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Why Parents Say They Fear They Will Get The Phone Call Every Parent Dreads About Their Son

Why Parents Say They Fear They Will Get The Phone Call Every Parent Dreads About Their Son

Dylan is saying that he feels like both of you have distanced yourself from him is that true or false is it just his perception or is it reality well I would say from my perspective that’s very true I think his mother is the opposite she has been involved but you know what I everything you just said dr. Phil in the last 10 minutes is from my perspective exactly what I wish could happen and that is Dylan has said that he’s been to neurologists throughout his life the problem is and we are going and have been going for seven years since he’s been an adult to a very well-known doctor that has countless times try to prescribe different medications to do and the problem is this Dylan will start on it for a day or two or maybe even at some times a week and then Dylan will wander off he’ll forget to do it and dr. Phil as you know these are drugs that you really you can’t miss doses and then it winds up to missing a day to missing two days – okay that drug wasn’t doing any good me and his mother truly loved him with all her heart and it got to the point dr. Phil where I was watching my son die in front of me and I couldn’t take it anymore through me trying to be there for him every day over the last 10 years to me practicing tough love I feel like I’ve tried everything and his lifestyle has gotten so bad it would just break my heart to leave his house or leave him knowing that every time the phone rang every time somebody knocked on the door the next one was gonna be the police telling me your son has passed you’re confirming what my theory is that we’re dealing with non-compliance here and look these medications are not something you start and stop they have to get up to a therapeutic level in the blood then they have to be maintained at that level and then you move on but you don’t fluctuate you don’t take them not take them then start again on again off again these are not yo-yo drugs this is not a guessing game reading you say you’ve been you’ve been free for 10 years from having a seizure correct dr. Phil actually 20 years I have not had a seizure and yes they had to try a couple of different medications and then did find the one that works for me and there’s also other you know sites when the medication there are there are boundaries too I mean there as far as you know sleep and stress and other triggers that can also you know called breakthrough what they call breakthrough seizures but I know my limitations and I’ve tried to talk to Joe on countless times and has adult life about you know that we have that in common and I take my medication I can drive I can lead a productive life a normal life and there is some anger towards me about I believe in my heart about and having this condition and he has mentioned numerous times that he doesn’t like having it well of course you don’t like him Dillon let me ask you about what you saying I mean have you been just blatantly defiant about taking your medication yeah because I used to take my medicine all the time and then it made me mad out of nowhere sometimes or just real angry

80 thoughts on “Why Parents Say They Fear They Will Get The Phone Call Every Parent Dreads About Their Son”

  1. It's always great to see another Dr.Phil post!! I owe him a debt of gratitude because, for years, his advice has helped me deal with outrageous people problems in my life.

  2. Dr. Phill forgot to turn off comment section… just gotta say I watch your videos religiously~♡ love you

  3. Dr. Phil has really helped me out in my life indirectly! Anyways, yeah, you have to take the doses every day which I know is tough and if you're having bad side effects, than discuss it with your doctor!😗😗

  4. Dr. Phil and his wife are the best! A realistic role model which seems a fairytale ❤️ I love you. Thank you for being here for us.

  5. Wow as someone who also has epilepsy this guy sounds like an absolute idiot who is risking his life, almost 3,000 people dies from epilepsy every year in USA alone. I have almost died on 3 occasions because of my seizures and I was taking meds…I can only imagine how bad I would be without them and yes I have had bad spells with certain meds that caused anger and depression so I had to change to other meds but for people who have no success there are alternative routes like totally LEGAL CBD oil or getting medical marijuana or even minor surgery.
    There is nothing fun about a seizure or the recovery process either even after a small seizure it can take days and days to recover from the aches and things like biting bit of your tongue off. And worst case of you are like me you could end up spending weeks in the intensive care unit if you have a really bad seizure that causes brain swelling or if your not lucky enough to make it to the hospital bon time you can actually die. What is this guy thinking, it's like he doesn't care if he dies or not he needs a serious intervention just like someone who is at harm.of committing suicide or harming themselves they would be put on constant watch possibly at a mental institution he needs constant care and someone making sure he takes his meds and doesn't die

  6. Come on dude, I’m a kidney transplant recipient and take 11 pills twice a day. It’s not that tough man. And get off whatever dope you’re on.

  7. Whats funny is dr Phil never has a comment section but we all scrolled down anyway just to see if anything changed 😂

  8. Drº Phil gave a deep thought on this and everything deal over years and years is or a physical body health issue to treat (mostly brain) or a bad brain programming (education, cultural, society, environment, groups people, etc…) only have to distinguish on these two when to treat somebody

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