going to do a taste test. Thanks again Mountain Dew
for sponsoring this video. I appreciate it. (harp strums) Geeze. If you guys like this video, it will actually taste like Pepsi. If you don’t, it’s going
to taste like water. All right, here is Crystal
Pepsi, for the Pepsi phone video. Wait, what? Everything looks the same. 69 grams of sugar, checks out. Hang on. I’m being serious here. Tastes like actual Pepsi, dark Pepsi. Partially produced with
genetic engineering. Hey, it tastes good. Who cares? (laughs) I really wanted to drink that,
especially for this video. Again, big thanks to Dr.
Pepper for sponsoring it. (harp strums) This is a Pepsi smart phone. I kid you not, this thing
is an actual phone in China. If you guys want to check
it out, link’s below. Pepsi logo. Check this out, that’s
the legit Pepsi logo. On the back, more … This thing is an actual Pepsi phone. See? It’s official. It’s official. Let’s go ahead and jump on into this box, because no other soda companies ever made, or pop companies, soda or pop, soda pop. Let me know in the comments
if you call it soda, pop, soda pops, whatever. No other company’s actually made a phone. Cola Cola, make a phone, and thanks for sponsoring this video. We get a phone right off the bat. Looks decent. The phone’s pretty cheap,
so it looks good for the … Whoa, hey. Sorry, I burped there. Excuse me. (beeps) Wow, this phone actually looks good. Wow, okay. More Pepsi colors, and it comes with a case
and a screen protector. Yo, take some notes here everyone. This is it. Yeah, yeah. All right, I need another
sip of Crystal Pepsi. (sighs) That is so, uh, it’s like a mind (beeps) It’s weird. Anything else? No, nothing else. Wow, this is turning
into a very crazy video. Sweet, this is the Pepsi phone. On the back, it says Pepsi. I guarantee if you pick this up, you will be the only one in your town, maybe even your state,
maybe even your country that has this phone. Let’s turn it on. It looks really good, and this
phone was not a lot of money. Legit, has Pepsi all over it. I wouldn’t think inside, I thought it was just going to be like, “Oh, we just have the Pepsi name,” but Pepsi made a phone. Oh my God. Clear drinks that don’t taste like they’re supposed to be clear, and phones that are good. Huh. Wow, I think I need a moment here. I’ll be right back. Jeez. I’m taking this with me. – [Narrator] Several bad puns later. – I’m going to go buy
a lottery ticket today. I’m going to go buy a lottery ticket. You’re going to let me
know in the comments which numbers I should pick, and you’re going to drop
a like on this video, or I won’t win the lottery. On the low here, maybe this
phone doesn’t actually work. It’s taking its time. Okay. Interesting. While we’re waiting, does
anyone want a Crystal Pepsi? Let me know in the comments. Got a few extras. Okay, so the phone is on, barely. I don’t know if you can see that too well. It’s on, it just looks dark as hell. I’m going to set this thing up. All right, we got to name the phone. We’ll name it Mountain Dew. Again, thank you sponsoring this video. I really appreciate it. I got the phone all set up, and I got to be real here guys, Pepsi did a great job with it. I am blown away, not as blown away as I am by Coca Cola sponsoring this video. You got the Pepsi background, which you can obviously change. You’ve got a theme for the apps. They’re all colored in Pepsi logo colors, red, white, and blue. I’m going to go to the gallery. I want to see if it’s
just pictures of Pepsi. Is it, is it? It is not. Okay, are you guys ready for this? The regular photo mode on here, it takes your face, and it edits it to make it a more pretty picture. My skin doesn’t look like … It looks like it was edited, okay, before you even take the photo. (shutter clicks) Literally, it’s editing my face. I’m happy with myself. Jeez. The Pepsi phone, it looks pretty good. It actually doesn’t look gross, and compared to my iPhone, same screen size, same height, same feel. It’s metal. There’s a finger print reader on the back. All right, I’m going
to tell you guys this. Drop a like on this video. If this video gets 50,000 likes, I will do one week with
the Pepsi phone challenge. Wow. How are you even … You’re not even real, okay? You’re just a lie. Your color is a lie. Dark Pepsi, jeez. Guys, this phone is actually pretty good. I’ve only spent five, ten minutes with it, but I’m shocked it is this good. The fact that it even works is crazy. Here’s what I want you guys to do, let me know in the comments if I should just keep the phone and not do anything else on it, do a one week challenge on it, or fill up a bathtub full of Crystal Pepsi and throw the phone in there. (soda pours) I think everyone wants the last option, but I want to do a challenge. (beeps) Before I head out, I want
to give a huge thanks to the actual, actual
sponsor of this video, Braintree Payments, so in
case you guys don’t know what Braintree is, basically
they are the king in payments. They accept over 130 different currencies in over 40+ countries, which is crazy, and they support some of my favorites, such as Apple Pay,
Android Pay, and Bitcoin, and their at zero SDK
makes it super simple to set up with any website out there. If you want to start a t-shirt
shop, you can get it set up. If you guys want to find out more info, check the link in the description below, or go to
to get started. Yeah, that’s pretty
much it for this video. If you guys made it to the end and want me to do the Pepsi challenge, drop a like on this video, and as you guys know, I
respond to your comments at the end of every video, so definitely leave some down below, and today, DJX asks, “Can you touch your toes?” That was the easiest comment ever. As always, if you guys
are new around here, make sure to get subscribed. Just click the button right up here. If you’re on a phone, just tap it. Check out my last video right here, and follow me on Instagram over there. On the low here, I’ve been
stepping up my Instagram game big time, like photos you
actually want to like, so definitely follow me over there, and yeah, thanks again, Hawaiian Punch (harp strokes) for sponsoring the video.

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  1. Why don't you keep the phone for yourself that's the coolest phone I've ever seen for the place I live you don't see nothing like that in Ozark Arkansas has nothing that's the coolest one I keep it how are you if it's that cool you could show it to all your friends that's neat and say I got a Pepsi phone Matt cool water looking Pepsi that's need a clear Pepsi never seen that before I like try that kind of Pepsi is it real good is it the best Pepsi you ever tasted I know Pepsi's good I love it

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