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Why Starters Are DISAPPEARING! | The SCIENCE of… Pokemon

Why Starters Are DISAPPEARING! | The SCIENCE of… Pokemon

91 thoughts on “Why Starters Are DISAPPEARING! | The SCIENCE of… Pokemon”

  1. Here’s a theory.
    Wild Starters and Captivity Starters may lay their eggs differently.
    Lets say Bulbasaur have a Queen, lets say a Venusaur, and the males are like her works, just like actual bees. Venusaur Queen is able to lay more lays, like the so call frogs their referees too, then a normal caught Bulbasaur or any of its evol forms. So in the wild there are many wild Bulbasaur but they may live only in one place, like one of those “out of bounds” areas that none of us can reach and, like in Let’s Go Pikachu and Eevee, they do sometimes appear for the catching.
    The same is said about Charmander and Squirtle in that game. Shoot I was able to catch wild Charizard’s like they Rattata.
    This can be said for the Gen 1 Red and Blue games but those starters just never leave their homes, EVER. Leaving us to accept aid from another game and trade to finish the Pokédex.

  2. Tbh, the example of the Panda kinda bugged me. Since Pandas are fairly useless to the environment and have such a stupid digestive system that only let's them properly digest useless foods. I don't think keeping those animals alive is worth any work. Life is not worth anything just by being life. After all, life is just something we defined. I could very well call the next stone I see life as a part of nature. Also, since we are all made of stardust essentially, I could also strike an argument from there for "lifeless" things to be the same as us. My point is, actively keeping alive species that would die 100% without our work to keep them alive is a waste of time if the species is useless. I can understand why we would try and keep Bees alive, but Pandas? Why? I love animals, I don't hate Pandas. But disrupting evolution, our scientific rise and nature to keep them alive? Seems crazy to me. Just let them die out.

  3. you know pokemon can evolve and that will make breeding more productive if they evolve… or something, but you forgot some stuff there my guy! 😉

  4. I played this one roblox pokemon game and i got a female starter and i was so proud of myself and had so many delphoxes it was great.

  5. ok ok ok there has to atleast be some starter pokemon because in one game (heartgold/soulsilver) there is one trainer in that game that has a charmeleon hmmmm

  6. Basically: For every seven males there is one female, the females are the ones who make and carry the eggs, less females = less babies, and with females being rare already…at a certain point, there would be no females.

    If it were reversed and there were seven females for one male, then that would be fine because one male can fertalize all of the females and thus have more babies, more females and the males would be fine because there are more and more babies constantly being made with so many females!

    If any altering factor were to jump in front of train tracks that lead the breeding train, then the Bulbasaur's would go extinct faster then they could evolve to adapt.

  7. There is one advantage of having more males, males have to fight for the female meaning the offspring will likely get the best genes

  8. FAKE! come on there is +1 starter per kid who wants to be a pokemon trainer and lives next to a pokemon lab!

  9. Lol and in sword and shild, the champion has a friggin charzard and will obviously gift you with a charmander. You are a troll.

  10. Wait but aren't you forgetting that Pokemon evolutions can breed with first evolutions? Altering the male to female ratio?

  11. That or they are like some snake species, e.g green anaconda and garter snakes, multiple males will mate with a single female.

  12. you forgot to account for factors such as race habets. if the female stays in and the mael goes out, so the death ratio is 7 male for every female. than breading 7 male for every female is balanced. it is as simple as that, problem solved.
    the real answer to your question is that humans wiped out the wild population because of the disruption caused by capturing so many. starters are powerful pokemon. the reason why none of the other trainers have any, is because this happened some time ago. because of the rarity, only the professors are allowed to give them out from the breading reserves. the reason they give them out at all is for research. notice how the only people that have them also have a pokedex?

  13. have you heard of the concept of loops , like for loops and while loops , maybe you should check them out sometime 😂😂

  14. 7:45 here is the link for the adactylidium genus In the mites
    Really gross But interesting

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