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Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Screen Replacement

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Screen Replacement

now remove the back cover with the help
of guitar pick remove the following screws we remove the touch ID connector we remove the bracket we loose the battery connector take off the battery from the bottom
part with the help of the plastic tool we remove the LCD display connector we check the new screen for very little time we applied heat we remove the broken screen here we have the dust speaker grilles we apply industrial glue by the edges we install the new LCD screen we come back with the assembly process we checked the phone

67 thoughts on “Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 Screen Replacement”

  1. Do you use anything after packing of mobile becuase in india we use rubber band for 2 hrs on mobile to make sure that the screen stick to the body properly. And i really don’t like the google voice please don’t use that in your upcoming video

  2. wow…what a job,I think Samsung has a point in the easily replaceable wonder why they asked me 2500 baht just to order it this morning…i keep it broken and then I buy something else

  3. Hi thanks so much for your time and effort- this helps so many people that can’t afford the high prices of replacements , also does this screen fit the Samsung note 5? Or just xiaomi ? Thanks again for your help!

  4. when I worked with cell phone repair between 2000 and 2005 the devices were designed to have a simplified maintenance, and nokia was one of the best motorola was the most complicated but still much simpler than the current devices that are manufactured in a format but it is expensive to have this feature. and the repair is getting more complicated. In the year 2000 I sealed the boxes of these cell phones today and an impossible task for example to exchange a BGA of a stage of a cell phone.

  5. Sir my note 5 pro's glass is broken but display and touch is working good .So can l change the glass only .If so can I change it in mi service centre ? Please tell me sir

  6. Hello there! I have question.1)On my screen there is Vertcial Black Line i bought my phone 1 month ago? Does that mean its defective or not? 2)It happened after water damage (it was rainy outside Xd) little bit water damage. What do you think could cause it.

  7. Hola . Tienes tienda en Sevilla ?
    Cuanto el precio de poner una pantalla completa de redmi note 4 Helio x20 ( he comprado pantalla LCD Nueva ).

  8. hola, ustedes venden las pantallas? donde se puede conseguir una pantalla original de xiaomi o de otro fabricante recomendado? compre una en ebay pero los colores son muy malos y se le nota un marco mas claro alrededor. gracias

  9. This is cool, would be better if human sound is using human voice, and a little music sounds would not hurt anyone, anyway..I love this repairment video… 😊👍

  10. i have had this phone for a month and it dropped from 30cm(never dropped before) and it got a critical.. i am so pissed 😀 well i still love the brand price policy is just right

  11. Sir can i change only the screen (glass only)) (without touch and display) available on Amazon for 400 rs.
    Will it be good??

  12. Attention!! Replacement displays will get broken easily, espessically if you bought the cheaper ones. In addition to that, most replacement displays have lower color contrast.. weak colors. It's my second attempt which failed :/

  13. Is the Redmi note 5 and Redmi note 5 Pro the same screen size? Also what is the "frame" of the phone because eBay sellers sell it with or without the frame. I just picked up my phone and realized its severely cracked! I am guessing that the only thing damaged was the glass on the outside, so is that also the LCD screen inside? Also what is the stuff you're taking out at 1:43? I'm really mad right now and seriously need to fix my phone asap. Thanks for whoever responds! (The frame thing is really important cause I don't want to purchase the wrong version).

  14. Merci pour la vidéo!! je viens juste de changer le mien. Pas très difficile. Faites juste attention à bien enlever la colle de la batterie. Et à bien enlever la colle sur le cadre de l'ancien écran avant de coller le nouveau. J'ai acheté l'écran de remplacement sur eBay chez pour 30€ je crois et la qualité est la même que l'origine, je suis très content 😀 encore merci

  15. On 4:54 you placed the bracket which is supposed to secure the battery connection before you connected the battery. Just an info for those using this guide: You first have to connect the battery, then you mount the bracket. Thanks for this guide, helped me fix my broken phone 🙂

  16. Boa noite, estou a tela do meu redmi note 5 quebrada e gostaria de fazer a troca. Quais outros modelos da linha 5 tem display compatível com a do note 5, caso eu não encontre a dele específico?

  17. ✅ Screen Redmi Note 5

  18. My phone number is Redmi Note 5, it dropped and took off the screen. I do not know how to buy, because I think it has insulation. It indicates to me an original screen and to the black color and it has to be with insulation or without. thank you

  19. Where do you recommend getting a good quality replacement? I'm worried it'll be a cheap copy. I also want one wth a frame.

  20. Hello sir.I finally replaced the lcd from my phone.But now,when the phone is on,the back near fingerprint(and the fingerprint itself…)is heating up a lot!Do you know why is this happening;When i tested the screen before i put in in place,the fingerprint sensor(or near it)smelled like burned…Thank in advance and sorry for my bad english!

  21. Now that i have seen how its done i decided not to do it becaise oh my god there are so many ways this can go wrong. I will just need to find a service that does this

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