World’s Thinnest Phone! (Oppo R5 Unboxing)

what’s up guys lewis here back with another video and today i have an exciting one for you we are checking out the brand new oppo R5 which in case you haven’t heard is the THINNEST PHONE ON THE PLANET Even thinner than the new IPhone6 It has 5.2 inch Amoled Screen 1080p it has 13MP rear Camera and a 5MP front it also comes in this crazy box its made of plastic and when i first got the larger shipping box which actually came with two phones you`ll see the other one shortly i was wondering why it weighed so much but its because oppo uses these really cool plastic boxes which are obviously going to protect your device and look pretty slick at the same time OH MY GOODNESS YES That is thin my friends WOW Lot of confidence holding on to it here because there is a sort of sharp edge there That you can feel My Goodness that is thin I pull out an iPhone now to compare and it might be hard for you to tell because they are both incredibly thin but we are looking at a very very thin device it’s made mostly of medal at least that’s the way that it feels The camera does prodtrude a little bit and you have a flash in this location right here now One thing that you’ll see is missing or you won’t see, haha A headphone jack, there is no headphone jack on here It’s so thin that they couldn’t fit one here So you’ll actually use the micro usb port to connect headphones we have the gigantic power brick here This is obviously not gonna be useful to me, but that’s ok, I have a lot of USB power bricks we also got some headphones that’s a nice edition these look to be specialized like I said because they use the micro USB port connect otherwise fairly standard stuff, they do have a little angle to the connector and they look to be an in ear style so they probably fit a little bit deeper inside your ear Oh, there’s a disconnection point here as well so you can use them as regular headphones if you’re not using it with this device, you know a standard headphone jack otherwise you go into this adapter here and then you get the micro usb on the other end now my thinking here is, you can probably use which ever headphone you like as long as you’re using this adapter this is a very important adapter probably a good idea to not lose this though you likely get another one if you really needed to over here we have our sim tool this is of course for installing your sim into the R5 and they even included a case in here, a flip cover case i don’t normally use these style of cases I like to have access to my device immediately, but but if this is your thing you have a flip style case with some information that will be displayed in this cut out here, this little frame and lastly you have a micro USB cable, this of course is gonna be used to charge and sync the device and I also missed these little guys right here you have some extra ear tips for different sizes for these headphones I talked about early so you have some little ones, some big ones and it appears that the medium ones are preinstalled so that gives you an idea of what is inside the box but let’s go ahead and take a closer look at the actual device and just how crazy thin that it is so here is a closer look at the R5 and as mentioned, this is the thinest phone on the planet and it might be hard to tell because you don’t have a comparison or at least you’re not holding the device in your hand obviously phones are getting crazy thin these days in genereal the new iphone was about as thin as I thought phones needed to be if not already too thin if you guys have seen my previous videos You probably know why I’m thinking that but one thing I will say about the R5 is I appreciate the fact that there is an edge to grip onto because when you’re dealing with an incredibly thin phone do you have confidence in your grip? is it solid? and the IPhone 6 is incredibly slippery it’s slippery in your pocket, slippery in your hand just giving you a quick look around the device you have your volume rocker in this location your power switch lives here that will line up with your thumb when your holding it on the front of the device you have some capacitive buttons along the bottom back home, multi-tasking on the top you have your ear piece as well as some sensors in the forward facing camera on the other side you have your sim tray and then on the bottom you have your micro USB port and microphone and that’s pretty much it fairly slick device here so there you have it an unboxing and overview of the brand new oppo R5 the thinnest phone in the world make sure to stay tuned to the channel for more interesting videos featuring this phone coming up very shortly thanks for watching guys. If you enjoy this content be sure to leave a thumbs up down below and I’ll catch you in the next episode Later

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