8 thoughts on “Woman caught on camera stealing child’s phone at Albuquerque fast-food restaurant”

  1. The biggest crime committed here are the parents buying a fucking phone for an 11 year old. He looks spastic as shit. Dude needs to be in sports cause it already looks like transitioning is on his mind. Don't expect much from those smelly ass hippy parents. Dads about to die. Probably has money tucked away and mom though old balls smells is temporary.

  2. A Christmas gift now it makes sense he forgot it like a morning dump. I’m not justifying the thief’s action, my cousin was given a 1967 Corvette Stingray (the year might be wrong) by his grandfather after his high school graduation. He was going to fast and totaled it, given that it took his grandpa 3 years to restore it. My point is the more precious the gift the less appreciation they show towards the gift…

  3. He's 11 but he waited a really long time for that phone ,shouldn't give young kids expensive things. A Nokia wouldn't be stolen.

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