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Why Used iPhones Cost More Than Used Android Phones

Why Used iPhones Cost More Than Used Android Phones

Narrator: This iPhone 7
came out three years ago. I could sell it and still get a couple
hundred dollars for it. But if it was an Android phone, it would be a very different story. Why can I get so much for
this 3-year-old phone? Right now on eBay a used
iPhone 7 goes for around $150 to sometimes over $200. But a Galaxy S7, which
also came out in 2016, sells for under $100. This is true for sites like
Best Buy and Swappa, too. It doesn’t matter where you shop, used iPhones always cost more than the same generation of Android phone. And you have to pay even more if you want a certified refurbished phone. Buying a refurbished
iPhone 7 Plus from Apple still costs $480. Unfortunately, all phones lose value as soon as you take them out of the box. Even a used iPhone XS,
which came out last year, sells for around $700 to $800 on eBay. That’s 20% to 30% less
than the original price. But reports have shown that after a year, iPhones retain around 15% more value than Samsung phones. And it’s even worse for other
Android phone manufacturers, like LG. The LG G8 ThinQ came out in March. It costs around $850 new, but used it
sells for just $300 to $400. That’s more than a 50% loss in just three months. So why do we consider old
phones to be worth so much less? For better or worse, the
smartphone upgrade cycle is quick. Every year you know
there will be new phones with new features. Tim Cook: This is iPhone X. Narrator: A big reason
for buying that new phone is because your current phone is slow or out of date. But this is where Apple
has a big advantage. Since Apple is in complete
control of the iPhone, they can choose to support products for a longer period of time. And they’re more transparent about how long a phone will be supported. That means your old phone
can get the newest features and security updates. IOS 12 even supports the iPhone
5s, which came out in 2013. In fact, Apple reports
that 85% of iPhone users have installed the latest software. Android P, on the other hand…. Cook: They only had 10% adoption. Narrator: Data from 2018
showed that the iPhone 6s and 7 are still very popular phones. And Apple is bringing iOS
13 to both of these phones. That means the iPhone
6s has been supported through five software versions. That’s not something any
Android phone can say. And thanks to these updates, older iPhones remain more popular and can be sold for more money. Companies like Samsung and LG are slow to bring new versions of
Android to their devices. It takes time to modify
Android for each phone, and companies might not be motivated to bring new versions to phones
that are several years old. And it can be tough to tell how long your device is supported, although the speed of Android updates has gotten better over
the last couple of years. Of course, iPhones also have
the best brand recognition. People are willing to
trust a used iPhone 7 more than a OnePlus 6 because they know what
they get with an iPhone. And unless you’re the type of person who watches a review of
every new Android phone, it can be tough to keep
up with each release. New iPhones, on the other hand, are released every September. But there are some things that
Android phone manufacturers can do to improve their
phones’ resale values. Getting new versions of Android
faster is a huge advantage. If you buy Google’s own Pixel phones, you know you’ll get Google’s
software updates right away. So you might be more likely
to stick with that device. And phones that don’t modify
stock Android very much usually perform better in the long run. OnePlus phones, for example, don’t pack on a lot of extra
features on top of Android. As a result, they still run great years after they’re released. But one thing does remain
true, iPhone or Android: Try to sell your phone before
they release a new model. Phones drop in value almost immediately after a new one is announced. So when that shiny new
iPhone gets released, consider buying used instead of new. You can save a lot of money by buying last year’s latest and greatest. And now that thousand-dollar
phones are the norm, buy a phone that you can use for more than just a year or two.

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  1. I am an Android user LG v30+, But I assume, love or hate apple their software support and latest update even for 6 years old iphone 5s is impressive while I am still stuck on oreo though everyone says that it will recieve in July. I miss nexus models.

  2. Not really your wrong iphone prices are going low and android prices are going high because apple doesnt care about its hardware anymore

  3. Basically iphone lost many value immediately when that model doesn't support new ios anymore ,but right now ,iphone start from X lose value faster

  4. That is why Iphones are more cheaper than androids in the long run, people just don’t realise it and thinks only for short term, imagine a premium phone that costs chaper in the long run, don’t get ripped off by top of the line android phones.

  5. This biased video won't save apple from the record declining sales numbers. Its happening for a reason.

  6. Hmm.. so many uneducated android die hards? it is true Apple products retain more of its value because the latest (and very optimized) software updates lasts for 4 years or so for iPhones and only 2 years for Android. The post-sale tech support is also top notch second only to Amazon

  7. Because Android phone never get updates, nobody has parts for them, Android sucks, and there’s no point buying a Google spyphone.

  8. obviously because people want iPhones, and are willing to buy them used, I've never heard anyone buying used android phones since those are so cheap new

  9. iPhones (and Beats for that matter) are social statements
    If you give two shits about technology and how you spend your money, you buy an Android. Otherwise, you waste it on a product from the Apple ecosystem again

  10. Want a simple answer. It's because of status.
    Claim to be better, and people will believe it.

    Even if your android device is no longer getting os updates, you will still be receiving security updates.

    Android versions arent installed on other devices because those people dont update because they dont care. I've seen many people with the update notification and they decide not to. Plus you arent told every 5 seconds to update.

  11. People who actually know tech know that Android is better than iPhone
    iPhone is popular because of the hype

  12. I think this is so random but i just want y'all to know that samsung doesn't makes apple's OLED screens

  13. One reason: apple more popular and expensive.

    Think about it a £400 Samsung will sell for e.g £100
    But a £1000 iPhone X will be £800 , ur not gonna expect a £400 phone for sell for £800.

  14. Yes, but the iPhone is almost the same every year and there are 15 iPhones models released ever, compared to maybe a thousand Android phone models… So software update wise shouldn't be a term of comparison.

  15. The only thing worse than an isheep is a droid boy. Just use the damn phones because all companies want is your money

  16. Most of the ios users are actually idiots. I've seen so many people buy iphone 6 when iphone 10 is launched. Like, WHY??!!! You can already get a better technology and better specs in Android at even lower price. And who tf cares who copied. I've my money, I want the best out of it. I don't care about ios users sad story about ios invent it first and android copied it.

  17. Long software support, OS exclusivity, brand recognition, tight price control, ecosystem. Did I miss anything?

  18. You break the screen on an iPhone and you take it to the Apple store and they fix it you get water damage they fix it software/hardware issues they fix it most of the time while in warranty for free and if not most of the time they charge you what that cheap android you used to use costs my point is that with great care iPhones last a long time so if you hate buying a phone every year or two now that time is extended even further

  19. In my place, it's purely because of brand name. I can even get perfectly working used HTC U11 and Galaxy S7 for under 150$. LG V30+ for 200$ and Galaxy S8 for 220$. Used phone especially flagship is far more valuable.

  20. i think you forget 1 huge thing…… social pressure! Like when all the cool kids have a iphone then the less cool kids want 1 so that makes the 2nd hand market a good place to get 1.

  21. On prime day iPhone 7s were available at a 33% discount for just £280 and iPhone XRs were also available at a 15% discount for just £639. These prices are competitive with pixel prices. Apple will succeed if they bring back these prices permanently. The only issue would then be the level of control that apple exert over the App Store which most people do not care about.

  22. Still using my iphone 5c that bought last 2012, no problem with it and still my main cellphone. Call me cheap but this phone worth with your iphone x last 7 years lol

  23. Not only is the resale value of the iphone better than android phones, they sell faster as well. Some android phones take forever to find a buyer no matter how cheap you list it.

  24. Still using the iPhone 6. I bought 1 more than a year ago for $200 because I was curious about apple products. So here is my honest review from a casual consumer.

    -Even when ip6 was released in 2014 Apple provides support which is nice. The updates somehow breathe life into the phone. From ios 10 i upgraded it to 12. iOS 12 looked modern.

    -Aside from software support iphone 6 parts are still in supply which is nice when something breaks. So far I have not broken my phone aside from a few scratches. (I'm not from the US that is why there is an abundant amount of repair shops for iPhone)

    -Surprising for me (I'm no tech expert), despite having only 1Gb of ram it ran heavy games that I liked to play. Though I have to keep it charging because of the small battery capacity.

    -The Camera is still good enough for me. I could still use it to picture notes from far away when our teacher is discussing.

    -The phone design still looks slick and modern despite being from 2014 compared to other phones from the same time. (my opinion)

    -Despite being old, it does not feel old. The animations when opening and closing apps is still fluid but it also lags sometimes when using heavy apps. I get a certain satisfaction when opening and closing apps.

  25. Android phones devalue so fast. I buy and sell phones on apps like letgo and OfferUp. I bought a s10+ for $350 2 months after it was released like new Meanwhile I still see iPhone XS Max for sale for $700 lowest I’ve seen so far 256gB Unlocked too and in new condition

  26. Fu** I phone its the worst they sell a bloody apple stand for £999!!!! How pathetic all you apple fans should go and burn your iPhones they suck so bad!

  27. lmao iphones dont depreciate simply because people want iPhone. As well, iPhone software is completely different to use vs. android – people stick with what they know + brand awareness. 50+ % of people use iphone in North America vs. around 25% for Samsung. the other 25% is split between 3-4 brands so meaningless. More people = higher demand , especially when the phone lasts 2-3 years.

  28. Who cares apples a tiny company compared to every other device out there

    And If apple gets big enough they will get sued for being a monopoly

  29. The oneplus 5T is at the moment stille dood 2nd hand tot about 250 tot 350 euro's zo iPhones are nog the only ones tot keep a good value

  30. My previous phone was galaxy s 7 edge
    And i buy it in 2015 and uesd it until March 2019
    I don't mind if he had software upgrade or not
    He work and do his job?
    So its good enough to me
    4 years to uesd 1 phone ita amazing

    How much years new iPhone can be alive and work good ?
    I think 2 years maximum….

  31. The power of mid-end smartphone high-end now, even nearly same. Thats make high-end smartphone will be devaluted faster.

  32. Had the iPhone X and decided to get the S10 plus. I forgot how half assed Samsung phones are. Every feature works but to a certain point. Scrolling feels unatrural, no swipe back, gestures suck, and worst of all I have to constantly reboot my phone because it gets so slow.

  33. In 2015 I bought the Note 5 right when it came out, the wife was rocking an iPhone 5s (which came out in 2013). It's now 2019, the Note 5 is sitting in a drawer collecting dust and the iPhone 5s is still being used daily by our oldest son. I can see why used iPhone cost more than used Android's.

    Added note: I tried using that old Note 5 a while back and it was glitchy, slow, froze on me a couple times and certain apps would either crash or not open at all. Apart from some older apps not working, my son's iPhone 5s is running smooth as slick.

  34. to be honest, android phones are more durable than apple. but apple is much more expensive than android phones

  35. Because Apple supports it's phone for longer while Google only guarantees up to 2 years of software upgrades and 4 years of security. Simple really.

  36. The other reason is because of those peoples who want an iPhone but can't afford a new one. While that's not the case with Android phones. Most people who choose Android would buy a new phone that comes in their budget instead of an old one.

  37. Apple relases new iphones once a year. Apple has complete control over ios. Apple has cut production on phones they deem too succesful like the iphone X. Supply and demand people… apple is limited and that keeps it more expensive for a longer while.

  38. They say that it's easier to know when Apple phones are released, since it's always in September, but fail to mention that phones like Samsung release their S phones every March and their Note phones every August…

  39. What country has the most expensive average USED iPhone 7 price? I'd love to hear from more countries. This is a very interesting topic.

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