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Why Is It So Hard To Switch From Apple to Android? | Untangled

Why Is It So Hard To Switch From Apple to Android? | Untangled

Being part of Apple’s
ecosystem has its benefits. For one, you can enjoy
the beauty of iMessage. It syncs seamlessly across
all of your Apple devices. But switching to an Android means you’ll have to
say goodbye to iMessage. In order to get rid of
iMessage and finally get texts on your new Android, you
need to turn off iMessage on all of your Apple devices and deregister your phone
number from iMessage on this specific website. And once you successfully
turn off iMessage, your texts may get all messed up. If someone sends you an iMessage, you won’t receive it, and if you’re in an
iMessage group message, you’ll need to make a new one for SMS. Why is it so hard to make the switch? iMessage is just one of many ways Apple keeps users in their ecosystem. Take iCloud for example.
It’s Apple’s built-in cloud storage space
that automatically keeps all of your notes, calendar events, Safari bookmarks, and photos. You can seamlessly access
all this information on any of your Apple devices, but not on your new Android. There’s no iCloud app for Android, meaning there’s no easy way for you to transfer all of your
iCloud data to your Android. Of course, if you’ve been using Google as your main ecosystem, then you may have an easier
time going back and forth between your iPhone and your Android. But then, what about your photos that are stored on your iPhone that aren’t backed up on iCloud? How do you transfer those? The easiest way is to
ask if your phone carrier can do it for you. Otherwise, there are
several apps that can help transfer your photos from
your iPhone to Android. And speaking of apps, you may have trouble transferring those too. For the most part, you’ll have to redownload
them individually, and you might need to repurchase iOS apps on the Play Store. But if you used a Facebook
login or email registration, you might be able to get around that. The Play Store does have
more apps than the App Store, but some iOS apps you’ve used might not be available on the Play Store, like Bear or Rent the Runway. I should say, Google is making this
transferring-data process easier with the Quick Switch
adapter for the Pixel. But even if transferring photos and apps are made easier, it’s hard to say goodbye to AirDrop. You’ll no longer be able
to conveniently send files from your iPhone to your MacBook, to your iPad, or to another
person’s Apple device. But hey, at least you’ll
stop getting weird AirDrops when you’re on the train. Switching to Android also means losing all of Apple’s preinstalled apps. There may be a good chunk you don’t use, but think about FaceTime. You’ll have to use another
app to video call people, like Facebook Messenger or Google Duo, which also means getting
whoever you want to call to use those apps as well. You’ll also be losing Apple News, Voice Memo, Podcasts, Health,
Wallet, and Apple Maps. Just kidding, no one uses Apple Maps. You aren’t just saying
goodbye to Apple’s software. Think about all your other
Apple products and accessories. If you have an Apple watch,
it’ll basically become useless. If you have AirPods, you can
still use them on Android, but it won’t be nearly as
seamless or customizable. And all your chargers, adapters, and dongles that you bought will begin to collect dust. And as Android phones keep
coming up with more innovations that iPhones lack, like better cameras with wide-angle lenses, it doesn’t really make sense for Apple to help their users jump ship. So yeah, iPhone users
are in a walled garden. But have some sympathy, it’s way easier to enter Apple’s ecosystem than it is to leave it. And if you’re in an iMessage… I was about to say iMessage iGroup. Clancy: An iGroup? They might as well call it iGroup.

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  2. If you changed apple with Kim Jong un , it automatically becomes a north Korean propaganda video. Hahaha.

  3. Woman: "there's no iCloud app for Android"
    Google Drive, Samsung Backup, any other cloud services for Android:
    Am I a joke to you?

  4. really? staying at Apple just for iMessage? everything else can be done on Google and with more options and brands to choose from. power to consumers and not manufacturers.

  5. I use Apple Maps everyday! It’s really not that bad and I like that my privacy is protected unlike with Google Maps who is farming my Data and location

  6. apple users always say ''android has somuch bloatware'' but apple too has a lot of bloatware, such as apple maps, podcasts, appple music, game center etc. sure som may use it but alot don't and you CANT delete it while on samsung for example you can shut those bloatware apps down, they wont be gone but you cant use m and you wont see them on your home screen.

  7. trapped in the apple ecosystem is just an excuse… so many people on youtube is successful switch over from ios to android without problem… mark tech is for the example…

  8. Everyone hates that one “green” Android guy that ruins the entire iMessage group chat. At times he just gets kicked…. no joke lmao. Because it forces everyone’s messages to be green instead of blue

  9. I think that she is always mocking android. Why dont u just be an apple employee then?? Apple and android are different bcz the one that made it are different ppl, ok?

  10. Just Download Messangers,Google Chrome,email,Gmail Ect And More. IT'S JUST A SIMPLE WORK GUYS!!!

  11. She doesn't know that there are literally solutions to all of these issues she present. Let's discuss the biggest issue, iMessage. Here's a better idea. Getting your SMS through Google chrome and being notified of it. Google photo offer unlimited storage and can show up on all of your devices, and who needs to copy a text from iOS to paste on a Mac when you can do the same and more such as display as your phone as a widget on you PC with Windows official Your Phone app or this Samsungs app I forgot the name of. And when it comes to apps, at least Android can download apps from a web browser, giving you even more app options

  12. It's hard cuz of Apple! Once when iPhone 7 came out i switched to it from Samsung and dude I understood nothing on this phone!! like iPhone made everything so much complicated!

  13. When I first watched this on my Samsung Galaxy s6, I was like “HAHAHAHAHA, never switching to iPhone!”

    1 month later: I have an iPhone 6s

  14. Because it’s hard to get use to
    -the slowness
    -2MP front camera
    -5MP back camera
    -480p back camera recording
    -240p front camera recording

  15. How come this girl keeps her job after getting tooo much dislike for almost any content she made? Im unsubscribing. This is just stupid. We're not stupid. This is an ad not a content. This channel is not making a valuable content for its viewers.

  16. I'm thinking about jumping ship to android. I'm a die hard apple fan but I have about had it with apples screwing customers. I'm going to start by downloading all my stuff in the cloud to a local external hard drive on my desk. Then I'll start researching what apps I use that I can find andriod versions and which ones I will have to find android replacements. After that, I'll decide if I'm really going to make the switch and which phone I want

  17. Y have sympathy for entry a place it’s like hell,u enter ur stuck,apple lures u in with there good rep and then capture.

  18. there is not icloud app on android but we have Google drive and Photos which backs up photos contacts and whats app backup files.

  19. I have an iPhone and i am seriously considering moving to Samsung
    iMessages here in europe is useless everybody uses whatsapp, iCloud also forces you to pay for extra memory. Again if you have iphone you have to buy also the other expensive stuff like mac , ipad ,airpods rather normal electronics where you can use Bluetooth with everything
    And finally the ios is soo freaking boring i mean you cant tell the difference between iphone 6s + and 8+

  20. For the same reason religious cult members find it hard to leave. IPhone is ecosystem, Samsung S10+ is in another Galaxy!

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