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Xperia 1 II – Built For Speed

Xperia 1 II – Built For Speed

Xperia 1II Built for speed Photography Professional technology from Alpha cameras Technology from Alpha Capture the previously impossible Capture the previously impossible with up to 20fps AF/AE Upload and backup with the speed of 5G Experience Real time Eye AF Now for animals Fast focus, even in low light situations Cinematography Cinema Pro powered by CineAlta Display 4K HDR Creator Mode powered by CineAlta Professional level colour reproduction Download faster and stream in higher quality with 5G Audio Hear music as it was meant to be heard So immersive. So real. A better audio experience, wired or wireless True front stereo speaker Level up your gaming with 21:9 display Take control with a DUALSHOCK 4 Play better and share more with Game enhancer Xperia 1II

100 thoughts on “Xperia 1 II – Built For Speed”

  1. I caaaan't wait to get my bloody hands on this rad device. Too bad I have to get it abroad cuz xperia phones are no longer in the market in my country *sigh 😭😭😭

  2. Still using z series for taking photo for my sns beside my s9+.

    I hope this one can make me use 1 phone for my daily phone needed.

  3. Watching this advertising from my old Sony Xperia XZ 🤣 I'm fans of Sony, my first phone is SonyEricsson K530i 🤭

  4. O design tem que ser no mínimo semelhante ao note 10 com o "infinity- O". N adiantar ter uma boa câmera um preço alto, sem passar aquela sensação de smartphone Premium. Fotos noturnas também são importantes!!.

  5. Look Sony! This device has really impressive innovation but this product won't survive if you keep advertising your products like 2011-2013 ads. This ad is really really boring.

  6. It’s unfair, here in India Sony haven’t update their smartphone ranges from ages. What is the sense of seeing this add , when Sony not bringing its smartphones here. I hope, they will listening and work accordingly.

  7. too distracting background music…cancelled the video after 1 minute..was thinking sony will be slaying it this time..

  8. They come back …
    Sony is the best after all as always
    In avery thing gaming photography and now they bring back the best smartphone I ever had

  9. Ayy imma hop on Rainbow I’m not home im playing on my phone man I got that controller and headphones with me all The time let’s goo

  10. Seems like Sony got their stuff together. Multiple departments finally working together on this and unified naming as their camera products. Seems like they finally realised who their customers are. All the things they made right makes me want to buy this phone BUT the price is too much. Real shame. It's even more expensive than Galaxy s20 ultra. Sony be real, you aren't big in smartphone world and your phone has all the good stuff every tech enthusiast was screaming for, for so long. But it's more or less simple tweaks and there is not really any super high tech like 90Hz screen, or crazy periscope cameras or underdisplay fingerprint scanner. Nothing to justify the price. Or is it the japanese pride ?

  11. Sony was out of mobile market many years ago. This one being high end is not going to make any difference They release a mobile for every one or two years to remind that Sony is still existing.

  12. Let me share my experience with you I had sony Z5 the problem with sony phones when the screen get heavy scratched or shattered (u can use the phone) throw it from the window all the screen dosen't touch no matter how small the damaged area on the screen. (Waste of money) my point of view

  13. My dear love, my Sony. Please wait till I become a well financially established member of the society, then i will buy every magic that you people produce. I promise I will be very loyal and faithful customer of your organization. Please stay that long for me and for your admirers like me. Love you guys, keep up the good work!

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