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World’s Smallest Phone is Better Than ANY iPhone

World’s Smallest Phone is Better Than ANY iPhone

– Hey what’s up guys, Keaton here. So I’m really excited to do this video, because we’re going to be
checking out the best phones in 2016, and we even got this bonus phone. This is the world’s smallest phone. Just look at it compared to my iPhone. It’s so small. So yeah, we’re going to
find out which is the best. So here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re going to play this
game called King of Avalon on all three of these phones,
and big thanks to them for sponsoring this video. If you guys want to check out
the game, link down bellow. It’s available on the Google
Play store and the App Store, so if you got a phone,
you’re pretty much covered. So we’re gonna play this game
on all three of these phones, and see which one looks the best, and honestly, legit, it’s gonna be the tiniest phone in the world. This thing is so crazy. So here are the phones that I got. So I got the Google Pixel, this, low key, is my
favorite phone of the year. Do not tell my iPhone 7 Plus this. Don’t leave comments down bellow, saying I’m cheating on my iPhone. She reads them all, trust me. And then I’m sleeping on the couch, and then it just gets bad from there. So we got that, we got the Posh Micro X. Legit, this is the world’s smallest phone. Look at this. If you guys want to check it out, link down bellow. This thing’s a banger. I’m pumped to see what this does. And then we got the iPhone 7 Plus. The side girl. You ain’t got the bells and
whistles of the Google Pixel. Dude, I’m so warm, calm down dude. I’ma take a sip of the black water, I didn’t even know this existed. And we good. The first one that we’re
gonna use is the Pixel XL. This thing is a straight banger. I’ve been using it for like two months, haven’t really told
you guys much about it, just because it’s become the main girl. This is the side phone. I don’t really talk to the iPhone anymore. I hit this one up first. So you guys know where
I’m going with this. So let’s fire up the game here, and basically it’s this
Dungeons and Dragons game where you make friends, which– I need the friends. I got like three friends right
now, so you make friends, and then you just attack
other people’s bases. It’s fun, but it’s also like, dude, what are you doing? It’s kinda crazy. So you can build stuff, so I got a bunch of these tents over here. I got this and this,
I got a military base, we’re gonna upgrade that. And you can go and buy coins
and stuff to make it all go fast, since I gotta wait like a minute, but the game looks so good on this phone. Whoah. I’m like tripping. Now we’re gonna try it
on our iPhone 7 Plus. You’re not the same as the Pixel XL, you don’t give me the same kinda feeling. I like the Pixel a lot,
it’s the main girl, let me just tell you that. So let’s fire up the game here. Honestly it looks better on the Pixel XL. I’ll just be first to say that right now. So what we got over here,
we got some more tents, more military bases. I gotta collect a lot of logs. So basically you just stock up on coins and logs, and then you can
use that to build more bases. And then, you got this chat here. Honestly, this chat is so lit. You can talk to other
people, make friends, then attack other people, and
then just say some fun stuff. I’ve seen so much fun
stuff happen in this chat. I don’t know if I wanna say it, but there’s some
interesting people on here. Now the banger that you’ve
all been waiting for. This is the Posh Micro X,
the world’s smallest phone. Just look at that. So we’re gonna fire the game
up and see how it looks. I don’t know what to expect. Let me know in the comments
right now if you guys think this is going to be good or bad. Okay, this is a 40 dollar phone, so I don’t know what to expect. Dude, it’s loading. Oh wow. No way, no way. It’s working. It’s legit working. I don’t even know. It works, it legit works. I’m building stuff. It’s a little slow, ’cause
this phone is not that awesome, but it is so awesome. What, I built something
on this little phone. I’m building something else now. It’s a little slow. Yo, this is the world’s greatest phone. So yeah guys, that’s King of Avalon on all three of these phones. This little phone here is
the best, it’s a banger. The iPhone’s like, last place. My main girl, my side girl right now. This is awesome. Go check out the game, link down bellow. Whoah, this is nuts. So yeah guys, that’s pretty
much it for this video. If you guys made it to the end, and think this little phone is a banger, be sure to drop a like. And if you’re new around here,
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