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Why Does Windows Phone Exist in 2017?

Why Does Windows Phone Exist in 2017?

– Hey guys, this is Austin. Windows Phone launched seven years ago; however, today, it’s on life support. Why does it still exist in 2017? First of all, we have the Alcatel Idol 4S. You know, what’s interesting
about this phone is that, not only can you get the Windows version, but there’s also an Android edition, which is essentially the same hardware. Even though this is a little
bit more of a mid-range phone, when you actually take a look
at it, it looks really nice. So, what you’re getting here
is a large 5.5-inch display and some nice features,
like a fingerprint reader, as well as, a glass back
and a metal chassis. And, because we’ve got the
Windows Phone version here, we also have a VR headset,
which comes in a box. So, it looks very much
like something like Gear VR and I’m actually curious. I’ve never tried a Windows Phone that actually has any kind of VR support. Oh, wow, this is actually
really nice packaging. What you’re getting here,
especially for 200 bucks, is pretty solid. This should be the full
Continuum experience. What?! I will say the hardware of
this guy definitely is not on par with the Idol. It’s very much plasticky and
the bezels are pretty giant. But again, 230 bucks,
including all of this stuff. One of the most promising features of Windows 10 Mobile is Continuum. So, paired with this dock,
which gives you not only USB3 and HDMI, as well as a
couple of USB2 ports, is that you can take your phone, dock it, and once you have a mouse,
keyboard, and monitor, essentially this single
device can do double duty, as your phone, as well as your desktop. At least, in theory. The last phone I took a look at that ran Continuum was the HP Elite x3 and, to be fair, that
was a very premium phone, but also came with a premium
price tag of about $700. The Acer, in theory, supports all of the same Continuum
features and there’s a lot of potential here. However, it feels like it
really isn’t fully baked. So, we take a look at it, once
you’re actually plugged in to the dock and a monitor. This looks very much
like standard Windows. However, once you actually get into it, you realize that this is
definitely not a full copy. One of the big problems here is that everything is just really slow. Now, say we’re in Edge and,
yes, we can kind of scroll, but it’s very jerky. It’s not particularly
smooth and that’s annoying. I mean, sure, this is phone hardware, so you shouldn’t expect it
to be as fast as a laptop, but this is a lot slower. On top of that, there’s just not that much that you can actually do. So, to be fair, the Microsoft Edge browser
is fairly full-featured, but once you actually
open up the Windows menu, you’ll see that, beyond the standard apps that come with Windows
Phone, there’s not a lot of extra support. This guy does not run
full Windows applications. It’s really disappointing, because Continuum feels
way ahead of its time. And phones like the Galaxy
S8 have actually supported a very similar sort of
setup and, honestly, have done it a lot
better, which just sucks. I mean, come on. This is Microsoft. If anyone is gonna pull off
running Windows on a phone and on a desktop, it’s going to be them. With the Idol 4S, the big
feature is the VR headset that comes in the box and I
am actually kind of curious to see how this is going to work. I’m actually not totally
sure how this is connected, since it actually doesn’t
connect via USB-C. But I do have some buttons here. I will say it is a 1080p screen, which makes it a little
bit sketchy looking, but let’s just see. So, I’m in a 360 video right now and I mean, the tracking looks okay. I mean, it’s VR. It works. I guess. I mean, the 360 effect looks okay, but it’s nowhere near as polished
as something like Gear VR. I honestly don’t think anyone would spend some serious time at this. Gimmicks aside, what I’m curious about is how usable Windows Phone is today. So, the big downsides to
basically all Windows Phones, besides this and a couple
of the more recent ones, such as the HP, is that they
are no longer supported. So, Windows Phone 7, Windows Phone 8.1, none of these are gonna
be getting any updates and, if the rumors are true, Windows 10 is actually not going to be that much farther behind. To be fair, there are some
apps that are still supported on Windows Phone, mostly
because a lot of the apps that are meant for the Windows
10 store will run here. When you look through the top category, the apps are pretty slim. Once you get past a few of the main ones, there’s not a lot that’s still
going to run on this phone. It is very clear that the software is what’s
holding back these phones. ‘Cause the hardware,
actually, isn’t too bad. So, with the Acer, not only are you getting
a 1080p AMOLED display, which looks pretty nice, but
it also has a Snapdragon 808. Maybe not the newest thing in the world, but totally decent. And yet, not a lot actually works. The Idol 4S even bumps that
up to a Snapdragon 820. You’re still getting the
nice glass and metal build and there are a lot of
nice little features, like having the fingerprint sensor, as well as the dual front-firing speakers. Something that does hold up
pretty well on both phones, however, are the cameras. Ah, that’s actually not bad. So, the Idol 4S actually
does a lot with HDR to pull everything in here. Now, with the Acer, man,
the camera apps are not bad on these phones, but it
is really, really slow to take an HDR photo. These look pretty similar,
but I actually have to give it to the Acer here, especially
when you look really up and close, there’s a little
bit less compression. You can see a lot more
detail on the tiles. To me, it’s pretty obvious
that Windows Phone is on its way out. Now, yes, you can get pretty good deals on phones that are still
technically supported, but don’t expect much of a future here. Unless you are a hardcore Windows fanboy, it is really difficult to
recommend picking up one of these in 2017, but
what do you guys think? Let me know in the comments
below and I will catch you on the next one.

85 thoughts on “Why Does Windows Phone Exist in 2017?”

  1. Coming from 2018:
    It doesn't anymore. It's dead. Nokias now have android and they're actually good. Ugly, but good.

  2. I have a windows phone…. My dads four year old windows phone I had it for a year now but the worst part is it doesn't have a front camera

  3. I must say windows phone was great for budget devices but the problem that a app developer only makes app for the bigger apple and android, and with no apps no one wants windows phone, the platform is good

  4. I loved the tiles on their phones . I couldn’t find a premium Window phone other than the Lumia and their screen would dim and said the hell with them and bought an iPhone.

  5. I got the Alcatel idol 4s windows the moment it released for t-mobile… I love it! But now I'm using a s9+. I miss windows mobile …

  6. well, the decline of social media has started already. We'll see in another 3 years time when people loses their interest in social media. The people who killed Windows Mobile OS has always cried for apps. With the decline in social media use, we'll see how many "apps" are really needed. I miss my windows phone. But I've kept my L925 with love. Such an wonderful device. Every time I want to install an app from Google play store, I get shocked by the amount of information it requires access to. Hope I'll get rid of this soon enough.

  7. ughhhhhh that tail of the words again! CHASIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII…I didnt know its u. bye in second 23 of the video

  8. Why does the One4 look like the Galaxy S6 or S7? It almost looks like they copied Samsung.. 3 years or so later.

  9. I used WindowsPhone from 2013 to 2017 after I had an iPhone 4 for some time. And to be honest I was statisfied with it. Yes it didn't have as many Apps as iOS but you could get decent hardware at a far lower price which for a student is always a plus. But since I have switched to Android mid 2017, I can see why WindowsPhone wasn't that successful. Android midrangers also provide good hardware for 200-300€ and Android is by far the better operating system for mobile. I wouldn't want to go back.

  10. Windows Phone was awesome, i feel they should of went for an Android app emulator within itself to allow for better apps

  11. My first smart phone (and second ever phone) was a windows phone, returned it within a couple of days. But I must say, they have come a long way, yet still not for me. I like android better.

  12. I hate it when austin complains about things being plastic..srsly you should expect it with that price

  13. windows 8.1 with the last update was the best and i even seen a future untill everything stopped working and forced everyone to update to 10 which just plain does not work. Win 10 mobile is fcking garbage(im still using it). All hail Nokia for coming back with good mid range phones and i dont have to buy from the chinaman.

  14. You're way too hyper critical. this is actually a steal of a deal for all you get even if its not a 1093748 GTX 5,000 Whamo gaming PC phone, Geez. It's cheap, and awesome the way it is.

  15. Used to have Windows Phone, and l loved it. I had an LG Quantum, and Nokia Lumia 820. Even when i upgraded to a Galaxy S3, i didn't quite like Android, and i still wanted a Windows Phone. Hell, even in 2015, when it was time to upgrade my GS3, i was so close to getting a Lumia 830. I eventually decided to give Android another go, turned it down for a Galaxy Note 4. So glad i did, as the Note 4 is probably one of the best smart phones ever made. Now-a-days, i don't miss Windows Phone, at all.

  16. I had a Lumia 950 for a couple of years. When I was finally able to walk away from it, I ran to the Galaxy S9+. There are some things the 950 did better than the 9S+. A dedicated camera button. That was pretty instantaneous when I needed it. The app list was better than the widgets. And it had a built in equalizer, but there is an app for that on the S9+. But those things aside, I am not looking back at the 950 at all. It was a lackluster phone on an unsupported platform on a network that I absolutely hated. Glad to have moved on.

  17. Windows needs to do Windows Unlimited a fully upgradable OS, I would design a News Feed that would have paid advertising and follow The Android Playbook.

    I also think there should be Bluetooth Devices would all work with your Smartphone they would be monitors view only.


    All running off your Smartphone.

    Charger $2,000.00 for The Smartphone and $200.00 to $500.00 per device.

  18. I had a windows phone but then I couldn’t download any apps n messenger didn’t work and it has a shitty Instagram beta thingy and no Snapchat n I just wasn’t working for me😂 it was good when I first bought it tho


  20. it's not 2019 and I'm still using my Lumia 950 XL. I may pick up an android later this year a replacement for a actual phone. but the Lumia 950 still has a better camera than current iPhone or Galaxy. it also still has continuum, edge, and groove music player, and bing maps which is better than any of what my android friends have. (let's be honest edge on android still needs work) …….but hopefully the upcoming andromeda device has phone capability.

  21. It's 2019 and my girlfriend still has a Microsoft Windows phone! She complains about poor battery life on her phone. I'll look for an iPhone for her for Christmas!

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