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Why does OmniSD no longer work on Jio Phone after the update? THE TRUTH! #boycottjio

Why does OmniSD no longer work on Jio Phone after the update? THE TRUTH! #boycottjio

Before starting this video I want to launch
an appeal: Stop with this speculation on OmniSD! Many Indian videos and blogs make propaganda
to get subscribers and views, but in reality them are just playing with the problems of
people seeking help! Let these five points be clear: 1) There is no online version of OmniSD because
it’s an application that requires certain permissions on the system to work. If OmniSD worked online, any attacker could
break into a KaiOS device, like on Android, stealing data and making changes to the system,
where, how and when it wants! 2) It is not possible to use Google Chrome
(because KaiOS is based on a browser, Firefox 48) or Google Play (because the APKs are a
format compatible with Android, and KaiOS is a different operating system), or any other
coloured version of OmniSD. This is technique, we’re not playing with
Pokémon! 3) It’s not fair to sell OmniSD via external
links to unofficial sources different from the BananaHackers resouces, especially when
you request registration for services of dubious utility, because OmniSD is open source! 4) If you are so convinced of what you are
publishing, you should have the goodness to show the application running on your device,
instead of stuttering in Hindi and shaking Jio Phone in your hands flipping through random
menus! 5) When in the title you write “proof” you
should have at least the cunning to show a date and time consistent with what you are
showing, because we understand well that you have cut and edited the video by taking pieces
from previous uploads! Now I can talk about serious things. The new Jio Phone update which caused several
problems for its users in India. The problems are two: 1) OmniSD does not work because the update
have disabled the navigator.mozApps.mgmt extension listed in the /js/app.js file of the application,
and this extension is necessary for the installation of external zips, as demonstrated by GulTion
in the analysis performed using WebIDE on its Jio Phone; 2) The main problem is that the old Firehoses
needed in EDL mode are incompatible with the new version of the software, so any attempt
to download a copy of the userdata.img file or any other partition on the computer will
be useless. Without this possibility, you cannot start
a more thorough research. What can be the only three possible solutions? 1) Democratic solution:
to force Jio to release an update that restores the natural properties of KaiOS (ADB & DevTools)
on Jio Phone, by contacting the customer service, in respect of the consumer’s rights; 2) Technical solution:
get a new official Firehose that work on the EDL mode, as you have always done, because
without them it would be impossible to install OmniSD or be able to intervene on devices
to restore all in case of damages; 3) Drastic solution:
boycott Jio Phone and buy a different KaiOS device, such as Nokia, or other simpler devices,
if ever they will be produced for India, and I hope there will be others in the future
and at a good price. I hope to provide you with good news in the
future through my videos, for now we must do nothing but work together as a community,
to guarantee the same rights to all KaiOS users in the world! I regret not being able to solve your problems
directly, I hope at least to be able to direct you on the right path. I can publish videos and technical exercises
that can be common to all KaiOS devices, using real solutions, but I can’t fight OEM decisions
out of Europe. It’s so for Jio in India as for Tracfone users
in the United States, with Alcatel SMARTFLIP and MyFlip. Thanks for your attention and support! See you next! BananaHackers.Net JOIN THE REVOLUTION!

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  1. Brother their is requirement of uc browser offical link because our indian jio store not provide uc i know our store doesn't take app from kaistore but uc browser highly recomdanded it gives more feature like xender

  2. Jio phone has bootloader i have tried to unlock but it says authontication key required to set lock flag. How can i get that key

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