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Why iPhone 6S is CONFUSING in 2020..

Why iPhone 6S is CONFUSING in 2020..

what’s up guys my name’s Brandon and the
iPhone 6s was released back in 2015 and even though it’s a great phone and it’s
held up very very well over time, surprisingly, is it still worth the money
in 2020? and if you have one now should you continue to hold on to it, or is it
time to upgrade? Let’s talk about it. so yes the iPhone 6s and 6s plus are now
five years old in 2020 and to put that into perspective Wiz Khalifa’s see you
again song was all over the radio star wars the force awakens was showing in
theaters and the first ever Apple watch was unveiled by Apple when the iPhone 6s
was released and while that may make the technology inside the iPhone 6s seem old
it’s still a very capable device that’s at least worth considering in 2020 and
here’s why so inside we have Apple’s a nine ship which is the same chipset
found in the iPhone se and also in the 2017 iPad fifth-generation and even
though we only have two gigabytes of RAM the RAM management is actually
surprisingly good given the age of the phone and that’s of course thanks to iOS
13 and Apple’s consistent optimization for older devices which is still to this
day just unprecedented you don’t see that on Android or any other operating
system and of course this device is the current oldest device supported by iOS
13 and we’ll talk about the future of the success and when it comes to iOS 14
and stuff like that later on down the road but yeah apps still open up fairly
quickly and stay open in the background for a decent amount of time I mean games
are surprisingly still fun to play without any major lag and you know
typing and doing your typical daily tasks is manageable with minimal lag I
noticed just some minor freezing on like the keyboard when I’m typing fast and
also when I’m like quickly going through the app switcher and going from one app
to another it does freeze up from time to time but that’s kind of expected for
a 2015 device and again that’s likely due to of course the age and the chip
but also that minimal two gigs of ram now one thing I will say is that if
you’ve used any iPhone newer than the iPhone 6s then you’re probably going to
be disappointed in how slow apps open up and the overall RAM management but if
you still have like an iPhone 6s now or are upgrading from an even older device
maybe like the five or the six or the 5s it still works fine plus using this
phone will build up your patience so look at that as a plus as well you know
I played games like fortnight and Call of Duty and things like that and there
is some lag and the quality is not the greatest I mean it has Auto settings –
not very great graphics especially in something like fortnight but games are
still playable you know I would probably buy an iPad you know the cheap iPad if
you’re wanting to game I probably would not recommend gaming on the 6s I would
definitely not buy it for that sole reason not at all but it’s still doable
I mean you’re better off playing games though that are a lot less intensive a
lot more relaxed games like non shooter games something like subway surfers and
games like that run just fine on the iPhone 6s year now speaking of storage
the iPhone 6s came in a huge variety of configurations so we had multiple colors
but we also had 16 32 64 and 128 gigabyte model so if you were to get one
in 2020 I would definitely go for the 64 or the 128 gigabyte models since the
pricing is going to be similar across the board regardless of your storage
size can be like $20 difference between the models and of course I will be
talking about the price and you at the end of this video because that is one of
the biggest factors for buying the iPhone 6s in 2020 but one thing I did
want to mention also is that no matter what configuration you get they are all
gonna have two gigabytes of RAM so now let’s go outside of the body and talk
about the build of the iPhone 6s so of course the overall design of this phone
is very dated and definitely looks old I mean on the front side we do have the
bezels and they are quite ugly I mean obviously if you’re used to the newer
phones they are gonna be quite ugly but if you haven’t used anything newer than
like the iPhone 8 then this is not gonna bother you whatsoever so we do have the
home button down here as well we do also have the headphone jack down at the
bottom with our lightning port and our speakers right there they’re not stereo
speakers and of course on the back side we do have iPhone with the signature s
right there to signify that this is indeed an iPhone 6s we do have the
antenna bands which are pretty ugly but once again if you’re used to it and
you’ve used phones you know like the iPhone 8 or older it’s not going to be a
huge huge deal to you I do like the chrome Apple logo there as well now in
terms of the overall durability throughout the years I’ve never used the
screen protector on this device and it does have a few scratches but it’s
actually surprisingly durable I don’t have many like really deep scratches I
have dropped the phone a few times as well you can see a little bit of scuffs
there on the and that also up on the top right here
but nothing major this phone is surprisingly pretty durable for such an
old and such a fragile and you know light device it’s actually held up
pretty well over the years and of course like I mentioned we do have the
headphone jack down here which is gonna be a big deal to some of you guys who
use like studio headphones and things like that and you need a headphone jack
you know if you maybe record audio from your iPhone you need to listen to it
back the iPhone 6s can be a great you know cheap field recorder for you so
there are lots of reasons why people would still want an iPhone with a
headphone jack and then we do have the single fire ring 12 megapixel F 2.2 lens
right there which does protrude a little bit but it is a 12 megapixel camera so
it’s not gonna be terrible and surprisingly it does have the ability to
shoot video in 4k xxx and 1080 60 so I wouldn’t recommend anybody shoot 4k on
this phone because even the 4k quality isn’t like terrific is that gonna blow
you away plus you’re likely not gonna have enough
storage to be doing that especially if you got like the 16 there’s at 32 or
even the 64 gigabyte model you’re not gonna have a ton of space to be doing
that but it is a possibility to shoot 4k 30 on the iPhone 6s this is the first
iphone able to shoot in 4k the overall picture and video quality is just
alright like I said it’s not terrible but it’s definitely not instagram-worthy
you’re not gonna be taking like model shoots you’re not gonna be shooting
models or anything with this phone and you know showing up in magazines or
anything like that you’re not paying a cheap price for an amazing camera you’re
just looking for a camera that gets the job done and over time I’ve taken so
many pictures with the success and it does get the job done it’s not great for
lighting or anything like that but it gets the job done you do also have dual
tone flash and HDR but you don’t have portrait mode or anything like that and
I also notice that videos on the iPhone 6s just the regular success not the 6s
plus are very shaky since the digital image stabilization isn’t really great
on this phone however the iPhone 6s plus has both digital and optical image
stabilization so if you’re planning on shooting video go with the iPhone 6s
plus over the iPhone 6s since it has both of those stabilization options but
once again for the price you’re paying you can’t really complain too much about
the camera on this guy now on the flip side the front-facing camera also isn’t
terrible I mean it’s better than one megapixel like we’ve
seen on previous iPhones it’s a five megapixel camera and facetiming on it is
fine I mean it’s not going to blow you away with the quality but then again
FaceTime has a lot of times determined by the actual connectivity like your
Wi-Fi connectivity so not gonna be a terrible experience I mean it’s not
gonna be great it’s gonna be it’s definitely gonna be grainy and videos
and selfies taken are gonna be grainy but it gets the job done as for the
display on this guy we do have a 4.7 inch LCD panel with a resolution of 750
by 13 34 at 326 pixels per inch so obviously not great in 2020 but it’s
still a passable screen it’s not gonna you know blow you away
and if you have anything newer then you’ll definitely notice a difference in
the quality but again you’re not paying like 100 to 150 bucks for a great screen
to begin with so this should not be a huge deal to anybody I was still able to
enjoy videos and you know games and playing things like that perfectly fine
on the iPhone 6s now as for the battery life you do get a 1700 milliamp hour
battery and while iOS 13 did improve the battery life a little bit it’s still not
going to get you through a full day unfortunately you’re gonna have to
charge multiple times throughout the day which is a little bit annoying
especially since I do use some newer phones so if you have used newer phones
you’re definitely not going to enjoy the battery life on this but if you haven’t
you’re gonna be fine with the battery life you’re gonna know to always you
know be around the charge or have a portable battery around you to plug in
throughout the day because you’re definitely not gonna make it through the
day with one single charge and of course since we don’t have a glass backing we
don’t have wireless charging we also don’t have fast charging on this phone
so it is gonna take a little bit to charge this guy up fully and if you go
into my settings and go down to the battery right here and take a look at my
battery health you can see my battery health here after years of owning this
phone is down to 89 percent which honestly isn’t too bad for a phone from
2015 and I would definitely recommend if you have this phone now or if you’re
gonna get it to definitely use optimized battery charging to you know further
improve and you know keep your health at a good health like in the 80% once it
goes down past that you probably got to get a new battery and speaking of
getting a new battery you can get your battery place by Apple for 50 bucks so
you can have them do it and everything for 50 bucks or you can order your own
battery and install it yourself for like 10 bucks it’s super easy I’ve done it
you can look up tutorials on YouTube it’s super super simple or you just have
Apple do 50 bucks which honestly isn’t too bad if
you plan on keeping this for a good amount of time so now let’s discuss the
price and if you should buy the iPhone 6s or 6s plus in 2020
so obviously Apple doesn’t sell the iPhone 6s anymore they haven’t sold it
for a good while now so you’re gonna have to go to a site like eBay or swap
ax or Facebook marketplace I prefer Facebook marketplace and eBay
and meeting up in person a lot of times I’d like to do that to check for
scratches and things like that and I can also usually they go she ate better in
person but I’ve used all three sites with success over the years and
definitely eBay a lot of people always have concerns about eBay but I’ve been
I’ve never gotten scammed on there or anything and I actually made a video for
buying a used iPhone and how to prevent getting scammed so if you won’t watch
that videos down and the description below I think it’s vital for buying used
iPhones but anyways you can pick up a used but good condition iPhone 6s for
around 100 to 125 bucks and that’s regardless of the storage size like I
mentioned for that reason I tried to target the 64 or the 128 gigabyte models
since they go for just like $20 to $30 more than the 16 gigabyte models and
you’re gonna thank yourself later because 16 or 32 gigs is just simply not
enough in 2020 I don’t care what you do with your phone or how little you do
that is not enough space so spend the you know extra a couple dollars and get
a 64 or 128 gig model and obviously for that price there isn’t a better
smartphone on the market especially given the current support with iOS 13
and even after it’s not supported with iOS 14 which by the way this phone is
probably not gonna be supported with iOS 14 but you will probably get security
updates and things after I use 14 gets released you’ll just be stuck on iOS 13
but you’ll still get security updates so yeah I think it’s the best phone on the
market for that super low price so if you only have a 100 to a 150 dollar
budget I say yes the iPhone 6s and 6s plus are
definitely worth it in 2020 but only if you like the size of this phone if you
prefer a smaller form factor then I think something like the iPhone se will
be a better buy for you and that’s because it has these same internals as
the iPhone 6s and just a much smaller and more compact body as you can see
right here the comparison in size between these two guys now if you
currently use an iPhone 6s or 6s Plus first of all let me know down in the
comment below because you are a trooper still using that phone in 2020 it’s not
bad Get Set but it just takes a lot of will
to keep using that phone and not give in to paying for the better phones out
there but anyways should you continue holding on to the 6s or 6s Plus and I
say yes at least until you see what comes out this year in 2020 we could be
seeing the new iPhone se 2 or the iPhone 9 whatever it’s gonna be called early in
2020 like within a few months and if that does happen it would be the perfect
perfect phone to update to since it’ll be a budget-friendly phone with fast
internals and a better screen than what you’re used to but of course it’s not
going to be a better screen than like the higher-end models like the iPhone
10s or the iPhone 11 or 11 pro but it’s gonna be a better screen than what
you’re used to I think it’s gonna be the perfect perfect option to upgrade from
like a 6s to the iPhone 9 or iPhone se 2 so definitely wait until that gets
released before you even consider getting rid of your 6s or 6s plus so
yeah guys that’s pretty much it for the iPhone 6s in 2020 let me know what you
guys think about this phone do you still have it did you have it let me know all
your thoughts if you agree with me disagree anything at all let me know
down in the comment section below and if you guys have course did enjoy this
video I would appreciate it if you gave it a thumbs up and of course subscribe
so you don’t miss I’ll probably make another video on the iPhone 6s in late
2020 or maybe even in 2021 I probably will make one in 2021 as well to see if
it’s still relevant and still chugging along so definitely subscribe so you
don’t miss that video but anyways guys that’s pretty much it thanks to you for
watching and I’ll see you soon

80 thoughts on “Why iPhone 6S is CONFUSING in 2020..”

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    Charges it and waited for 1 hour
    Unplugs it then used it
    15 seconds later it’s drained already

    I’m using my phone while it’s charging.

  2. Actually 6S has almost half the GPU power of the XS and XS have more than twice as much pixels. That results in almost same on-screen fps in games on 6S and on XS.

  3. It’s a good phone, sure you can compare it to newer iPhones and they are going to be better but talk about price and they all fall short.

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  5. I was thinking of getting a iPhone SE as a second phone which is pretty much identical to the 6s except it has a worse front camera and not 3D Touch but is smaller. I think I can get one for around £50 which is decent, may only be 16GB but because it's a secondary phone won't really be needing much space on it

  6. Actually, its only 1 day old if you buy a new one… If your really smart, 6 is younger than 11… It has more energy and its heslths better

  7. Still rocking my 6S from 2015. I changed my battery recently and it’s doing very well almost a full day with no charge. Camera quality isn’t that good tho, but can be Instagram worthy opposed to the video xD

  8. I’m watching this video on an iPhone 6s Rose Gold 64GB. My phone is great! Anyone can use it fine. I’ve never had any experience with keyboard lag, and my battery is at 97%. The stabilization on video is actually pretty decent, and the camera is way better than you have it credit for! I love this phone!

  9. I’m finally upgrading my 6s in a few weeks. I’ve invested about 80 dollars since I’ve had it the last five years (new battery, new screen because I broke it) It’s a solid phone, but the lag is annoying, Im kind of over the quality of photos and videos, the screen is starting to freeze and it’s randomly shutting off. Overall for five years and buying it used – it’s a good phone, no complaints

  10. The biggest thing that I don't like about this phone is the display itself. It's age definitely shows by that compared to something like the OnePlus 6T.

  11. I still have my iPhone 6s, and to be honest I can’t complain about it. It works well for me. Of course that in some video games it freezes, but it works very well to be a four or five years old phone.

  12. @BrandonButch Hello there. Okay, I prefer to have an actual cellphone in my hand 🤚due to my rather short phalanges! Seriously, I begged my mom to quit piano at the age of 14, due to the real struggle. (true story) Sorry for that rather off kilter moment if you will, but it all comes together quite well, I promise! Anywhoooo.. I’d rather carry a legit cellphone (size if you will or as close as they’ve been in the past, but not in the late 80’s 😂 too big) instead of an iPad for crying out loud! And when I hold onto the newest iPhones… 🙄 I just can’t. Even with a pop socket, or whatever there called.. they’re still too much phone for my taste. Honestly, the only reason I bought a 6s is because I finally dropped (not my fault btw) my 4…, & the crackage was so horrific, that I had to get a different phone. Or I’d more than likely still have my tiny 4. 😎✌🏻

  13. Seriously, the clicking and popping sounds coming from his mouth when he talks is SO distracting once you notice it 😭

  14. 2:33 not recommended in gaming? Especially shooting games?
    My man ive been using this phone since the release of pubgmobile. And taking it to small tournaments.
    The only problem is that it drains fast on data.
    Even though i only have 72% battery health.
    Also having minor issue with sudden fps drop.
    But still better than some android phones.

  15. Bro who cares? I'm still rocking my 6s since 2015 and i continue using it till it's completely dead. Only than i will get the newest iPhone.

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  19. Mine just broke ive bad to replace the screen a few times and it messed my battery up its only a $50 fix though

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