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Why the iPhone 11 Pro Succeeded – 4 Month Review!

Why the iPhone 11 Pro Succeeded – 4 Month Review!

The iPhone 11 Pro has been out for about 4
months now, and it’s clear that a lot of people are happy with it. Even a lot of those
who were initially disappointed with it, have now changed their minds, and a lot of Android
users have actually gained a newfound respect for this years’ iPhones. So in this video, I’m gonna talk about what
caused the iPhone 11 Pro & Pro Max to gain so much traction after people started to get
their hands on it. And I’ll also mention my personal thoughts after using the 11 Pro
Max for 4 months, including the features that matter the most to me, and a couple of disappointments
as well. There’s actually one feature that I honestly
didn’t care much for before I received my Pro Max, but quickly became the most important
feature, hands-down, of the iPhone 11 Pro. I’ll talk about that feature in a moment,
but let’s get into what makes this year’s Apple flagship so special. First off, the most controversial change was
the design. From the front, you honestly can’t tell the difference between last year’s
iPhone and the 11 Pro, but the back is where we got some huge changes. The biggest one is of course, the new glass
square camera bump that’s fitted with three large camera bumps in an array that’s never
been seen before on any smartphone. And even if you think it looks ugly, you’ve gotta
admit that it stands out from the crowd. If you see this triple camera bump, you know
it’s the iPhone 11 Pro, and honestly, that’s a big reason why it’s doing so well. I personally loved the design as soon as I
got it in my hands and saw it in person. To me, it just looks very solid and premium. Another change is the new matte glass, which
after four months, I’m extremely happy about. My previous iPhone XS Max started developing
micro scratches on the back from regular use, and so far, it seems like the matte finish
has actually been protecting my 11 Pro Max from those same scratches, which is very surprising! I also thought that the matte finish would
feel very slick in my hands and make it easier to drop, but thanks to the glossy stainless
steel frame, I haven’t dropped it once. This is actually the midnight green color,
which is honestly the best color I’ve had on any iPhone. The green tint is very subtle
but it really helps it stand out from the space gray. So whether you believe it or not, the rear
of this new iPhone 11 Pro has actually helped sell more of them because it looks and feels
different from other iPhones, and that’s what matters to people. Now let’s talk about the internal features
that I believe have made the iPhone 11 Pro so successful. The absolute most important feature of all
is the battery life. Apple did say that we get a couple more hours of battery life with
the 11 Pro, but I think they underestimated it, I’m getting so much more battery life
now that I don’t know how I was able to get through the day with my previous iPhone
XS Max. It’s kind of ironic that we get a new 18
watt fast-charger in the box, which I’ll talk about in a minute, because I’m honestly
only using it every other day now. With my old iPhone, I would 100% have to plug
it in every single night to make sure I would get through the next day. But now, with the 11 Pro Max, the battery
seriously gets me well into the next day, and there have been many occasions where it
would last me two full days if I turned on battery saving mode towards the end of the
second day. This was literally impossible on the XS Max,
and that actually have pretty decent battery life. And that’s why I think it’s the most important
feature of the 11 Pro Max. It’s the first iPhone ever that allows you to do anything
all day without worrying about your battery life. Yes, the body itself did have to get a bit
thicker and a bit heavier to fit the larger battery, but the extra weight really does
make it feel more solid and premium. The second piece of this battery life puzzle
is the fast-charger, and although I don’t use it as often, it’s actually super important. Now that it charges so quickly, like 50% in
only half an hour, I know that I don’t have to be as careful with battery life anymore.
I can use my 11 Pro for 2 days and get it down to 5% battery life, and simple throw
it on the fast charger for half an hour and be good to go. The old 5W charger with my XS Max would charge
so slow that I’d basically only charge it overnight, so that forced me to be very careful
with my cell phone usage to make sure the battery would last me to the end of the night. With the new fast-charger, all of that extra
care is gone, and with the 11 Pro Max, I feel perfectly comfortable going to bed with only
50% battery life without having to plug in. Now before I mention a few things that I’m
a bit disappointed with, let me talk about two more features that I think made the 11
Pro succeed. The first one is performance, which you honestly
don’t notice much with regular usage, but it actually makes a huge difference behind
the scenes. Because the performance of the 11 Pro is overkill,
every single task, including playing high-end games and streaming video, is very easy for
the processor to handle. So because of that, it actually heats up a
lot less because it’s using less watts to get the job done, and that ends up giving
us better efficiency and battery life. My old iPhone XS Max would get really hot
while playing games, and I’d constantly have to check on the battery life because
it would drain so quickly. And now, with the 11 Pro Max, it doesn’t get nearly as hot
and I don’t have to check the battery life at all. The extra performance also gives me a lot
of peace of mind, knowing that it will easily be able to handle anything I throw at it without
any issues. And there’s one last thing the awesome performance
does that not a lot of people realize, it allows for the best cameras on any smartphone. The 11 Pro is able to shoot 4K 60 fps on any
of the four cameras, including the selfie camera, which can also record 1080P at 120
frames per second. There is literally no other phone on the market
that can record video this good at frame rates this high, and that’s because they don’t
have the same processor and sensor performance as the 11 Pro. Something that really impressed me was the
video stabilization. There was a massive difference compared to the XS Max, and you can see it
in action if you check out our iphone x vs xs vs 11 pro camera comparison video. The 11 Pro has also done an excellent job
in photography as well, with huge improvements to Smart HDR and the new Deep Fusion mode,
which are heavily processor dependant. I’ve personally noticed a huge difference
in white balance accuracy, which was the main thing I complained about with my XS Max. Now the 11 Pro might not take the best photos
out there, but they’re very consistent, which matters a lot to me, and combined with
the best video recording out there, I honestly think it’s the best choice for overall camera
performance. So those three things, the battery life, the
performance and the excellent camera quality have been the most important features to me
since I got my hands on my 11 Pro Max 4 months ago. Some honorable mentions would be the difference
in display brightness and improvements in speaker quality. Even though I didn’t really notice the color
accuracy or contrast improving on the 11 Pro, I’ve definitely noticed that it can get
much brighter than the XS Max. Viewing the screen is a lot easier while out
in the sun, and it’s impressive that it doesn’t really get as hot as before while
maxing it out. I’m also very thankful to Apple that they’ve
continued to work on speaker quality and volume every single year, and it’s much improved
with the 11 Pro, especially thanks to the new spatial audio feature which helps stereo
music and videos sound a lot more balanced than before. With that, I also want to get into the things
that I’m a bit disappointed about. I’m glad we have the fast charger this year,
but I’m honestly getting sick of the lightning port, especially since Apple is moving more
and more devices over to USB-C like their MacBooks and iPad Pro. I’m also a bit disappointed with Apple for
giving us only 64GB of storage on a flagship smartphone that costs over a thousand dollars.
It’s simply not enough, especially since I’m racking up more and more photos on iCloud. While the iPhone 11 Pro’s display is amazing,
I would have really liked to see it get upgraded to a high refresh rate display, at least 90hz
instead of the same old 60. This would help make it feel more snappy and smooth. Seeing as Apple considers this a “Pro”
iPhone, it was disappointing to get the same 4GB of RAM as the cheaper iPhone 11 and even
last year’s XS, so hopefully the 2020 iPhones get at least 6GB. The Apple Watch Series 5 has a new always-on
display, which is a feature I’ve been wanting on this iPhone for years, and yet, we still
don’t have one. And finally, the biggest thing I’m not happy
about is the Face ID notch. It’s been 3 years of updates and we still have the exact
same notch, while a ton of other Android phones have slimmed it down or even gotten rid of
it completely. But, even with all of those shortcomings,
a lot of people are loving the iPhone 11 Pro, and it’s honestly a huge upgrade coming
from the XS Max, mostly for the massive battery life difference alone. So there you guys have it, those are my thoughts
on why the 11 Pro succeeded and my personal experience with my 11 Pro Max after 4 months.
If you enjoyed the video, go ahead and click the circle above to subscribe, and check out
our iPhone X vs XS vs 11 Pro camera comparison video right over there. Thanks for watching,
and we’ll see you in the next one!

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  2. My 8 plus battery easily lasts a day and I’m a heavy user. In fact I don’t have to charge well into the second day and again I’m a heavy user.

  3. Long story short.. iPhones are well optimized, exceptional piece of hardware that is more of a tool. Meanwhile android is bumping megapixels and ram and under delivering the software optimization side of things.. Thats why Apple will always win. I don't have enough money to buy an iPhone atm.. but it would be one of the first things i buy once I have my financial issues sorted out. Currently using Xiaomi RMN8Pro.. Mainly because I couldn't afford a new iPhone after my 7 plus dropped in the sea. Hopefully I'll collect enough around the time for 2020 iPhone 12 pro!

  4. You even didn't mention night mode on the cameras, which is a game changer as well. I came from an iPhone xs and the 11 pro totally succeeded my expectations. Huge jump

  5. I for one like the back design but still wish the logo was just a little bit higher.As for the big ass notch, NO THANK YOU.Still don't like it..Will come back when it has full screen or a really small notch/camera cutout.

  6. I switched from a OnePlus 6 to the 11 Pro Max and I low-key regret it. There were just some things Android does better than iPhone and minor annoyances with iOS. Overall, this phone's battery and camera set up were major reasons why I switched. Overall this is a solid phone, just hoping Apple can start innovating a little more.

  7. It's time for gradient colour design like P30pro , note 10 , instead of stupid plain colours , u r liking that green ?? seriously?

  8. As someone who jumps back and forth from to iOS Android. I was cheering for the pixel 4xl. I had the pixel 4xl and was so exited when I got it.. but man was that a disappointment. Recently traded it for the iPhone 11 pro… wow. I would unplug at 8am. At 9pm my battery was 77%. Android still has a ton of catching up to do. Hats off to you Apple for proving me wrong.

  9. Have the 11 Pro Max for 2 months, it's literally incredible. I say it everyday. Best phone I've ever had, especially the battery (which is the biggest factor in a phone, i don't care what anyone says). Came from the iPhone 5 –> 5s –> Galaxy S6. So glad to be back on iPhone

  10. Far too expensive for what it is. In the uk it’s £450 more than an iPhone 11. I don’t think the extra money is worth it for 4 inches more screen, an extra camera and an OLED screen. I bought iPhone 11. It’s got great battery life.

  11. I respect iPhone 11 Max pro not the other models ….and that for the power and camera and big battery ….but i certainly don't respect the price tag.

  12. Do you some of you experience battery health dropped to 97%? I do and my iPhone is only 2 months old and charge it almost every night.

  13. imo, my friends didnt like it because of "stoves". aka, the three cameras. later on, we went to go review it and now some of us got it due to the quality. in other words, people judge by how it looks. yet later on, they buy it because they experienced/viewed it.

  14. Hi Max! I love your channel. Could you please watch 5G Apocalypse – The Extinction Event on Youtube. It’s a powerful documentary on the serious dangers of 5G cellphones and the needed infrastructure to make then work. This signal is based on dangerous US military technology. Not only will the cellphones have 5G, but there will be small cell sites on lamp posts etc every 2 to 10 homes bathing everything thing in sight like would a cell tower. This signal is much much worse than the current signal. The documentary features senate hearings and top experts speaking about the issue. Please watch this for the sake of you and your children at the very least.

  15. I love the build quality and aspect ratio of iPhone x onwards but one thing that prevented me from changing to an iPhone is getting locked into ecosystem. My friend can't even restore her WhatsApp backup data from iPhone to her Note 9. Such a simple task yet couldn't…

  16. I may get this phone after breaking my Pixel screen. Need a new phone and can't wait until fall. Some things are not great, but what can you do? Battery life, screen, audio, cameras, dual-sim support – a big deal. Although iOS is irritating compared to Android, it does have a more finished and solid feel with the added touches it has. Picture in picture mode would be nice, but that's iOS – kind of boring and very manual to use. As for the camera, other phones are as good or better or worse depending on the picture taken.

  17. I have been an android user since forever. Currently, I am using mi 9t pro. I am waiting to see if apple will produce iphones with better improvements (slimmer/ no notch, usb c, amoled) in 2020. if yes, I will get one this year haha.

  18. I’m really happy with my iPhone11ProMax since it’s my major upgrade from iPhone6+! Can’t wait for the 12 bc I have the Jump program. 💕

  19. Jus recently made the switch to iPhone 11 Pro Max ..but one thing I have notice is I can’t take video while listening to music say from Spotify. It jus shuts down the music ..Android didn’t do that and way to make that happen or am I jus screwed that way now that I’ve made the switch?

  20. One of the greatest features for me is that the 11 Pro (non-max) actually fits in your pocket without being uncomfortable whilst cycling.

  21. The only thing that still makes me mad is the storage space and the charging port, which I am very annoyed, but it is almost worth the money.

  22. Great video but one tip though. It was confusing when the names of the phones kept changing place during the camera comparison. The frame for tje iphone should have been kept the same and the other ones changing.

  23. 2017:I want the 8 plus
    Mom:sorry to expensive get the SE
    2018:I love the se but wish it was bigger
    2019:Mom i want the 11 pro
    Mom:How’s your report card
    2020:Idk if ill get the 12
    Mom:We’ll see about that

  24. Im so happy with my 11 pro coming from 7 i just love the size and usability. Battery life is game changing just phenomenal also the camera really good everyday usability just solid product overall.

  25. I’ve had my 11pro Max for about a month now and I love it
    My wife convinced me to get it seeing as I had the 7+

    Great phone

  26. I'm staying off apple until they give us the absolutely best. Tired of them holding back and releasing goodies bit by bit while charging cut throat prices

  27. Can you put a screen protector on the back of you phone so you don’t need a case??? I love the look and don’t want a case on it???

  28. I must agree with battery life! I just upgraded from an iPhone 7 to iPhone 11 Pro. I’m still amazed at how powerful the battery is on this thing! I go up two full days without charging, even after shooting video in 4K, using my iPhone A LOT more throughout the day and still the battery lasts me until maybe midday the following day! The fast charger is also amazing! I used to charge my iPhone 7 at least 4 times a day with how much I used it!

  29. About your complains :
    1) usb c : lightning is slimmer, as fast as most usb c, you don't really need usb c for the iphone, the only reason, is to be like every one else (think different), and be able to fast charging with 100 w… Well we are not there yet. And also the ipad and macbook pro are not for the same user, for example apple is evolving iPad Pro as a standalone device that can replace or substitute as laptops (ipad os). But iphone is mostly a smartphone.
    2) Notch : face id, most secure system on any phone, so we need to compare apple with apple ( i just noticed the wordplay )
    3) Storage = If you need more, you pay more, they could have put the same price and don't sell the 64 gb at all, but some people don't need 256 gb, they will save the money so apple gives them more possibility
    4) Ram =Do you really need 6gb, in your daily use, do you really think you need it ? Do you use that much of ram ?
    5) Display = Well i don't really think this is really important for a smartphone ( more a marketing thing), and it could be not good for the battery life

    I think this is one of the best Iphone ever made ( a broke android user)

  30. You guys are all forgetting about a great underrrated feature. I love my 11 pro but one of the best features that noone seems to be talking about is the display the super retina XDR is insanely crisp and very sharp easily the best display in a smartphone

  31. I'm a long time Samsung user and I've had every Samsung galaxy s-series except the 1,2 and 10. This year I wanted to give apple a chance so I bought the iPhone 11 pro max. Honestly, it's an amazing phone(although overrated)but I've gotten so used to android that I couldn't get used to it.
    I sold it, I'm currently using my old s9 and I'm waiting for the s20.

  32. I love my note 10 plus over the Iphone pro max , Hands down Apple did a lot of hype and the phone is not even close to the Note 10 plus , Its called rip off, Its the last one ill buy

  33. This Guy Is 1000000000% Paid by Apple Ez If U Can’t Pick Up On that U Support Trump 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  34. The battery life on my pro max is the best . The charge last forever and charges up quickly. I love the phone ! I’ve had it a week now .

  35. I just upgraded from the 8 plus to the 11 pro! I even switched the color this time being that I always stick with gold! Loving the Midnight green and battery life is phenomenal!!

  36. Fast charger is nice but still annoying. I cannot plug it into my car or any rental car. I have to use the previous usb cord. I took this fast charger on my latest trip only to be disappointed not being able to plug the phone into the rental car infotainment/charger port.
    Tip: carry the old cord as backup

  37. Thanks for getting straight to the point finally a review video to the point and not a lot of stalling thanks bro keep up the good job!!!

  38. I am a android user, but i switched to the iphone 11 pro and i am very happy… for now, until google makes a pixel that is decent!

  39. You failed to mention one of the very important improvements made with the 11 family:
    Night shots have finally become not only possible (not the joke that ALL previous iPhones have been in that respect), as well as the good quality is accompanied by a pleasant performance of the ISO, which now has huge lot less noise to it.
    Without a decent night mode (something my Samsung Galaxy and OnePlus 7 Pro have had in spades for a long time now) I wouldn't have even considered the 11 Pro – which, as of the present, is now my main driver and photo phone. That was something that Apple had overdue for quite some time- glad they woke up.

  40. Max there are devices that do 60 or more now and I'm not new to your Channel because I remember watching your Videos in the past But you are absolutely correct it is amazing device I have used so many at this point that I have my own fondness for many but recently went into a Carrier store and had time to really dig in to enjoy the device because I know some of the people who work there.But also through the Year's I have had so many its insane.I really love many different devices and this one is absolutely up there.Not so much in the past but I do like this one for sure.Very nice job on your thoughts and the whole Video really enjoyed Deb 😉👍👌✌

  41. iPhone xs max lasted me 2 days. Plus I have a car and a car charger. Oh yeah dont forget to grab a quick charge brick. Takes about 30 mins from 10% back to 100% in no time.

  42. Think I hate about iPhone Pro Max 11 apps will not rotate.a feature loved on iPhones. Ridiculous. Cameras very good but not worth the pics but none of them are. No, phone is worth 1100 to 1500
    dollars. My wife has a Samsung 10+ note, think it stomps iPhone 11. I just don’t like Android because I think Apple security is better & simple to us but I’m accustom to it. I hope won’t be buying anymore for 10 years. Battery is great on it for sure. These phones are manufactured in China for nothing & sold for ridiculous prices in United States.

  43. Hi….ive been a loyal customer to Boostmobile for years now, & i was thinking, i barely buy me anything nice because i have kids that i do put first in my life. Ive been watching videos on iphone11 & pro max, & i wanna treat myself to something really nice this year! Gonna be joining all the iphone users soon! Wish me luck!

  44. I don’t personally know anyone who doesn’t put a cover on their phone, So why is the finish always a big ordeal?
    I also don’t mind the notch cause you always grab the phone top up, otherwise you don’t know top from bottom.

  45. I have this phone for 3 months. Best phone I’ve ever had in my life. I’m honestly think it will last 6 years as a beast, and 8 years at a stretch 🔥

  46. The last iPhone I had was the 4 a long time ago. I'm thinking about going back, but I don't like the notch at all and I refuse to buy a phone without USB-C. Also the base storage is rubbish for the price. Softwarewise I don't like the simple yet messy home screen, I really like to organize app icons on the bottom of the screen leaving the top empty because it's way easier to reach them. That's all I want to see improved…

  47. Even if apple had to thicken the iphone a little, it was already the King of phone thickness so it does not really matter, at least they didn't transform the phone in a ugly useless brick like the S20 Ultra. !

  48. They would give 64 g of storage and 4 g of RAM so they can easily create a new Amazing 11s pro with 6 g of RAM and maybe 20/30 mpx of camera. Apple were always doing this during upgrades. I'm sure iPhone 12 Will not exist. We will have a 11s pro

  49. I left iPhone for three years because I was in a hurry to switch from my 5s back in the day and had an Android phone for all that time, a little under month ago I bought the iPhone 11 and I’m so incredibly happy with it and it feels good to be back to my personal favorite OS

  50. I am using this phone for 3 months and I am totally satisfied by it's performance. Camera and bettery is the most setisfying things from this phone.

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