100 thoughts on “Woman disguises 911 call by ordering pizza”

  1. YouTube: Tries to not recommend all informative videos related to the coronavirus. Unsubs me from these channels randomly.
    Also YouTube: Recommends me this and to 26 million people.

  2. Ordering a pizza is known online among women involved with domestic violence awareness. It’s better than being obvious and getting killed

  3. Video: serious domestic violence situation

    Literally everyone in the comment section: thinking of something very clever or funny to say regarding pizza and the police in this exact format

  4. It's a good thing he didn't ask her to put it on speaker. If he was able to hear the person on the other end it could've ender rather poorly for the poor lady.

  5. WOW but im amazed that many dispatchers said they would have just hung up on her. It was obvious she wanted help. But on a funny note if he asked her are you being sexually assaulted her reply could have been yes a 9 inch.

  6. John should have sounded like he was ordering fucking pizza. Wouldn't have to shoot Al's car for no reason.

  7. And once he got out of jail, he went right back home, she let him in the house, forgave him, and fed him pizza. Happy Ending 😀

  8. Any dispatcher who couldn’t pick up on this, probably shouldn’t be a dispatcher! Or perhaps that office desperately needs more training! How much more obvious could “No, no, no, no, you are not understanding..” be? I know 911 gets prank calls, but a dispatcher should know to listen to tone of voice and ask a couple of questions before automatically hanging up.

  9. Ok, but now if a bad guy looks at this video, the next time they heard their "victim" calling for a pizza they will suspect

  10. This ALL happened in OREGON, yes? Why, then, at the outset [see 00:05] does the Talking Head say OHIO? Hmmm …

  11. My roommate accidentally called 911 with his iPhone as he was attaching a cover on it. He hung up. Dispatch called him back. He assured all was ok and how he called accidentally. Still 3 1/2 hours later, two reserve officers came knocking on the door to check on his welfare. There is so much domestic violence that goes on everyday, emergency personnel must be alert at all times.

  12. I feel bad for Mr Simon Lopez. The poor guy was expecting a hot delicious pepperoni pizza, instead he has to stop beating his wife to open the door, and then gets arrested! Tragic

  13. Genius, just like the "night owl" shot code girls can use in bars that the tenders came up with for the surrounding Florida University area.

  14. Oh my goshh!
    My friend's last name is Marshall,
    She has a relative who is also named Makayla (Idk the spelling if her name) Marshall and her dad was born in Oregon!
    Is that a coincidence or not?!!
    Pleaseeeee tellll meee!

  15. Think about all the other cases people been calling the cops for pizza & then got hung up on because of ”prank calls”

  16. The setting almost confused me as the news woman in the beginning said "luckily for an Ohio Woman" but the police was located in Oregon 🤨

  17. In South Africa you'd be dead by the time the dispatcher understands that you are in danger… 😂 😂 They'll hang up on your face

  18. So sad. There's so much violence in the home. It goes both ways, not always physical violence. So many times the ppl we care about are our victims and our abusers. When u want to hurt somebody, run away from them like they Are prison, or poison.
    "Its a thin line, between love and hate. Its five o'clock in the morning…"

  19. I shudder at the piece of shit abuser who gets recommended this video. On the other hand, I’m happy for abused people who will get a good idea just in case.

  20. They should have a pizza codeword. " ya hello, id like to order a large extra spicy jalapeno pizza, id like it delivered as soon as possible"

  21. This is amazing, but I dont think it should be blasted on line, you are giving the bad guys the trucks of the trade

  22. I hate when people pronounce “OregOn” lmao. It’s “Oregen” we don’t necessarily pronounce the “on” at the end, we say “en”. I’m from Oregon and I see this often in the media lol.

  23. "no no no you're not understanding"
    'a lot of people wouldn't have picked up on that' hahah shutup

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