Why Friends Shouldn’t Play the Telephone Game

♪♪[audience cheering]– Would you ask Jeremy to
pass the popcorn? – No! – But why? – What, he’s like
way over there. – Just pass it on. – Dude, last time we did
a whisper train, everyone got sucked
into a pyramid scheme. – Please! I’m so hungry. – Fine. Matt wants the popcorn. – Matt bought the popcorn. – Matt bought a newborn. – Matt bought a baby bjorn. – Adam has bad breath. – Adam has it bad for Beth. – Wait, who’s Beth? – I am. – I think I have
a chance with Beth. – Mm. – What did Aaron say? – I wasn’t paying attention. – Ask him again. – What? [sighs] What did you say? – I think I’m gonna
ask out Beth. – [chuckles knowingly] – Well? – I forgot what he said. – Jason’s an idiot. – Jason’s a–
[exclamative noise] What, weren’t you sitting
over there? – I was, but I love
the juicy gossip! Jason’s a what? – He’s an idiot. – I knew that. Matt wants the popcorn. – All right. Matt wants the popcorn. – No.
– No. – No.
– No. – No. – No.
– Oh. – No.
– No. – No.
– No. – No. – Guys, I can hear
all of you. – He said no. – [sighs][audience cheering]– [whispering] Tell them
to like and subscribe. – We want you to bike
to your subscribe. – [subscribe] To
subscribe to our channel. – Subscribe to Chanel. – [whispering]
No, that’s not– – The product. – Channel. – The cha-ch– – [whispering] Tell them
to comment below. – Come in below. Captioned byBYU tv.

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