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Why We Think Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in School

Why We Think Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in School

Is your school considering a ban on cellphones? Don’t let it happen! Your hands will get twitchy. What are you going to look at and listen to
all day? The teacher? No way! Rather than get upset, why not launch your
first campaign? “Save the cellphone!” Who knows, you may become a leader. (“We don’t want to grip and moan, get
your hands off our cell phone!”) Today, the school – tomorrow, the world! Start by gathering convincing reasons to keep
cellphones in school. Even if yours has already banned phones, you
can try the following: First: Convince Your Parents or Guardians. They’re your best allies. Here’s just a few points that might persuade
the people who love you most to let you keep that phone where it belongs: with you at school! Having a cellphone in school will improve
your grades! (They’re listening. Now, back that idea up with the following!) Some students ride the bus for hours. Hours that could be spent getting an early
start on your homework. (Ok, snapchatting, but we’re trying to convince
the adults in the room. Wait, are they on Snapchat too? Great…) It’s hard enough finishing all those assignments
before bedtime while juggling your other responsibilities – taking the dog for a walk, extra-curricular
activities, chores. It’s tough being a kid! Using a cellphone, you can turn homework in
at the last minute. You won’t always do that, but tell your
parents you want to be graded on what you turn in, not when you submit it. (Remind them that when colleges see your transcript,
they can’t tell the difference between grades that mean you left your paper at home and
those that mean you weren’t learning.) (Don’t stop there, keep it going!) You can practice reading and writing as it’ll
be in the future. The methods you learn in school should remain
applicable in 20 years when, instead of writing cursive or hauling around heavy books, we’ll
be typing book reports and reading online. Wait, aren’t we already there? Exactly! Also, when you leave your cell at home…. Mom sometimes mistakes it for her cellphone
and takes it to work. So, she misses messages from her clients all
day and instead gets texts from your friend, Emma. Karen breaking up with Jake is pretty major
news, but Mom’s a tad bit more concerned about staying in touch with her business contacts… And your phone gets lonely. Like a kitten that needs to be petted or a
puppy longing to play, your cellphone yearns for attention. It breaks your heart to think of it sitting
all alone on the shelf. Vibrating into the void… Ok, maybe not that one. But if you had your phone… Dad could text you when he’s going to be
late picking you up. Which is, like, always. With a cellphone, instead of waiting in the
rain, you could study in the nice, dry library! Remind your parents how overprotective you
are – if you know when to expect Dad, you won’t worry so much! Also! You can text Dad if the baseball game you’re
playing runs into over-time and extra innings. He might still be able to make it!! You can let Mom know that the lead in the
play got sick, so you and the rest of the cast are being let out of rehearsal early. Winning campaigns are inclusive. Ask your parents if they have any ideas they’d
like to contribute. Next: Convince Your Teachers: using everything
you told your parents plus… (Okay. you’ll need to get all scientific! Grab a clipboard and say this!) Auditory and visual learners can benefit from
recording the class on their cellphone. Ask your teacher before you film them. For that matter, ask anyone before you take
pictures or video of them! But there’s no denying that some kids retain
more information by listening to a recording than reading notes. When a student needs individual help, the
rest of the class can watch educational videos. You won’t pass any more notes in class because
you’ll be texting! Wait, scratch that… Next up: Convince the Administration (you
know, the people who run the school) by sharing some of the above, along with the following
arguments… Having cellphones at school increases student
vocabularies by helping them learn cool words like “deterrent”! (A deterrent is what stops someone from doing
something. I’ll give you an example later.) The whole student body will excel in national
exams! Your administration is now officially on board. And … phones can help students get out of
a jam. Like that time a substitute teacher had your
whole class play “hide and seek,” and Jayden hid in the music room closet. Jayden won the game; no one found him. But Jayden couldn’t collect his prize because
the door to the closet got jammed! Then, the band started practicing! Jayden yelled and pounded on the door, but—even
though the whole class was looking for him—no one heard him over the drums and tubas! Luckily, Jayden had his cell! Instead of panicking, he calmly texted his
friends and shared his location. Good thing too! Band practice lasts 45 minutes, but when you’re
stuck listening to it through a jammed door, it feels like an eternity! Believe me, if the administration has heard
the school band, they feel Jayden’s pain! Besides that, you can text each other about
when the superintendent is coming down the hall and coordinate a surprise party! I think they’ll like that! Who’s bringing the cake?! The biggest reason you’ll give the administration
is that, no matter what the rule is, some kids are going to bring cellphones to school
anyway. And some parents—for safety and convenience—will
insist that they do. Why turn everyone into a bad guy and waste
the teacher’s time if they have to constantly try to catch students with phones when, instead,
you could have a set of reasonable guidelines the whole school understands? Just don’t volunteer your parents to be
on the cellular rule-writing committee without asking them first—they might get mad and
confiscate your phone! Your campaign is going great! But you’re not done yet… Last but not least: Convince Your Fellow Students. I know, most of them are probably already
on board because, obviously. But you want to make sure they’re fired
up! You can’t win this fight alone. You need your friends campaigning with you,
so remind them what’s at stake: Amy can talk to Kim at lunch, even though
Kim’s home sick that day. It’s nice for Kim, she’s lonely. It’s also good for Amy. Kim’s her best friend, and Kim’s empty
chair makes Amy sad. A cellphone will fix that! Shondra can have music at recess and organize
a dance party! (This time without Aiden singing…) Then Shondra can lend her dance-mix to the
gym teacher when the school’s sound system fails (again). (Instead of having Aiden singing!) Brett can use it to talk to his imaginary
friend. Wait, do imaginary friends use imaginary cellphones? If so, what are the monthly fees? Speaking of fees … Every day, Johnny asks Ryan to “loan”
him his lunch money. Johnny never pays Ryan back. In fact, he doesn’t even really ask…he
just kinda takes Ryan’s lunch money. Johnny, that’s rude! But he doesn’t care, and Ryan feels like
telling the teacher would be useless. You know why? Because Johnny’s one of those guys that
always gets away with it. He can turn on the charm. Or the tears. Johnny can convince any adult that … he’s
innocent! But the next day, Johnny wants money again. What can Ryan or any witnesses do? Record the whole thing on a cellphone! You know, to help Johnny “remember.” With the camera rolling, there’s a good
chance Johnny won’t want Ryan’s money after all! In this case, Ryan’s cellphone is not just
a record-keeper, it’s a deterrent! (Hey, there’s that SAT word!) After that, if the mystery meat in the cafeteria
scares Ryan—he can use his phone to order in! And what about poor Reese? He broke his arm, and now he can’t climb
at recess! And climbing is his favorite thing. Recess was once the one part of the day he
looked forward to the most, but it’s now just 30 minutes of boredom and disappointment. With a cellphone, Reese could play games with
his good hand instead of staring at the jungle gym and…well, you get it. Just like Reese, you can watch a funny video
to cheer you up when you’re having a bad day! And… You won’t get caught passing any more notes
in class because you’ll be texting! Be sure to ask your classmates for their ideas
and add your own reasons in the comments below! By the way, about that word “deterrent”? Funny, I thought that was what we used to
clean laundry. Hey, if you learned something new today, then
give the video a like and share it with a friend! And here are some other cool videos I think
you’ll enjoy. Just click to the left or right, and stay
on the Bright Side of life!

95 thoughts on “Why We Think Cell Phones Should Be Allowed in School”

  1. Reasons why cellphone in schools are allowed?
    1. Emergency
    2. Remind your parents on when is your periodical exam so you wont have to worry about talking it later
    3. There is some educational videos. It is boring to watch educational videos at home because you have no friends watching themselve educational videos
    4. If there are traffic jams, you can relax using your phone

  2. In my school phones were allowed in senior classes but some guys made videos of teachers, wasted time, etc so they got banned

  3. It's great to allow use phones in the school but some students use it for other purposes like not focusing on their projects,assignments,activities and etc. while playing various games.

  4. In the start of lessons, the teacher should collect phones at the beginning of the lesson, simple. Mobile phones are revolutionary, however, the students shouldn't be authorized to have their phones out in the middle of the lesson unless authorised by the teacher.

    Phones are very useful in school, you can play educational games like Kahoot. You can go on Dictionaries and thesauruses to search for the meaning of words.

    As long as your grades are fine, and you have a social life outside of the phone, you should be allowed phones in school and at home:)

  5. In my school they do allow phones, but they have to be on silent/night mode in class, but you can take them out on the bus.

  6. I bring my phone to school, I always turn it off and only turn it on in class for kahoot or when I’m leaving school. I once got lost because of the bus and my phone saved my life

  7. We can't bring phones because we'd be distracted but I think they need to put a little trust on us .. It'd make us much smarter😂⚡❤

  8. We are allowed to keep it in the pocket but if they see it they take it away and don't give it back till 5 months! And the teacher like "NO PHONES"
    Next minute
    We see the teacher on HER/HIS PHONE!!!

  9. My school makes us put our phones in a plastic bin at the beginning of the school day and it’s really easy to just lie about not having a phone.

  10. ehh, our school doesnt ban phones, we use them on school all the time, its called Quipper, its our book and yeah, but ganes are not allow der

  11. I live in sf, an extreme earthquake prone zone, and my school doesn't let us use our phones, they just but in one bin, and if we dont have those phones when the big one happens, if a block of concrete falls on the phone bin, RIP 400 phones ~$400,000, and 40 ways we can call for help

  12. You can use your phone at keefe at lunch.🥗🥙 and trick your teacher when you want to use your phone say that you want to the bathroom and at the bathroom use your phone.

  13. Lol my teacher allowd all of as to use cellphone

    But the prinsipal won't allow as so the teacher got banned

  14. I wish schools just didn t banned cellphones,why can teachers bring them and why can't we,were just following our teachers

  15. What we think: phones should be allowed because for emergency purposes and other important things.

    What we reall think: Games Social Media Games Social Media

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