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World’s First 44 MP Dual Punch Hole Camera Phone | OPPO Reno 3 Pro Unboxing | First Look Review

World’s First 44 MP Dual Punch Hole Camera Phone | OPPO Reno 3 Pro Unboxing | First Look Review

Intro music playing Hello friends, I am Abhishek and I welcome you in this new video of gadgetstouse. Today we will be doing the unboxing of a new
phone Which is under this “Khul Ja Sim SIm” box. We will say “khul ja sim sim” and the box
will open. Oh it didn’t so this is the unboxing in our
boring style of Oppo Reno 3. this is the kind of box it comes in with. you won’t be getting this kind of box you
will be getting a regular box this is a studio box that only reviewers get and as you might
have seen the pictures of this box and the the teaser of this too. let me just open the doors of this box and
as soon as you open the box you are getting the Taj Mahal with this box and also a Hot
Wheels truck which I like very much Also, you are getting Oppo elco free wireless
headphones. We will give you clarity on this if you will
be getting this wireless earphones or not you might get in some early promotional sales. These are the wireless earphones so let me
just show you this before I show you this phone so this is how they look it looks very
beautiful these are in black color, there is Oppo branding on this, on the sides there
are buttons and from the inside this is how can you come the build quality is very good
and the finishing is also very good they feel quite premium. the box of the Oppo Reno 3 looks like this
The phone is in sky white colour this is a 4G phone and not 5G and in this box we will
show you what else you are getting as soon as you open the box the first thing you will
get is the the case of the phone which is good enough it is a silicone case on the inside
there is textured design. it has a camera cut out like this, that means
the cameras of the phones will be in this shape and here we have the phone. This is how the phone looks as you can see
here it looks very good. the build quality of the phone is very good,
the frame of the phone is a polycarbonate frame. the phone is very lightweight. you have the USB type C port,
here on the bottom you have a loudspeaker, there is a headphone jack and a primary microphone
hole. You are getting full size connectivity sim
tray here. Let’s talk about some other things. this is the
Charger and it is a 30W charger also, you are getting the headphone too so yes you are
getting earphones like this. this is the USB type C cable nothing else
is there. this is all we have in the unboxing now let’s
talk about the phone that is the Oppo Reno 3. Let’s talk about the build quality and design
of the phone so design wise this is very nice looking phone, on the back you are getting glass back design. phone is a good phone it is very lightweight. The weight of the phone is only 176g. The thickness of the phone is just 8.1mm. So formfactor wise it is very good and build
quality was it is a very nice phone. You are getting 6.4 inch AMOLED display which
is a very bright display and as you can see on our brightness metre the score of this
is very high that means the visibility of the phone indoors and outdoors will be good,
you won’t face any problem as you can see here on the screen as well in both the environment. If I talk about the front camera of this phone
then here it is a dual selfie camera and in this dual selfie camera you are getting a
44 megapixels Mode. so when you take a selfie like this then it
has taken a selfie in 44 megapixels that is on your screen and one in which is non
44 megapixels selfie. so the 44 megapixel selfie will come in the
size of approximately 8MB and if you look at my face the face looks exactly the same
on both but when you zoom in on my hair you can see more clarity on a 44 megapixel selfie
which can be captured with its front camera compared to the normal selfie which is non
44 megapixel. The processor here is from MediaTek which
is mediatek helio P95. It is a new Processor. the Antutu benchmark score of the processor
is not that bad it is approximately 217000. you won’t face any problem in the multitasking
even if you are playing Heavy games like pubg it can be played very smoothly. you are getting HD and high graphic setting
in pubg and it is a camera centric phone so performance wise it is good in day to day
usage but again it is not a high end performance phone that you should always remember. Let’s talk about the hardware then here you
are getting DDR4X RAM which is an 8GB RAM and also 128 GB of storage. Let’s talk about the OS of this so the experience
of the OS is very smooth because here you are getting latest Color OS 7 which is based
on Android 10. so you are getting the latest Android with
colour OS support that is very smooth and responsive. The bloatware on this OS is less which is
a good thing. and in case you don’t like the bloatware you
can always uninstall it. on the rear you are getting a 64 megapixel
camera, along with 13 megapixel telephoto lens 8MP wide angle sensor and the 4th camera
here is a 2MP depth sensor. Which will help you capture good portrait
photos and as you can see here one of it is a regular portrait photo and one is taken
in portrait mode. and as you can see how much blurring you are
getting in the portrait mode and the edge detection. I would say the portrait mode works pretty
well in this phone. Friends, one more miracle this phone can do
is that in this phone you are not getting a 108 megapixels camera but it can capture
108 megapixels photo. to test that we have taken two photos. One of that is a landscape photo and one of
it is taken of this small action figure which is a pickup truck. And you can see it side by side on your screen
and I will show you first the landscape photo. in the landscape photo once you zoom in you
will see that how the 108 megapixels photo looks like and also if you compare it with
the 108MP photo which is of this pickup truck after Zoom In you can see how much level of
details you are getting here in the 108 megapixels camera photo. To capture this photo you have to go to the
camera mode then select expert mode and then you have to tap on this HD on and off and
then you can take the photo. Do you think the that the 108MP is that special? let us know in the comment section. How did you like it? it is a must for us to
know. Friends, night mode is been given here you
have it as Ultra dark mode. and here as you can see this is a normal photo
and this one is in ultra dark mode. And by comparing both the photos you can see
how the Ultra dark more of the phone works. You can call it night mode and I think it
is doing a good job. You are getting Ultra steady video mode here
too and doesn’t matter on which resolution you are making the video you can enable it
because it will give you a cropped stabilized video. the result of which is right and front of
you. we have made a stable video and one unstable
video that means we have made this by keeping it on and off. We are showing you both side by side and as
you can see what kind of video stability you are getting in this phone and I think the
video stability is pretty good. the battery is of 4025 MH battery which is approximately
4000 mAh in this phone and this battery is being charged with 30 watt charger and at
this price point a 30 watt charger is being given for the first time. friends, this was our quick unboxing and quick
review of Oppo Reno 3 and you guys tell us how you liked this phone and how did you like
the features of this phone. Our detailed review of this phone will be
coming soon on our channel and also a giveaway of this phone will be coming too for that
you have to wait. like this video,
subscribe to our Channel so that you don’t miss that video. thanks for watching this is Abhishek signing
off Jai Hind! Vande Mataram! [Outro music playing] [Outro Music Playing]

39 thoughts on “World’s First 44 MP Dual Punch Hole Camera Phone | OPPO Reno 3 Pro Unboxing | First Look Review”

  1. 00:16 Khuljaa sim sim
    👉 Front Camera 44MP wow
    👉 Display superb 👍👍
    :- Very nice video Sir
    So many feature in mystery box ki under
    Q.Kitna ka hai this mystery box.. totally price.???

  2. 6.4" FHD+ Super amoled bezel less display , mediatek helio P95 SOC , 8gb ram with 128gb/256gb storage , Quad rear camera setup , 44mp front facing dual camera setup , 4025 mah battery with VOOC 4.0 fast charging …

    Excellent package 👌👌👌

  3. Absolutely stunning Big Like ❤👍banta Shandaar Unboxing & First Impression ke liye #Abhishek Sir. Definitely Killer Phone #OPPOReno3 Pro. features kaafi interesting hai Beautiful😍💓 AMOLED Display ke sath phone beautiful design aur 44 Dual MP Selfie WOW 😮 ,Real Camera sacch Outstanding hai Storng Processor hai.30 Watt Ka VOOC Charger 🔋🔌 Over Ek Jabardast Phone Dil A gya Iss par #GTU #GTUFamily 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

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  6. Top 3 Features of this Phone
    1】 Dual Punch Hole Camera 44MP
    2】 Latest Color OS7 With Android 10
    3】 Battery Backup is Good and Performance is Smoother in this Phone

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