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Windows 10 October 2018 Update – Your Phone app

Windows 10 October 2018 Update – Your Phone app

>>In today’s world, we are constantly
splitting our time between our phones
and our computers. Now with Your Phone app, built into Windows 10, I can stay in the flow
and distraction free. Today, I’m working on a proposal for
my landscaping business. I have the perfect
photo I took in an office the other day
on my Android phone. Instead of emailing myself the photo from my phone
to my computer, I have instant access to exactly what I need
all from my desktop. My most recent 25 photos appeared directly in
the Your Phone app. Now I can easily drag and drop these photos directly
into my presentation. In the messages window, I can find a text message
from my business partner. He sent me an updated title for my slide which I can quickly just copy and paste directly into my presentation distraction free. With the Your Phone app
I have instant access to my phone’s photos and texts
right on my computer.

90 thoughts on “Windows 10 October 2018 Update – Your Phone app”

  1. Knowing MS, this will be another dead end. Soon as people start using it and liking it MS will change name to something that makes no sense and than kill the project shortly after or merge it with some other B2B app. They crippled, Skype, OneNote, Messanger, and Windows Mobile, Cortana…. next up…. Windows Phone App. How can they expect people who know MS to actually invest in their apps.

  2. I've been doing the photo thing ever since OneDrive allowed me to sync my photos. I don't do text, but all my Skype, Messenger, Line chats are also available via web. So not much use to me.

  3. I finally got this thing working with my Android phone. You have to unlink the computer from your phone, go into Settings>Apps and reset the "Your Phone" app and then go through the setup process again and it works fine.

  4. Wow, just another way for Microsoft to excessivly gather data from an inexperienced end user only looking for a little bit of convenience

  5. On my desktop I had to roll back to the previous version because the Update disabled my wireless adapter and I had no internet connections.

  6. So far it's decent. I usually use AirDroid for wireless file transfer and the occasional use to text message through it. It's nice because it only requires a web browser. Overall a good direction for Microsoft though imho.

  7. I have been using Pushbullet for years for same purpose and it even offer more features Like, multiple device support, and you can exchange text between your device etc. Eg. If you want to share a URL to your phone, tab, laptop from your desktop then all you have to do is Push it to the the device you want (or vice versa) and bingo it will appear instantaneously . Hope Microsoft adopt this feature natively on Your Phone.

  8. Windows phones are already synced to your PC through your Microsoft account, but they don’t have the same cross-device experiences as other phones. How sad.

  9. I guess I’ll be always amazed how MS wastes screen space. Why to buy a big display if more than a half of its area remains blank? ¯_(ツ)_/¯

  10. no need for this, after the latest update which occurred while I was about to complete my game and was seconds from the save point my PC restarted and it took 3 hours to complete and then all my data was gone including my game save and some random documents that were on my desktop…

  11. Come on MS, you can/could do better.
    I've been able to access my phone from my Windows PC fully since almost 10 years ago, including remote control etc… with tools such MyPhoneExplorer and similar.

  12. Does anybody send photos from phone to email? Does anybody paste photos frome phone to presentation without correction in editor? I don't believe…

  13. Thanks Microsoft for forcing me to update my mom's laptop and breaking it completly, deleting every .exe file while updating. Bruh, I cant even install a new version of Windows because there are no USB drivers so I can't even run a pendrive with a fresh install. Nothing works. Congratulations Microsoft, you money grabbers.

  14. You need to let us use the app with Battery Saver on and also allow us to mute text notifications on our phone if we're running the app on the PC. Also, keep message bubbles close together if they were sent within the same minute like any phone would….

  15. When are we going to have access to more than the last 20 pictures? What if I want a picture on my phone that goes back farther than that? What's the point of having this ability if I'm limited to the last few pictures I've taken?

  16. IS this the same that just came with the update Jun 2109 ?! Is this going through the microsoft account or just wifi to wifi. Video is very short on how actually works.

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